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Post-Game Quotes
Release: 12/31/2005
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Arizona 96, #7 Washington 95 (2ot)
Saturday, Dec. 31, 2005
Bank of America Arena/Seattle, Wash.



On Ending 32-game Home Winning Streak in a Double Overtime Loss:
"There have been a lot of good teams on that 32-game home winning streak, and another one came in here and took it from us. It is the only way it should end, it shouldn't end with us losing by 15 or us losing to a bad team. We lost our home streak with a good team, and I think this was a good way to go out if we had to."


General Comments:
"Well, that was obviously a very good college basketball game, and both teams really competed. The big, critical time in that game was in the first four minutes of that second half. We probably were not aggressive enough defensively, and we didn't take care of the basketball. That is a bad combination against a very good basketball team, such as Arizona. Give our guys a lot of credit, they recovered from it and continued to work. Brandon Roy had a phenomenal game again. But, to come up short is really disappointing."

On End of 32-game Home Winning Streak:
"Yeah, you want to say anytime you lose a game that that is how you are going to lose. You gave it your all. I thought, for about 46 minutes, we did."

On the Second Half:
"There were times where we probably tried to do a little too much with the basketball than we should have. Then down the stretch, Justin Dentmon fouled out, and he has become a big part of what we are doing. You look at that situation and you can't snivel or cry about it, that is how it was. We still should have done a better job, but that, along with those first four minutes, probably had a lot to do with the game. We probably weren't as poised as we should have been."

On Teammates Possibly Deferring to Brandon Roy Too Much:
"I don't think so, I think last week everyone kept asking how come he doesn't step up, and why is everyone else scoring. Well, Brandon stepped up and Jamaal Williams stepped up offensively tonight. I don't think that is the case. Tonight we got into the position where Brandon is going well. Again, we have dealt with this before, where we say if a guy has an open shot he is not going to give it up and give Brandon the ball."


General Remarks:
"That was a great college game. Great competitors on the court. Brandon Roy was unbelievable, as was Hassan Adams. I think that the Pac-10 Office is going to have to break tradition, and name co-players of the week. If neither one of those two players doesn't get it, then something is wrong."

On the Second Half:
"We are proud of how are guys came in the second half. In the first half we could not buy a basket. Washington made us take the shots that they wanted us to take. In the second half, I thought that if we're to get moving, and get shots up, I was like 'hey if you get a good shot up, they eventually will start falling.' You can not stop taking good shots, but you cannot just settle for threes. That has been our biggest problem all year long. Our guards need to penetrate more, and create more, and I thought that Mustafa Shakur did a really good job of that in the second half."

On Shooting Threes:
"They were off penetrations and dishes, instead of guys catching the ball and just shooting--shooting threes. I knew it was a case where we couldn't continue missing shots like what we were. I thought we did a great job of taking care of the ball. Eleven turnovers in fifty minutes. I think Washington had 18 compared to three against Arizona State. I think we did a great job of defending"

On Brandon Roy's Two Shots to Force the Overtimes:
"Yeah. The second overtime, the one he hit, I thought our guys played just right. It wasn't a case of backing off. Both guys stayed right there. He just went up and under, and let that thing fly. If someone is going to hit it, that is that kind of shot you want him to have to make. At the end of regulation, where he backed us off, that is not something that we could do. I thought both teams played really well. It is hard for both teams to lose in a game where you compete like they did."

On Arizona freshman Marcus Williams:
"I was very pleased with Marcus Williams. No one came into this with as much pressure as he did. In 44 minutes, he took some tough shots. He didn't take bad shots, I am talking about difficult shots where at times no one else getting any openings, and he went ahead and had the confidence to take the shots. He was our leading rebounder, and you can see why I feel so strongly about him. He is going to be a great player."

On Washington's Jamaal Williams:
"I think Jamaal Williams played well too. He is a load inside, with his size, and his ability to put it on the floor, and he makes difficult shots in that fade away, but he does it all the time."

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