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Tyrone Willingham Press Conference
Release: 09/12/2005
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Sept. 12, 2005

On execution of defensive line versus California:
"This is an area that we need to improve. One of the things that we haven't done a very good job at is applying pressure to the quarterback with our front four. We have more sacks from our linebackers than we do from our front four, so we need to get a rush against the passer. We also need to do a little better at stop the run up front."

On Erick Lobos and Kenny James:
"Kenny James is day to day. Lobos is alright, but he will also be day to day. One guy that doesn't show up on our injury report is Roy Lewis. He will also be day to day. I do not anticipate that we will have him back this weekend."

On Cal game:
"The game was not discouraging, it was disappointing. There are things that we could have done a lot better that we didn't do, but it was not discouraging at all, just disappointing. There was a lot of light, we just have to find a way to get to it. The thing that we are not doing is playing constantly. There have been stretches in our games that we have been able to do what we want to do, but we have not been able to be constant."

On changes for Idaho:
"On Sunday I address the things that I think that are important to fix before we play our game at the end of the next week. I don't think that we really need to change anything, we just need to stay with our system and believe."

On season's difficulty:
"I knew that it was difficult coming in. A lot of you guys (the media) even told me that when I came in."

On fourth quarter effort versus Cal:
"We had a lot of mental mistakes. I don't think that it was just a result of one thing. They looked real good last year, and they are a good football team this year. Our football team is still trying very hard and we will continue to do that."

On Idaho game being a must win:
"It is extremely important, but it was also extremely important against Air Force and California. Every game that we play is extremely important. You only have 11 games in a season, tell me the one that you would like to lose."

On practice efforts:
"Every day is a game situation. We try to get them to understand that they need to play every practice like it was a game. You need to give a game performance in every practice, because it is not just a practice."

On trying for first win:
"What I know is that we are not doing all of the detailed things that you need to do to win a football game. We have been close, but we have been in some situations from our first game that had we made the right play we could have won the football game. Obviously in the last game, I can't even say that about the fourth quarter. We have yet to do that and we have to make the necessary moves to put ourselves in a position to win."

On practices:
"They have been up and down. We have some good practices and we have had some practices that could have been a lot better. That is our problem right now, that inconsistency. If you have consistency in practice, you will have it in games. We have to find a way to get ourselves to do all of the little things. You have to play practices how you would play in the game."

On offensive line:
"We are having to deal with injuries. All of the sudden Joe Toledo is out of the game and we are finding ourselves trying to find someone that can do a good job of replacing him. We have to rotate between our guards and our center. You have seen some different looks last week, but you will probably see a more consistent look from our line this weekend."

On depth chart:
"The depth chart is not really a good indicator of the starters for us. The game is more of an indicator of who we are going to play. The game this week should have less movement than we have had in the past week."

On quarterback play:
"I thought that our quarterback play was good. There is only one barometer for me and I think that Isaiah has excepted that, we want to win."

On Idaho:
"I think a key is to look at their schedule and look at what they have done so far this season. I feel like they can come into Husky Stadium and get a win. I think they are a good team and talented at the receiver spot. They have some junior college players in there that have made a huge difference. One of them is playing extremely well, as he has almost more receptions than the next three guys on their chart combined. They are very solid and they offer a nice change-up and their defense plays very hard. They are definitely going to come in here thinking that they can win."

On defensive play:
"Any time that you get the whole defense ten yards from the spot, that means that you are almost giving up a first down in itself. That is usually, I don't want to say crippling, but it does have the ability to do that to you. So far that has usually put us in a tight spot and it is hard to dig out."

On offensive play so far this season:
"I think that we are still doing a good job in our kicking game. I think Evan Knudson is doing a find job on our kickoffs, field goals, and PAT's. I think that our quarterback play has remained very solid. Those are a couple good areas. We haven't run the ball as well as we would like to, but we will. Our passing game for the most part, number wise, has been acceptable. We just to make the plays at the right time."

On running game:
"We need to get Kenny James back in the game. He has taken a few reps at practice, but this season it is going to be Kenny James and Louis Rankin."

On defensive backs:
"We are just not playing with the right protection. We have their guys pretty well matched up, but we are just not playing the physical game that we need to"

On pressuring the quarterback:
"You would like to not to have to resolve to blitzing all of the time. Zone blitzing is a way to accomplish pressure on the quarterback, but most of the time when you blitz it forces you to resort to man coverage in the secondary and it puts you in a situation that you probably wouldn't want to be. Looking at this football game, they have three good receivers that have good size and speed. It is going to be a challenge."

On offensive improvements and team injuries:
"You have a rotation up front offensively that played pretty well. There needs to be a little more consistently at the left guard position. We have seen how Craig Chambers has improved with the opportunities that he has had. More toward the later part of the game, Joe came out with an injury and on defense we also put in Romar Stevens at the linebacker spot."

On Sonny Shackelford:
"I have been very pleased with what Sonny has done. Sonny has started to really work to make himself a good player and I think that he is determined to do that. It not only shows in practices with him, but in games as well. I think every great player will tell you that you don't get good without working hard, and Sonny is doing that."

On running backs:
"James Simms is a guy that has been helping us out in the backfield. We really haven't had the pleasure of having Kenny James back there yet, so you kind of lose a little bit on the inside without him there. Louis Rankin has done a magnificent job there, and Ty Eriks has done a good job."

On quarterback health and reps:
"Johnny will probably not see any action this week, but we will probably give him a good amount of reps in practice. Bonnell is very slow in the recovery of his injury."

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