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Tyrone Willingham Monday Press Conference Quotes
Release: 11/06/2006
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Nov. 6, 2006

General Comments:
"Looking back on the previous Oregon ballgame, what we walked out of the ball game saying was that the things that we wanted to do and tried to do for whatever reason did not work. The best efforts of our young men and the best efforts of our coaching staff did not yield us a victory. What is the most important thing for us to do is to focus on this upcoming ballgame, it is an important ballgame."

On the season Stanford is having this season:
"To be very honest I have not been fully aware of their struggles. I am aware of their record but I have heard very little on all of the ins and outs of their injuries. I have been more concerned and more focused on our own football team than what has been taking place down in Stanford."

On the `rough patch' the Huskies have experienced:
"I think number one we have went through a stretch where we have played some really good football teams and we have played some good football also. But our football has not included those one or two plays in the ballgame that can get you over the top. I think you will look at the games that there are five or six plays in their win or lose that make the difference and we have not been able to make those plays to get us over the top. What needs to happen for us to get over the top, we have to find the strength, the belief, the confidence in playing and play hard to make those one or two plays that can be the difference maker. What is emphasized as a football team is that you never know when those plays occur. It would be nice to think that they all occur in the fourth quarter but they do not. Some of them occur in the first quarter and ect. We just have to keep on working if we keep working good things will happen."

On the seniors who have experienced the ups and downs of Washington football:
"The first thing is I will not get into our difference of opinion of what has taken place with our football team. It should be made known that we do not agree with your choice of words. But for our football team and our seniors if we can finish strong they will have done a lot better than what a lot of people thought what we were going to do but we have done far less than what we thought we could do. This is no different than what happens in life, at some point we will not reach our expectations where in life you have to keep moving forward. If this is a lesson that can be taken away, they will be better football players today and better young men in the future.

On the seniors that have stood out this year:
"I think that all of them have made a difference this year, I am not moving away or being evasive around your question. The team is always my focus but I think that every senior we have has had some impact some positive impact on our football team. Obviously some greater than others; you think of Isaiah, Scott White, Tahj Bomar, Dashon Goldson, and C.J. Wallace obviously those guys have had more impact than others, the Brandon Alas. The all make a difference because without them the dynamics of our team would change a little and it would not be the same maybe we would not of got off to the start we got of to at the beginning of this season and maybe would not have the opportunities that we still have in the later part of our season."

On if he has had the chance to analyze Stanford's quarterback:
"I have not, my first days have been more focused on their defense. I will start to look at their offense probably this afternoon and this evening."

On what names have stood out on the Cardinal defense, Michael Okwo in particular:
"That is a good name to start out with, he is one of the most aggressive and fast paced members of their defense team. They have a couple guys that I like, number 91 does a heck of a job. One of your linebackers does pretty well and the two safeties do a good job from what I remember seeing. It is an aggressive defense and I think that you have a converted track guy that has been able to really show up and really make some plays."

On if the fact that Stanford has struggled since he left make him feel any better about his success as the head coach:
"No, it does not. I have always said what one person does needs to be able to stand on its own feet. One should not want a team to suffer to seem better or stronger. We did some good things and there are some things that we didn't do so well."

On if a rule change is necessary to better protect quarterbacks:
"I think the way the game is played I think that quarterbacks are more at a risk now than probably ever before. If you went back to the wishbone system where your quarterback is extremely active in your passing game and run game he is more at risk. I don't think my opinion should be any reason for a rule change to better protect quarterbacks."

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