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San Diego Crew Classic
Release: 04/06/2002
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April 6, 2002


Ryan Marks (men's varsity eight coxswain)
"It went well today. We were happy with our performance. We had been having some shaky racing starts in practice. The goal was to go out there and perform and nail it right away. We did. We had a solid start. We had open water by 500 meters. With about 800 to go we dropped it down to 32. At 500 to go we dropped it down to 30. At 200 to go we dropped it to a 28.

"This is the best weather I've ever seen on this course. I hope it's like this Sunday. Cal is going to be fast. It's going to take an absolute perfect race to beat them. Stanford is pretty quick. They were moving on us in the last 200 meters. I think they were at a higher rate, but they were moving. They have a guy on their crew who has the fastest collegiate erg in the country right now. It's exciting. There is more competition on the west coast."

Jan Harville (head women's coach)
(on the varsity eight race) "It was a good start. It was a good performance all the way down the course. You're always glad to get the first one off and get the nerves out. That's always one of the best things about coming to San Diego. We get to race heats and then finals.

"The water was fine. It wasn't too hot and sunny. I think the rowers felt they had a good race. Now we just need to get ready for the final. We know Stanford is doing well. California and Ohio State were very close. It will be a good race."

Greg King (freshman men's coxswain)
"We had a good day. We had a really great warm-up. It was perfect from the first stroke and that set a good tone for the whole row. We went out and stayed relaxed. We got to the line early, sat there, took a deep breath. We had a great start, really clean and that gave us a comfortable lead. It was a really good row all the way down the course. It was probably the best piece we've done since we've been here on the course.

"Now it's just about focusing all our anxious and nervous energy into the water. (Coach) Fred (Honebein) always just tells us to row our best race and have fun."

Anna Mickelson (women's varsity eight, six seat)
"It felt really good to finally get out there and race. We were so full of this nervous energy. As soon as the flag went, everybody just jumped and we were able to let loose all that we had been working on. I thought it was a really good race. We were able to stay long. We were able to use our confidence. I think we'll be able to take that into our final."

Bob Ernst (head men's coach)
"It was a good first day. We've got a lot of good guys. They've done a good job preparing. It's nice to finally get here and get some racing in. I think the guys are looking forward to racing. They are performers and this is all about the big race. This is the first big race of the year. It's time to go."

Mary Whipple (women's varsity coxswain)
"Everyone was excited to race. We were pumped up to finally race other crews. It was a great race. We jus took off when the flag went off. We were super explosive and by the time we settled, we were up a length. We stayed smart and had fun during the middle 1,000. In the last 500, we were up a length so we took the rate up, but we know we have another gear."

Shannon Oates (women's junior varsity stroke)
"It's great to come out here and finally get an idea where you are. Being the first race, you're not sure what your potential is. In the past week, our boat has really come together. You can feel it in the boat."

(on rowing the stroke seat) "It feels great. It's a dream come true. It's a bit surreal, but nice. It's a big accomplishment, a big step forward, individually and for the boat. I like sitting there and knowing that all the support is behind me. It's a lot about what Washington is - it takes a whole boat to get down the course. It's not just one person.

"We had a great start. Our boat has a strong start. We got the jitters out yesterday at practice. We had a good row. We're looking for commitment tomorrow. Jan (Harville) always says, 'you don't win it at the start. The meat is in the middle 1,000 and it's the first across the line that wins.' You have to put it all together. You can't have just one good part. You can't hold back."

Mollie Schweigert (women's novice coxswain)
(on finishing with only seven people rowing) "The race went as planned until our three seat jumped her slide and couldn't get it back on. Her seat came off the tracks with about 750 to go. We had to go to balance position. We were rowing as a seven. Oregon State started to walk through us at that point. Nobody really knew what was happening but I just had to keep them going. This one goes down in the books. You always know it could happen, but when it actually happens, in your very first race of the season, it's crazy.

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