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Washington-Texas A&M Post-Game Quotes
Release: 12/22/2009
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Dec. 22, 2009

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Washington vs. Texas A&M post-game quotes
December 22, 2009

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar
Opening Statement:

"The last time that I was involved with a situation like that, I was at Saint Louis and we played Cincinnati in the conference tournament. Kenyon Martin broke his leg, same deal, you just feel for him. It's hard for his teammates, how do you respond to that? It's a tough deal. That kid's a senior. He's going through all this and when you're a senior, this is [your] last year and [you want] to get the most of this and something like this happens. We're still in non-conference. It's sad to see something like that."

On Washington's defense:
"We held them to 30 percent [shooting]. Donald Sloan is quite a player. Donald Sloan scored 18 points against us last time we played him and kind of took over the game. I still remember that. He was 5 of 20 tonight and we made him work hard for his shots. That would probably be, as a team, what I was most pleased with."

On finding an identity through defense like the Conroy/Robinson teams:
"I think we're coming close to that. I think we're getting there. That's what we talk about. Our identity can't be how many baskets we make, how many time we dunk or how many times the crowd applauds, it has to be our defense. We shoot 36 percent tonight and we won the game by almost double digits because of our defense. And our rebounding, that's part of defense, we outrebounded that team by 10. That's a pretty good job because that's a good team."

On beating a top-25 team:
"It was another victory. As I think I said to you a few days ago, come out and play a team that hasn't won a game and you lose it, it's a disaster. So every game, we won another game. I'm more excited that we were able to hold a team to 30 percent a team and for the most part played [well].

Washington's Darnell Gant

"They tried to show some fight but I guess we just gave a little more effort and they just, toward the end, didn't have enough in them."

On Derrick Roland's Injury
"That was gruesome. I was right there when he went down, but I didn't see it. Someone said `get a doctor here,' then I looked down and it was just a bad sight to see."

"I thought I was there and got the rebound, and I was close...I heard him fall. He didn't scream or anything so we kept going, I thought he was going to get up. But by the time they blew the whistle, he was still on the floor. It seemed like he wasn't in that much pain because he was just laying there, like he just needed some help, but you could see that his leg looked out of order."

Washington's Quincy Pondexter

On being closest to Derrick Roland when he went down:
"I was but then I grabbed the ball and turned my back, and I heard a loud slap like he hit the floor, but that turned out to be the break, and it was one the nastiest thing I've ever witnessed in my life. I'm praying for him, I wish him the best, I wish his family the best, and I hope he has a speedy recovery."

On how you react to an injury like that:
"I was thinking, `Man, it's tough to see something like that happen,' and it's just basketball. And at the end of the day, we needed this win. Both teams had to come out and compete, and both want to win. We needed this. It was hard to see that happen, but at the end of the day we needed the win."

On if there was anybody that could defend him tonight:
"They tried a few different things. They did a great job of trying to contain me, and there were spurts where I couldn't get any rhythm, or touches because they did a great job of defending me. I got some great looks from my teammates, they found me in open spots when I could get the ball and go up. They made the game much easier for me."

Texas A&M Assistant Coach Scott Spinelli (Head Coach Mark Turgeon left early to go to the hospital)

On the emotional loss of losing Derrick Roland:
"He's at the hospital in stable condition...Give Washington credit that's not why we lost the game."

"A lot of our guys are emotional people, some of the guys were near tears, and I think they reacted to the way it looked. Plus, seeing D-Row down like that."

"We played as a team, and we tried to get our guys to come back...guys really wanted to rally, try to get the win for D-Row."

"I heard it, couldn't see it, it was a loud noise."

"D-Row has been a large part of A&M success over the last four years, he's a leader out there."

"I think it was both his fibula and his tibia. I don't know what the Joe Theisman injury was, but this had to be close to it."

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