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In The Trenches With Charles Frederick
Release: 08/26/2003
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Aug. 26, 2003

He may stand just a "hair" above 6'-0", but few players will be as important to the Huskies' success in 2003 as wide receiver Charles Frederick. Now in his third year in the UW program, Frederick finds himself as one of just two receivers, alongside Reggie Williams, who are returning from a UW passing game that proved to be one of the most prolific in Pac-10 history in 2002. The youngsters behind Frederick and Williams will have to learn quickly, though, before the defending national champion Ohio State Buckeyes take it upon themselves to teach lessons of their own in Saturday's season-opener at the Horseshoe. correspondent Jordan Roy-Byrne caught up with Frederick this week to glean his thoughts on the Huskies' young receiving corps, the opener in Columbus, and his trademark locks. Thus far in your career as a Husky, what do you consider your greatest personal achievement?
Charles Frederick: "Being here, and being on this team, and playing in big games, like the one coming up on Saturday."

GH: What is your favorite thing to do before the game starts?
CF: "I like to sign autographs and take pictures with the kids."

GH: What is the best thing about being a Husky?
CF: "Probably the Husky tradition, as well as playing in front of the fans. There's a long winning streak and many Rose Bowls. I'm trying to be a part of that."

GH: What is the funniest moment of your Husky career?
CF: "It would have to be when we went to Evergreen and the freshmen did skits for us. In these skits, they imitated the coaches and their actions on the field. Every rookie who comes in here has to do that."

GH: So how was your experience when you had to do that?
CF: (Laughs) "Well, I didn't say much. I think I just held up a sign."

GH: You are just more focused on playing football right?
CF: "Yeah, that's my concern. Football is my time to shine and have fun and make things happen on the field."

GH: This off-season you decided to focus solely on football. Tell us the things you did to improve your game.
CF: "This summer I went home to Florida and I worked out with some friends who play for the Miami Dolphins. At six in the morning I would run at the beach. Around noon I would run routes. At three, I would lift weights and at 12 (midnight), I'd run again. All so I could be in great shape for the season."

GH: Wow, that's quite a workout. Hopefully, it will pay off like it did at the beginning of last year, when you made an acrobatic touchdown catch in the season-opener at Michigan. There was barely enough room for you to snag the ball in between those defenders! How'd you do it?
CF: "They called the play, and I told myself I had to run real hard. When the ball was in the air, I told myself I had to catch the ball. I jumped and caught it and the two defenders fell down."

GH: What was the mood in the locker room after last year's Apple Cup? It was obviously an emotional victory for many different reasons.
CF: "Everyone was just celebrating and really happy, basically."

GH: Now, fans have gotten used to seeing your dreadlocks flow out the back of your helmet during games. When was the last time you wore a hat?
CF: (Laughs) "Oh my gosh Š actually, it was when I went home this summer. I bought a hat. I wore it actually a week before I came back. "

GH: Do any of your teammates ever tease you about not wearing a hat and your famous hair?
CF: "No, they don't tease me. I bought some hats (this summer) so I can show people that I actually like hats. I may cut some holes in one of them so I can have my hair show through." (laughs)

GH: Compare your dreadlocks to Isaiah Stanback's.
CF: "Isaiah has salon dreads. I have the real dreads."

GH: I won't tell him you said that. So, does anyone ever call you anything besides "ET"?
CF: "Reggie actually calls me OeChuck.'"

GH: When did you get the nickname "ET?" Did you ever have any other nicknames before ET?
CF: "I got the nickname when I was three years old, so I don't remember being called anything else."

GH: What would we find in your CD player right now?
CF: "Some Scarface , 8ball and R Kelly."

GH: So, say you are going out on a Friday night, cruising along with your dreadlocks flowing and a little Scarface blasting out of the speakers. If you were to go pick up one Husky assistant coach to roll with you, who would it be?
CF: "I'd say Coach Gilby. He's a nice guy on and off the field. Off the field, he really makes you laugh."

GH: So who is the best rapper (freestyler) on the team?
CF: "I've heard a couple and I would say Shelton Sampson. He can do a pretty good job."

GH: Who is one player that you think is really going to surprise us this year?
CF: "I think it's gonna be me. Everyone knows about me, but I haven't shown everything I can do. Everyone is going to double-team Reggie, so I will have to take advantage of that."

GH: Finally, what are your expectations for this year?
CF: "Hopefully, we go to the national championship, and I average 200 yards and two TDs a game."

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