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Washington-Cal Post-Game Quotes
Release: 01/16/2010
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Jan. 16, 2010

Recap |  Final Stats

Washington vs. California
January 16, 2010
Post-game quotes

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

Opening Statement:
"I'd say... that was a really good team that we played. They swept us last year. I thought them and Arizona State were playing the best basketball in our league right now. Before the game you look at their losses... who they lost to... they lost to some quality opponents. We didn't feel we matched up with them really well. For our guys to come out and play the way that they did, I couldn't be happier. This was one of our better weekends I think since we've been here in terms of our play. There are a lot of hero's. It's easier to overlook it, but this is the second game in a row where Isaiah Thomas has played stellar defense. Jerome Randle is an outstanding guard. Maybe the hardest cover in the league for us. He is very difficult for us to defend. I thought Isaiah was so focused and just didn't have him a lot of looks tonight. When we go back to Cal, he may explode for 40, Jerome. He is capable of doing that. Tonight I just thought Isaiah had great amount of concentration and I just think he deserves a lot of credit for that."

On Jerome Randle:
"I wouldn't have thought he would have 8 turnovers. He would commit 8 turnovers. He is just too good of a basketball player. "

On the turning point in the game:
"I think we did a really good job on our defensive pressure this entire weekend. I think maybe that was one of the biggest improvements that we've made. We went through a period in the... won't count the game in the last 5 minutes but, the last few minutes in the first half, I did not like they way we played offensively. We collected ourselves, came back, and continued to share the ball.

Washington guard Quincy Pondexter

On what this game says about Washington:
"It says that we are really capable of doing a lot of things this season still. We had a little slippage early in the Pac-10 season. We just came out and we had to start from scratch and prove to people that we are a talented team and we have to come together. Once we do those things, the sky's the limit for us still. We still have a great possibility of doing big things in March and that's what our goal is."

On the improvement on offense:
"We're playing really unselfish. If there's another guy with a better shot open, we pass to him no matter who it is. As long as the team and the Huskies score, we don't care who gets the credit or the points or anything like that as long as we are coming out and shooting high percentage shots and playing together."

On their performance against Randle and the fans getting in his head:
"The fans did a great job of that too. We did a collective job in guarding him. A lot of guys were helping and showing and taking him off the three point line and not letting him get into much of a rhythm. He is a tremendous player and we know that we have to play him again. He's going to be coming at us just as hard in a couple of weeks."

Washington Forward Matthew Bryan-Amaning

On playing more aggressively:
"Coach spoke to me about it, just picking and choosing my spots. If you notice, I'm shooting probably a little bit higher percentage shots the last couple of games and just knowing when the kick out when the defense is collapsing on me."

On keeping this going on the road:
"It's all stuff that we control. Stats wise, its just putting energy and effort on the court. The adrenaline is going to be there when you're playing basketball, so it's just about asserting it in the right way."

California Coach Mike Montgomery

Opening statement
"Well, they were no more in need of a win than we were. They had a lot of confidence coming off Thursday night's game, where they essentially did the same thing against Stanford. They are very, very aggressive. When they get some momentum, if you don't counteract that it's like a knock-out punch. If you don't counter that first punch, they're going to come at you in waves."

On the physicality and aggressiveness
"They're very physical, and they attacked the glass, as evidenced by 20 offensive rebounds, they get up and they climb on the top of everything, and we had a difficult time getting the ball up. Statistics certainly don't tell the story, because we got backed off. They played harder than we did, they were way more physical than we were, they were energized and we got back on our heels, which is something that they do to people and they've done before. It makes it very difficult."

"In the first half we had a lot of turnovers, we had at one point three assists and 20 turnovers, we gave up 13 foul shot attempts in the first half that we didn't convert. You look at statistics--we shot 48 times and they shot 74 times, so that's 26 more shots that they got at the basket. We gave up 18 foul shot opportunities, and of those, two or three were front ends [of a one-and-one]. There's 20 points at the line that we don't get."

"We turned it over 22 times and we assist eight. We didn't meet passes, we weren't smart with out passes, we didn't get the ball to the offensive area. They deserved to win--they played harder, they played smarter, they played better. There's no question about that."

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