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NCAA Women's Rowing Championships -- Day 2 Quotes
Release: 06/01/2002
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June 1, 2002


Head Coach Jan Harville

"We accomplished a goal. That's all you want to do is go out and check off your goals. We had two goals, to qualify and to try to win. We got that, because you have to be in the finals to try to contend for it. They had a pretty good performance and now they just have to get ready for the final.

"Everybody steps it up a little bit when you get in a final. You figure you are either going to win or wind up dead trying. Usually everybody's got a little bit more for the final.

"I always have tremendous respect for Brown. They are undefeated. They won their semi and got pushed a little bit and we got pushed a little bit. If you look at us and Brown, we haven't raced each other so you have the unknown. Because of that you are always challenging yourself to do more. You just figure that they have to be better so you work harder. You can't get too complacent.

Mary Whipple, coxswain
"The delays were very draining. We were trying to hold back our frustration, but we decided everybody was handling it the same way as we were. It was kind of frustrating just to wait while we were getting hot. The Cal boat held things up with problems because one of the bolts came off of one of their foot stretchers.

"Quite honestly, it was a really hard race just enduring the heat and trying to be quick and light when we felt so heavy and tired because of being in the sun so long. We stayed smart and then we pushed it out.

"We jumped out three-quarters of a length at the start, half a length on Cal. Cal really took off with us which was a little surprising, but I was just happy to have a race. At the 500 Cal made a big move and we took our move and slowly progressed. We were both going for it. We battled back and forth. In the third 500 we stretched the lead on Ohio and Yale and Cal just kept coming up with us. Then in the final 500 we slowly walked away.

"I believe we have another gear we can go up to, especially in the middle 1,000. We knew it was going to be an annoying race in the fact that the other crews were not going to let us cruise through and we couldn't underestimate them. We were playing that tricky balance of how 100 percent do we have to be?

"Tomorrow will be no holds barred, attacking from stroke one. Even if we are down we'll still go hard and if we're up we'll go. I like it that we race Brown one time. There is that anticipation throughout the season of wondering if we are good enough. With Brown, it's good to have a showdown.

"We are peaking at the right time. We are all very smart racers and we're just biting our nails because we want to go."

Heidi Hurn
"I actually don't get that antsy during the delays. It was time for us to relax and take it all in. We were relaxed and ready to go whenever they were ready. It affects everyone equally so no one has the advantage because we were all sitting there. No matter where you are, you can have delays. At home we've had fog delays and wind delays. Here it's thunderstorms. Last year in Atlanta was the same exact way, we sat around and waited for an hour and a half in vans. That's just the way it goes. Everyone has to do it and no one has the advantage. Some people get really antsy, but I just go with the flow.

"Cal stuck with us and moved on us a couple times and we just handed it back to them. Our start is really strong, but to be able to counter other people's moves in the middle was good today. We don't really have to rely on the start because we are a strong team from start to finish.

"We were all set to go against Brown today before they switched the lineups. We'll take them tomorrow too, that's fine. We're pumped and ready to go. We train basically with Brown in mind from the beginning of the season because it's hard to get a lot of really close competition on the West Coast. Cal and Stanford are definitely on the rise, but Brown is the best of the best out here and we want them. We're pumped to go against them because we don't want there to be any mistakes as to who is the best.

"We noticed last week that we are quick, our speed has really increased. You could give us another two months, but we would still be at the same place we are now. We are ready right now to do this.

Lauren Estevenin
"The delays don't impact us because all the teams are in the same case. Obviously, it's kind of annoying, but it doesn't bother us.

"We started well and then basically controlled it. We had about a length on the second boat. They came back a bit more in the third 500, but we were still in control and weren't panicking or anything because we had another level to step up to if we wanted to. I can tell we have more, because in practices when we've gone faster. When we have a boat right next to us that will be good.

"I'm so excited to race Brown. They are really fast and it's going to be a great race tomorrow. We're a great group of girls and we're going to go fast I'm sure. I want it so bad."

Head Coach Jan Harville

"They did their best today, but they didn't have their best performance. I think it is important for them to regroup immediately and re-channel their focus for the petite final. They can't let their disappointment in their performance not be channeled in the right direction. They have to get up and continue to do their best and continue to contribute to the team performance. Overall, it's a disappointment, but we're not done yet.

"It's a little disappointing. We need points in the four for the team title and to not make the final makes it more difficult. We knew that was a weaker event this year. We knew that our depth down to the four wasn't as good. The four has performed somewhat well on the West Coast, but we finished third at the Pac-10s so we already knew that that was a weakness. We've had some improvement. Our goal is always to have all three crews race to the best of their potential and contribute to the team performance. They have to go out tomorrow, regroup and challenge themselves to come out and try to win the petite final because you get points for that race also."

Maili Barber, coxswain
"We kept the lead up until about 1,000. It was just that third 500 that got us. The two lanes next to us took off like nitro power. They just took off. We fought hard to get back and didn't give them any open water. We took our sprint early, but had kind of some weird wind. Even though it was mildly flat, we still got some strange gusts of wind. That was it, we just fought.

"We have to just clear our minds and do our best in the finals. We can still score team points and we will be rowing to win."

Mary Reeves
"The conditions were better than yesterday. We led at the start and then they took off in the second 1,000 and we just kind of ran out of gas. They walked right past. We were right there and never lost contact, but just couldn't get them back. We started to pick it up earlier, but we never really got our rate up.

"I think yesterday took a lot out of us, rowing into the wind. It's just real disappointing because without us being in the grand final there is no chance for the team title. I kind of feel like it's our fault, that we lost the team title for the rest of the team.

"We are definitely going to go out there in the petite final and give it everything we've got, whatever we have left. Hopefully we will pull together a little bit. We just didn't really match. It wasn't that we weren't pulling our full effort, but our full effort didn't always come at the same time on every stroke. When we mesh we can really fly."

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