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Washington 30, Washington State 0
Release: 11/28/2009
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Nov. 28, 2009

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Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian
"I'm really, really proud of our football team. We made a huge emphasis on making this a physical game, playing for 60 minutes, relentlessly and not worrying about what the score is, but playing the fashion of football that I know we're capable of playing. And for our defense to go out there and play that way, to get the shutout tonight, it was a great effort. Great job by (defensive coordinator) Nick (Holt) and all the coaches and the kids who went out there and executed. They played physical football. And I'm proud of our guys on offense to go out and run the football. It didn't start the way we wanted to in the first half, but in the second half, I thought our guys continued to stay with the game plan, continued to be physical up front. Chris Polk ran extremely well. Jake took advantage of some opportunities with his legs as well. And it made for a great moment for us to get back to the type of football team I know we're capable of being. I thought we were sound on special teams. Just a great moment. First Apple Cup. Great moment. Special one to be a part of. Hopefully they can all go something like this."

On Jake Locker running more often
"We called some things to give him the opportunity to do that, but something we tried to work on in the bye week, as things are breaking down, he's keeping his vision working through the pocket, and the ability to run the ball and make some plays, and he did that well again tonight. I thought it was a good mix of things. Just took advantage of some opportunities."

On the balance of run/pass with Jake
There's got to be that balance. We keep fighting for it with him and trying to find out where it fits and how it's going to fit, and that fine line of keeping the vision and trying to make that throw, compared to pulling it down on 3rd and 6 or 3rd and 8 and running it in. I think he's still finding his way through it. It doesn't just happen overnight."

On refs explanation of Bronson fumble "The play can still be reviewed as long as there's not another snap. As Bronson fumbled the ball, we went up and attempted to snap the ball. Their nose tackle jumped offsides. It was a dead-ball foul. The ball hadn't gotten snapped, so the play was still reviewable."

On the Apple Cup win for the seniors
"Well we kind of touched on that in the locker room for a little bit. For these guys, what they came to envision their college careers here (at Washington) obviously hasn't happened. But I think we've given these guys and they've earned some great moments their senior season here. Those are moments they're going to have for a lifetime. That celebration there with the Apple Cup trophy and the seniors taking pictures, they're going to have that memory forever and hopefully make one more next number."

On Chris Polk's 1,000 yard mark as a freshman
"He's got plenty of upside. He's a guy who is still learning. But the one thing he has is physical and mental toughness. The ability that when things aren't always blocked great, he fights through it. He continues to fight. He doesn't lose hope. He gets back in the huddle and he continues to battle. He hasn't had a bunch of runs where it's just big gaping holes and he's running for yards. He's earning his yards. I think the next step for him is his ability to play at the second level in the open field once he clears the line of scrimmage and his creativity with his running style."

On the shutout
"Shutouts are big. They're big for a lot of reasons. As a coaching staff we love them because of the hard work, the time and the effort. But for our football team, that goes a long way with these guys in believing with what we're doing and sticking with our plan and believing in our defense. Shutouts at any level are very prideful to a defensive football team and I know our guys took a lot of pride in this one tonight."

Washington Receiver Devin Aguilar
Winning the Apple Cup

"It feels so good to win this game. It was a good game. We were able to go out and execute everything we worked on in practice, and it feels really good to just get another win."

On the offenses production
"We opened up the passing game which in turn opened the running game. Then when the running game started rolling then that opened up the passing game again."

Is this what you needed after the Apple Cup last year
"This is definitely what we needed to take the taste out of our mouth after the game last year. This was a great game for us and it defines what our program is becoming and the direction we are taking it in."

Washington Lineman Drew Schaefer
Winning the Apple Cup

"It is a great feeling. They definitely brought everything they had. They played great up front on defense. They played really hard and they wouldn't quit, but as the game went on we just started to fall into our rhythm and the offense just started to roll."

On the offenses ability to run the ball
"After halftime we made the adjustment that we really wanted to run the ball. One of our goals was to get both Jake [Locker] and Chris [Polk] up over a hundred yards. In the second half we started to roll and they were able to make big plays in the backfield."

On the differences in preparing for the Apple Cup
"It is a lot more emotional. A lot of people have more family relations and a lot of guys know people who go to WSU so everyone always wants to put on their best performance for this game."

