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Q&A With Isaiah Stanback
Release: 09/20/2006
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Sept. 20, 2006

Senior Isaiah Stanback amassed 242 yards of total offense in Saturday's win over Fresno State. The win, in font of the loudest home crowd since Stanback has been the starter, gives the Huskies momentum heading into Pac-10 play against UCLA on Saturday. caught up with the quarterback this week. Now somewhat removed from Saturday's game, how does it feel to be where are right now?
Isaiah Stanback:
It feels good to be 2 and 1. We've got a lot of work to do. That win is over and we're happy, but we've got nine more to go. It would be a lot better if I could sit here and say we're 11-1.

GH: It seemed like the offense was able to mix it up a bit from the first two games, with you accounting for 242 total yards. Can that be expected?
There's a game plan and then you have to adjust during games when things aren't going well. It's just a combination of that. I have called runs and I have called passes. Sometimes I'll take off on passes too. Our running game wasn't where we wanted it to be this past week and that's something that we'll be working on pretty hard this week.

GH: How good was the pass protection this week versus the previous two?
The offensive line did a great job in pass protection. That's all there is to it. I told them they did well up there and they allowed me to have time to throw ball. We knew [Fresno State] were going to challenge us to throw the ball so I told them if they gave me time I'd get [the pass] off.

GH: What was it like to see the defense hold Fresno State in key situations?
It's huge anytime our defense can make stops and get us the ball back. The more they do that, the more points we can put up. The offense and defense has a relationship that works where we're supposed to score points and they're supposed to get us the ball. That's something we look forward to every week.

GH: For the first time as a starter you really got to hear a Husky Stadium roar. How was that?
That's huge. It's something I've been saying in the media a lot--we need our fans. They have a big impact on the game. They were just as important as Caesar [Rayford] was blocking that extra point. They made those guys call their last timeout because they couldn't communicate. As an offensive guy, if you can't communicate, you can't play. We need 75,000 strong in here and we need them to be loud every time our defense steps on the field.

GH: What kind of affect does that crowd have on you as a player?
As a player I don't hear the crowd when I'm playing. I'm just so zoned out personally that it doesn't affect me. But we work so hard on crowd noise and stuff like that in practice so it's not a problem. There aren't too many places that get louder than here so if I can talk in here I can talk anywhere.

GH: Football on the outside is often only seen as offense and defense. What was it like seeing the special teams perform the way it did?
That's one-third of the game. That won the game for us. Combined with our crowd causing problems, that won the game for us. You can't win a game without special teams, you just can't.

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