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Q&A With Harvey Perry
Release: 10/31/2006
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Oct. 31, 2006

Redshirt-freshman Harvey Perry is ready to show Husky fans what he can do on the basketball court. After missing last year with a lingering back injury, Perry has worked his way into the Husky rotation as a valuable defender and long-range scoring threat. Read what he had to say to on Tuesday at the Men's Basketball Pre-Season Media Day. You weren't able to play last year because of your frustrating was that?
Harvey Perry:
It was definitely frustrating because I couldn't get out there and play, and help the guys to the Sweet 16 or even further. So I've just been playing and practicing a lot, rehabbing, so I can get back stronger than I was last year. Hopefully I can play a full season next year.

GH: What was the mood last year at the Tournament?
It was definitely exciting. I wasn't able to travel to road games with the team last year, so I don't know how different the atmosphere was, but it was definitely a big deal.

GH: How has the off-season been?
The off-season's been great. Just a lot of learning, seeing how the new guys play. We're just working on relationships, and abiding by the principles we have as a team. We're going through our style of play, working on plays, just getting ready for this season.

GH: How's practice going? Is it looking good?
It's looking real good. A couple guys are out with injuries, so the substitutions are kind of limited right now. But other than that, everything's looking good. We've got a lot of guys who are digging down deep and trying to stay head strong and play hard. We need to start off the season with a couple of victories.

GH: How is your back feeling?
My back's feeling great. There are a lot of things that I couldn't do last year that I'm able to do this year. Right now, it's positives all across the board. I can't complain about my back, or anything that I went through last year. I'm confident about it.

GH: This year's team is pretty young, with a lot of freshmen and only two seniors. Are the older guys stepping up, and taking charge of the team?
They're definitely doing their job to keep the team balanced. There are a lot of teams that might get out of hand being as young as we are, and act a little childish. But our freshmen are very mature, and know when it's time to be serious, and when it's time to play around. And that's coming from both the seniors and the coaches. Our staff and our players are definitely bonding, and keeping things together.

GH: What can we expect from you this year?
A lot of high energy defensively, a lot of slashing, and hopefully a lot of highlights.

GH: You have some pretty big shoes to fill this year...Brandon Roy was a huge defensive force on this team. Are you up to it?
I'm definitely up to it; I live to play defense. That's my job on this team, is to keep the defensive intensity on the court and have the other guys follow behind. I think if I can keep up my intensity and work real hard, and maintain that through the whole season, I think we'll have a great year.

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