On the crowd
"It was great. The place was rocking it was so loud. They did a great job making noise and making it hard on WSU when they had the football and I think that gave us an advantage."

Washington Linebacker Donald Butler
On winning the Apple Cup
"Man it feels so good. We haven't won since my first year when we went down to Pullman and after two years to come back and get a shutout win just can't be described by words."

The difference of being a senior coming into the Apple Cup
"You always want to go out on top when you are a senior and winning this game in a shutout was a great way to cap the season. I know that we have one more game, but this was a great way to go into it."

The feeling at halftime
"I honestly felt that we should have been up by a little more. The defense was doing a great job, but I thought that the offense wasn't on track like they usually are and because of that we were only up 13 at halftime. Still we felt that if we could come out on defense and do what we were doing in the first half then we could still pitch a shutout."

The defenses ability to stop the run
"Really it looked like they had a couple of linemen out and their quarterbacks kept going out of the game so we knew that they were going to be focusing on the run. We made it our goal to shut down the run and make them a one dimensional offense."

Washington State Head Coach Paul Wulff
On the seniors going out on a low-note:

"Obviously, the seniors, it would have been good to have those guys finish on a high note. They got to experience the victory a year ago. This year, it didn't happen for the seniors. I feel bad for those guys. In this game, one side is going to win and one side is going to lose and the seniors are going to finish that way unfortunately. This year it was us."

On missed opportunities early in the game leading to shutout:
"We had opportunities. On the first drive, we dropped a touchdown pass. We just had too many mistakes catching the ball today. There were a lot of drops that either didn't allow drives to continue or put us in position to score points with field goals or anything like that. We had a lot of that, unfortunate things happen to us. I thought we could score obviously. The quarterback situation going in and out...we could never get anything going."

On switching the quarterbacks in and out because of injuries:
"Obviously, our options were the guys we played. Dan Wagner came in there and did a good job there at the end of the first half. We got some first downs running the ball. That was our option. After that it would be Jeffrey Solomon if Marshall wasn't going to be able to come back."

On Jake Locker:
"The difference in the game was number 10 on their team. Jake Locker, he runs it, throws it, runs it, throws it. He's almost a one-man show out there. He was the difference, period. It was pretty easy to see that. That was the key to the game. Anytime he's in the game, he gives them a chance to win. He's that special of a player."

On the quarterback's injuries as a microcosm of the season:
"Yeah, and it's been that way for two years. But our players play hard and they are giving everything that they've got. All I can say is that we're proud of their effort and what they do. The guys out there do a great job."

Washington State Linebacker Mike Ledgerwood
On the game

"We fought as hard as we could against those Huskies. That's all I can say -- we fought as hard as we could."

On his performance
"I was just running my (tail) off. I was in the zone the whole time. I just wanted to play for those seniors, last game, that's what was going through my head the whole time."

On Jake Locker
"He's a good runner and everything, there's not whole lot else. I think he could have gotten a lot more, and I think we stopped him pretty good."

Washington State Quarterback Marshall Lobbestael
On the emotions of losing

"It's definitely disappointing. We just don't want to let it happen again."

On never finding a rhythm on offense
"We just didn't execute. We had a great game plan, the coaches did a great job of getting us ready, we had a great week of practice...we had certain opportunities that we didn't capitalize on and we didn't execute certain things on offense. They did exactly what we thought they were going to do we just didn't execute."

On what knocked him out of the game
"I came out just for a little bit, I got my bell rung a little bit, but then I was good. I came back after halftime and played the second half."

Washington State Safety Xavier Hicks, Jr.
On the game

"I thought we came out strong in the first half. I know defensively we had a couple stops and they were just able to make big plays and that's what hurt us in the end. The big plays we gave up are the plays they got points off of. Overall, I think as a team we played well, just a couple plays can change the game."

On Chris Polk
"Their running game was pretty good throughout the game. I think our defense did really well against it during the whole game. He was able to chip away every time he got the ball it was good for at least three or four yards. That kind of just chips away at the defense, and in the end if it's third and short they were just able to pick up first downs by giving him the ball. That allowed them to keep the defense on the field, and I know the defense was getting a little tired throughout the whole game. I think the defense played really strong. We faced adversity and I think we competed every play."

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