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Washington-San Francisco Post-Game Quotes
Release: 12/27/2009
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Dec. 27, 2009

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Washington vs. San Francisco post-game quotes
December 27, 2009

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

Opening Statement:
"Biggest concern I had coming into the game was after a two day break. Practicing at 6:00 o'clock last night and coming back for a 12:00 o'clock game. The second half I thought that, for whatever reason we were moving in slow motion. What really hurt us was the offensive rebounding by San Francisco. They scored I think 17 points in the paint all on second chance shots. 16 offensive rebounds, that is too many. We had struggled with that as of late, giving up too many offensive rebounds. Tonight was no different. We have to do a much better job. On the positive side, seven turnovers on 19 assists and 34 baskets. I thought we did a very good job at sharing the basketball and moving the basketball. I was very very pleased with that. I thought some guys gave us some energy in the second half when San Francisco cut our lead down. Venoy Overton I thought was a catalyst in that regard. He seemed to be everywhere, stealing the basketball. Getting deflections, and playing with a lot of energy."

On Isaiah's scoring and playmaking balance:
"For whatever reason in the last few games Isaiah really hasn't been knocking his shot down. If he had been shooting 50% these last three games, he would have been phenomenal because he is distributing the basketball. He's making great decisions and he had seven rebounds last game. We know he can score, so if he can continue to do these things and now his shot starts to go down, we got one heck of a basketball player that we already know we have. A pretty well-rounded guard."

On Venoy Overton's role:
"I don't know Percy. I don't know if I'm ready to just say that's his role. I think he had some good games as a starter as well. He certainly has done well coming off the bench in the last games. As I explained to Venoy and have always stated, he just does not get his name called in the introductions. We still consider Venoy a starter."

On Isaiah's shooting struggles:
" Finally...He kind of internalizes things in that regard. He's been a scorer all his life. He's not scoring as many points, I know that. But he hasn't put that in front of his team. He comes to practice and he's not whining. He's not down. He just comes out. As we have seen the last few games he's found other ways to help this team. That is a mark of a very good basketball player."

On the team's shooting struggles:
"First of all, shots don't go down from the perimeter because we shot 50% tonight, but they weren't from the perimeter. Most of them were in the paint. We scored about 52 points in the paint. That helped our percentage. We just...You have to keep shooting. The inside play...I thought that Matthew after sitting out in the second half came back very strong around the basket and Tyreese just came in right away and was very strong around the basket. He forces the issue when he gets in there in a good way. "

Washington guard Quincy Pondexter

On the feeling in the locker room post-game:
"I think as a team, and the coaches, we were really disappointed by our lack of concentration. We really wanted to play a lot better than we did tonight. Going into the Pac-10, you want to build up some momentum. We felt that we were doing a good job until today's game. In the second half we didn't play as focused and we made a lot of mistakes that we shouldn't have. It was a little bit of slippage, but we have to get back to practice and to work and build on what we had going before Christmas."

On the break possibly having an effect on concentration:
"I definitely think so. At this time of year, you've just celebrated a good holiday in Christmas with your family and you have another game. We're really looking forward to the start of the Pac-10 schedule. I think for a lot of the guys, we might not have been as focused. It was an early game on a Sunday. Maybe our minds were somewhere else. Now, we have to do a better job of that because now its money time. Now, if you lose, it's an upset in the Pac-10 because people think that we are going to do a great job this year. We have to [approach] the games a little bit more maturely than we did today."

On Isaiah Thomas distributing more than shooting today:
"I don't think he's a player that necessarily needs to pass the ball. It will come to him. He needs to score for this team. We all need him to score. We're going to do a better job of finding ways to get him the ball and easier baskets because we need his production on the offensive end. It's great that he's passing and getting assists but when he's doing both passing and getting assists and rebounds it just makes the team that much better."

USF Assistant Coach Jeff Linder

"They're the 19th ranked team in the country and they showed that, and they showed that. They put a lot of pressure on us to make plays. They've got very, very good athletes one through five, and they apply that pressure all game long, and our guys did a good of handling that pressure in spurts. When we did handle the pressure we stayed close, but when that pressure led to turnovers by us, which led to two or three points in transition on the other end--that was our main thing coming in was taking care of the ball, because we knew if we didn't take care of the ball it would lead to two or three points on the other end, because they're so good in transition."

"Pondexter is a great player. He's a guy that we said we wanted to keep him off the boards, a guy that we said we just wanted to face-guard and block out...he's just a hard matchup."

"Our game plan was to not let [Isaiah Thomas] and Pondexter beat us. Pondexter did a great job, we held our own on Thomas, but unfortunately a guy that probably gets lost in the mix sometimes for Washington is Overton. He's a guy that might just be the best on-ball defender in the country. During that stretch when we cut it to four in the second half, it was his defense that led to those points on the other end. Of those four turnovers, I think he had two or three steals, or got a hand on a ball, and it's plays like that's the reason why they're the 19th ranked team in the country. When a guy like Thomas has an off night, other guys step up."

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