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Lorenzo Romar Press Conference Quotes
Release: 01/24/2006
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Jan. 24, 2006

Lorenzo Romar Press Conference Quotes

On Leon Powe being compared to Ike Diogu: "They are different, Ike was just, you had to do everything short of hitting him with a baseball bat to keep him from scoring. He went to the line so much. I remember that stat where he made more free throws than a lot of teams combined. Leon gets a lot of the same things done, he just goes about it in a different way."

On Cal's Scorers: "It is always a challenge when you have guys that are capable of scoring a lot. If you look back on Cal's history with coach Braun, they always have two or three guys that do most of the scoring, and they do it very, very well. So defensively, you have to contend with those guys, but you can't fall asleep on the others."

On if Cal was expected to be this dangerous: "No doubt, and I guarantee that the coaches went into the season, not just us but coaches around the league, knowing what Cal is capable of doing. Not only is Powe back, but other guys are healthy this year. People might mention that Ayende has improved, and he really has, but he was one of the top point guards in the country coming out of high school. I also felt like going into the year that a guy like Omar Wilkes, who is not a main scorer, but is a team guy, has made them a better team, he is all about team."

On past lack of success in the Bay Area: "It has not come up, that has not come up. Our guys are aware of it, I am sure they are aware of it, but it has not come up."

On Dawg Pack: "I think that, when you talk about someone's mannerisms, or maybe the way they walk. That can be pretty funny. But once you start in on issues that someone is dealing with off the floor, that may be crossing the line. I'm glad the student section did a good job, I'm glad they were classy. Everywhere we go, the student section tries to get on Washington, some are not too creative, cussing someone out isn't too creative to me. Some are very creative, and I think our Dawg Pack is very creative. I don't think we have really crossed the line."

On any new concerns this week: "I don't think any new concerns. Our situation is fairly simple, just a constant reminder to put forth our best effort and not get distracted."

On the Cal-Stanford road trip: "The Bay Area is one of, if not the most difficult road trip, for us out there. I've never as a player, assistant at UCLA or head coach remembered having too much success at Stanford or Cal. Those places are not only tough to play, but they put out some good basketball teams. Both places are very, very though."

On Kobe's 81-point performance: "Phenomenal. It is phenomenal, he took 46 shots, but he made 28. He did not make many threes. I thought those days were history, where a guy could go out and score over 80. It is interesting to see how many came close, one guy kept coming close his name was Wilt. Kobe had 81, David Robinson 71, David Thompson 73, Elgin Baylor 71. Then after that it was 68, 65, 63, all of them were Wilt."

On Romar's high point total: "22 points twice, the New Jersey Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers, you don't forget those. I think I took 9 or 10 shots, probably career highs too. That was in the `82-'83 season, they would always remind me that scoring 30 or 40 was not my job. I was not getting paid to score. I wanted to keep my job, so I stayed away from scoring 30 or 40 in the NBA."

On RPI: "I pay attention to it, but I don't think that is the only thing they use. It helps separate some close ties. It seems like the unofficial ones have a pretty good idea of what is going on. They might not be totally accurate, but they are probably in the ballpark."

On Jamaal Williams possibly having problems with Cal's size: "We'll see, because Oregon State had some pretty big guys inside last year, and Jamaal had a pretty good game, like 11 or 12 here. He had a pretty good game against Cal, that particular night though, no one else could hit anything, it was just one of those games. It is hard to tell, we will see."

On Justin Dentmon: "I think we talked about Jon Brockman having to bounce back. Now Justin has to be able to do that. Team's are so familiar with what we do, lanes may appear to be open, that aren't open, games are a lot closer now, and a lot more intense on both ends. He is still distributing the ball, his assist numbers are not down, in fact his assist numbers are up since we started conference. It is just that he is not putting the ball in the basket as much, and he is not taking care of it as much. But we are petty confident that he will get better. Last year's freshman of the year and definite future NBA player Jordan Farmar turned the ball over quite a bit. He had to make some adjustments."

On Jon Brockman: "He slowed a bit, and now he is back again, in terms of his development. He is still doing the things for us that we recruited him to do. He plays at a higher level of intensity, he rebounds the ball and he is good enough to score points down low on the block. We were hoping that he could average somewhere around double figures and grab seven or eight rebounds a game, and that is what he is doing. You look across the country, and you look at the McDonald's All-American's from last year, and you look at their numbers you will see that Jon is in the top five of those McDonald's All-American's, in terms of their numbers and productivity. A lot of guys who went to that McDonald's game are not having near the year that Jon Brockman is having, we are definitely pleased."

On Ryan Appleby's Production: "I've mentioned this before, but against UCLA, Gonzaga and Arizona Ryan Appleby shot the ball very well. Now, he shot the ball very well against Loyola Marymount, with his six three-pointers, but the bigger the stage, the more he produces for us."

On Ryan Appleby's all-around play: "People tend to forget about Ryan that he redshirted last year and he didn't play much at Florida. You guys that know me, I have always felt that Junior College players as well as transfers, really start to pick it up in the second half of conference play. I would think that not only next year, but this year as he progresses we will start to see Ryan Appleby's best basketball."

On Artem Wallace: "It has nothing to do with Artem, he is not hurt or anything. Earlier this year he was playing because Mike wasn't playing, it is just hard to play five bigs in one game. He is getting better in practice, but he definitely needs to gain experience. If you look at our non-league schedule, and we are playing nail-biters in all of those games, then Artem isn't playing. But he did get some experience, I think he was averaging 13 minutes per game coming into league. That is what Joel Smith averaged last year. We have eleven games in conference left, you don't know what could happen from here on out."

On Seahawks making Super Bowl and Romar's prediction: "24-17 Seahawks. Awesome! I was here when the Sonics won it, I wasn't here when the Mariners won it. The fans in Seattle are unbelievable, when you do well they don't just come out, they get behind you. That was just great at Seahawk Stadium the other day. It is really exciting, I am really happy for them and Coach Holmgren."

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