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Washington Men Win a Pair of Titles En Route to the Pac-10 Team Championship
Release: 05/13/2007
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May 13, 2007

Morning Recap

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - The Washington men won their 29th Pac-10 Championship today at Lake Natoma, with the varsity eight and junior varsity eight crews both picking up gold medals on the day. The other two men's crews, the freshman eight and the varsity four, both captured second place to help the Huskies win their first team title since 2004. The UW women finished in third place at the 2007 Pac-10 Championships, with a win from the varsity four and second-place finishes by the novice eight and junior varsity eight.

The Washington and California men both won a pair of races and finished second in the other pair, but the Huskies finished with a three-point advantage over the Golden Bears with key wins in the varsity eight and junior varsity eight.

The top-ranked men's varsity eight has won all eight of its races this season, and with today's championship row, the Huskies have a pair of wins over No. 2 Cal and No. 4 Stanford. Led by coxswain Katelin Snyder, Washington rowed to the finish line in just 5:46.35, more than one and a half seconds ahead of silver-medalist California and six seconds ahead of bronze-medalist Stanford.

The men's second varsity helped secure conference championship this afternoon in the grand final, posting a time of 6:01.96. The California crew finished second with a time of 6:07.24.

In the freshman race, the Golden Bears came away with their second win over the Huskies, but UW finished 13 seconds ahead of the third-place finishers, Stanford, to help earn points for the team championship. In the men's varsity four, Washington finished second to Cal with a time of 6:47.48.

In the women's races, Washington's all-freshman varsity four captured their 16th conference title with a win this afternoon. The Huskies posted a time of 7:39.7 to win the gold.

In the novice eight race, the Huskies finished in second place with a time of 7:11.43, just behind first-place Gonzaga. In the second varsity race, the Huskies, who were tabbed to finish fourth, picked up a second-place finish behind California with a time of 6:56.68. The 16th-ranked Husky varsity eight advanced to the grand finals with a third-place effort in this morning's heat, but the competition was fierce with all six boats ranked in the top-20 and the Huskies finished the day in sixth place.

The UW men will conclude their 2007 campaign at the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) championships, May 31-June 2 on the Cooper River in Cherry Hill, N.J. For the second year in a row, the Washington women's third-place finish puts the Huskies on the bubble for the 12-team NCAA championship field. Southern California and the top finishers in four other regions receive automatic bids while seven additional teams will receive at-large berths. Those invitations will be extended Tuesday for the NCAA regatta, May 25-27 at Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Sunday, May 13, 2007
Lake Natoma * Rancho Cordova, Calif.

(all races are 2,000 meters)

Team Standings
1. Washington, 69
2. California, 66
3. Stanford, 48
4. Oregon State, 45
5. USC, 32
6. UCLA 24
7. Washington State, 18

1. USC, 71
2. California, 61
3. Washington 58
4. UCLA, 56
5. Stanford, 51*
6. Oregon State, 51*
7. Washington State, 40
*Stanford claims fifth place with a better finish in the Varsity 8.

Grand Final Race Results
Women's Varsity Four

1. Washington 7:39.7; 2. Gonzaga 7:42.2; 3. USC 7:44.2; 4. Oregon State 7:44.6; 5. Stanford 7:45.8; 6. Washington State 7:51.4; 7. UCLA 7:45.7; 8. California 7:46.9; 9. Sac. State 8:06.2
UW Lineup: cox- Maggie Cheek; stroke- Jen Dwyer; 3- Rosie DeBoef; 2- Erin Knox; bow- Kayleigh Mack

Men's Varsity Four
Grand Final - 1. California 6:44.13; 2. Washington 6:47.48; 3. USC 6:52.31; 4. Oregon State 6:58.41
UW Lineup: cox- Leah Downey; stroke- Toby Dankbaar; 3- Mike Flight; 2- Peter Carlson; bow- Dustin Kraus

Men's Freshman Eight
Grand Final - 1. California 5:54.87; 2. Washington 6:02.34; 3. Stanford 6:15.80; 4. Oregon State 6:19.37; 5. UCLA 6:33.93; 6. USC 6:43.32
UW Lineup: cox- Michael Welly; stroke- Simon Taylor; 7- Graham Oglend; 6- Aaron Luke; 5- Dane Robbins; 4- Roko Svast; 3- Blaise Didier; 2- James Olson; bow- Maxwell Weaver

Women's Novice Eight
Grand Final - 1. Gonzaga 7:06.43; 2. Washington 7:11.43; 3. UCLA 7:13.68; 4. Washington State 7:24.61; 5. Oregon State 7:27.32; 6. USC 7:33.57
UW Lineup: cox- Daphne Hazlehurst; stroke- Kara Rybczyk; 7- Meredith Dugoni; 6- Heather Young; 5- Adrienne Martelli; 4- Alison Browning; 3- Jenny Park; 2- Line Larsen; bow- Sophia Duluk

Women's Second Varsity Eight
Grand Final - 1. California 6:53.04; 2. Washington 6:56.68; 3. USC 6:58.97; 4. UCLA 7:04.41; 5. Oregon State 7:05.68; 6. Washington State 7:11.18
UW Lineup: cox- Kristy Gauthier; stroke- Ashley Jones; 7- Asiha Grigsby; 6- Corianne Bowman; 5- Erika Sweet; 4- Charlene Franklin; 3- Kelly Foster; 2- Samantha Smith; bow- Andrea Smith

Men's Second Varsity Eight
Grand Final - 1. Washington 6:01.96; 2. California 6:07.24; 3. Stanford 6:13.44; 4. Oregon State 6:29.04; 5. USC 6:48.10; 6. Washington State 7:15.23
UW Lineup: cox- Micah Perrin; stroke- Bart-Jon Caron; 7- Lowell Neal; 6- Andrew Beaton; 5- Trevor Mollenkopf; 4- Drew Fowler; 3- Derek DeVries; 2- David VanBolt; bow- Alan Oriard

Men's Varsity Eight
Grand Final - 1. Washington 5:46.35; 2. California 5:47. 89; 3. Stanford 5:52.94; 4. Oregon State 5:58.32; 5. UCLA 6:10.35; 6. USC 6:23.20; 7. Washington State 6:34.30
UW Lineup: cox- Katelin Snyder; stroke- Will Crothers; 7- Heath Allen; 6- Aljosa Corovic; 5- Rob Gibson; 4- David Worley; 3- Steve Full; 2- Jessiah Johnson; bow- Max Lang

Women's Varsity Eight
Grand Final - 1. USC 6:40.13; 2. Stanford 6:42.55; 3. California 6:44.58; 4. UCLA 6:48.64; 5. Oregon State 6:50.46; 6. Washington 6:55.01
UW Lineup: cox- Alysha Koorji; stroke- Cara Troelstra; 7- Kim Kennedy; 6- Taryn Langlois; 5- Andrea Sooter; 4- Kim Armstrong; 3- Liz Simenstad; 2- Jamie Unwin; bow- Courtney Plitt

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