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Washington-Cal Postgame Quotes
Release: 12/20/2005
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Dec. 20, 2005

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Washington vs. California
December 20, 2005
Postgame Quotes

Head Coach June Daugherty quotes

General Comments:"I think both teams really got after it, a lot of different defenses going out on the floor. When you get up against that type of rotation defensively it takes you out of your rhythm offensively so we weren't getting the normal looks that we usually get but we just went back to what we do. That's just play hard, get forced turnovers, we did a great job on the boards tonight, and try to get something easy going the other way and get stops and we were able to close it out that way."

On starting out the season with a win:"Great you know everybody knows that the Pac-10 is going to be an amazing race. I really believe that with how well the teams are playing coming out of preseason and it's real important. We knew that Cal was going to come in here really fired up and try to start out there season as well so we're really pleased with the win and you know, going to get back now and get ready for the Stanford game."

On Breanne Watson's injury:"They're still evaluating her and we'll probably know more in the next couple days. She got knocked down and then the girl got on top of her so she got hit everywhere. It was just one of those unfortunate situations that can happen in basketball, but she's tough and if she can go she'll go. I know that. I just think the Pac-10 is a physical game it's a physical conference and it's just something you have to play through."

On the high number of turnovers:"Yea I thought we did a better job the second half. We had 17 at the half and turned over ten the second half but a lot of that is the mix-up defensively and the continuous pressure showing us different looks. I thought we got better with the basketball the second half, but way too many turnovers the first half."

On Cal's freshmen class:"We knew coming in all about their entire freshmen class and they're nationally ranked, that recruiting class was nationally ranked for a reason, and they're living up to it."

On if she's comfortable relying on offensive rebounds:"I think we did a lot of other things that we were effective with. I thought we played really hard, especially down the stretch and I thought we showed some poise. It's one of those situations where you just have to buckle down and sometimes you have to win that way and we have the talent, and we have the experience now to do that."

On Cal's half-court pressure:"We were prepared for it, we worked on it. We didn't execute as well as we would have liked to, but I think as the game went on we got better and the team did a good job of making adjustments we had talked about at the half."

On the physicality of the game:"I think Dre and the rest of the front line knew coming in with all the triangle that they run, that they were just going to pound it on the inside, high-low. At times these kids did a good job on getting them off the block or double-teaming, I thought traps were real effective. Our guards did a good job of getting in there and knocking the ball away because they're very athletic and they isolate you on the block with the high-low and the triangle so I think the physicalness of it was expected and fortunately we have kids that can respond to it."

On the experience level helping out:"Well I think it's a big credit to our bench. Our bench needs to be ready, and people know their roles and they have to come in and they can't just maintain they have to take us up a notch. We talk about that a lot and I think that was a great example of them coming in and being ready and stepping it up. I think the same thing right before the half, Heidi coming in and playing those five minutes, I mean those are her biggest five minutes as a Husky. She got us out of trouble, we were in tremendous foul trouble in the front line and she got a charge, she scored, she got a rebound, she did some great things out there in those five minutes. Again with Jill Bell, at the end of the game, coming in when Watson was injured. We needed those free throws the game was still up for grabs and we know how well Cal can shoot the three. So our bench, I thought, did a remarkable job for us."

On rebounds: "I think it was definitely the difference in the ball game. We held them to seven offensive boards, three at the half. That's an area that we've tried to improve upon and out offensive boards, once again we're relentless. When you don't shoot a good percentage and you thow the ball away as much as we did, and you come out with a win, you have to find out how you did it and that's a big area that helped us - our boxing out and our boards. "

On whether she talked to the team at the half about the foul situation: "No. It's just we try to focus on the things that we have to do better and we can certainly move our feet and not get the hand checks and things like that, but it was a physical game and I would rather see us stay up and keep our intensity and our focus and stay hungry and aggressive than putting caution in their mind about the free-throw situation. They knew, I mean they didn't like sitting that first half, but sometimes you just have to fight through that stuff."

On how to prepare for the next game: "Well obviously we're excited to start out with a win in the conference race. We're going to see a lot of triangles coming with Stanford and we're going to have to keep defending on the block as well because they like the high-low as well. We're going to have to cut down on the turnovers, no doubt about it, and hopefully get back up on our running game. You have to give credit to Cal, I mean they threw a lot of different defensive looks throughout the game to get us out of our rhythm and sometimes it worked, and sometimes we were able to get some pretty good looks."

Player quotes
Cameo Hicks-Guard
On her shooting: "I did miss a lot of shots that I hoped I would have made for my teammates. But I guess they eventually had to fall. I mean it was a rough night for both teams. But we played hard and pulled it off."
On staying in control of the game: "We talked a lot about it during the timeouts--to stay poised, and to stay in control. I don't think there was a time when we thought the game was getting out of control, and out of our reach, but I think we did a great job of staying poised, and staying in control especially in the last few minutes of the game."

Dominique Banks-Guard
On Cal's freshman class: "I believe so. Just like any other team in the Pac-10, they are all going to be improving and getting better."

Andrea Plouffe-Forward
On the physicality of the game: "It was pretty physical. Number 20 had some crazy arms. She posted up very strong, and so it was hard to get around her."
On her knee: "It is a lot better. I am working on it with the trainer, and getting it stronger. I have been working on it everyday to make sure it doesn't get worse. I am near 100%."

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