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In The Trenches With Reggie Williams
Release: 09/18/2003
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Sept. 18, 2003

In just two short years, wide receiver Reggie Williams has established himself as one of the most statistically dominant receivers in Pac-10 history, with totals for receptions and receiving yards unparalleled by any pass-catcher to wear the purple and gold. In fact, Williams' two-year totals of 149 receptions and 2,427 yards can only be matched by three other receivers in Pac-10 history, each of whom posted similar numbers in their junior and senior years. Has Williams let those numbers go to his head, or would he give them all up if it meant he would help the team? correspondent Mason Kelley tracked down Williams to find out. How do you feel the team has progressed through the first two games?
Reggie Williams: "It's going well. We improved against Indiana, and we'll continue to get better against Idaho."

GH: How is your performance coming along this season?
Williams: "It is going pretty well, but there are still things that I have to work on and get better at before the end of the season."

GH: Do you feel that the team's emphasis on a running game is taking pressure off of the passing game?
Williams: "It is going to help our offense in general if we can run the ball better. It forces the defense to play more honest. They can't drop so many guys into coverage. It is going to help everybody."

GH: Take us through your 70-yard catch-and-run for a score against Indiana.
Williams: "It was a simple slant route. I don't know what yard line I was on when I caught it; it was in the middle of the field. I got a good block from E.T. (Charles Frederick) and there was one man to beat. The rest was history."

GH: Were you expecting the cornerback to over-commit so you could get around the corner?
Williams: "I got to the middle of the field and I kind of saw where E.T. was at and where the other guy was at. I knew if I could get to the sideline it would be over. But, I saw on the film that I could have cut it up the middle and it would have been a lot easier."

GH: What is the goal for the rest of the season?
Williams: "To win 10 more games and to be 11-1."

GH: Last year, the team seemed to struggle a bit early in games, particularly against opponents that you were favored to beat. How will you avoid that against Idaho this week?
Williams: "Idaho is a dangerous team and they always give us some good competition. We are going to have to come out and play hard like we would against any other team. Those opening couple of series we are going to get things steamrolling a little faster than we did last year. I don't think we made too many mistakes last year besides starting a little slow. We are going to get better, and by Pac-10 play we are going to be on our P's and Q's."

GH: How was the bye week?
Williams: "It was a good bye week. It gave everybody a good chance to get healthy."

GH: How did you spend your weekend off?
Williams: "It was weird! I just watched most of the games that were on. It was fun to watch everybody else play, for a change."

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