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Q & A With Nicole Castro
Release: 10/28/2005
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Oct. 28, 2005

Nicole Castro is one of three fifth-year seniors leading the Husky women's basketball squad this year. At the team's media day, Tuesday, Castro sat down with reporter Lindsey Egelston to talk about her last season in purple and gold, being able to go home to Australia over the summer and what she plans on doing once she graduates. This year, obviously having some experience on the team, how is that helping for you being your senior year?

Nicole Castro: I guess it helps quite a bit because we get along really well and we have a team that is pretty experienced. We just have one freshman but she's doing a really good job, we haven't had to help her out too much. I think it's good and having such an experienced whole team is going to be a key factor.

GH: How does it feel to have one of the leadership roles on the team? Do you think you've been living up to that?

NC: Well, I'm not really the most vocal person on the team; I try to lead by example more than anything. I think we all have a different role as leaders and I think the three of us work well together in that role.

GH:About having one new freshman, do you think she's fitting in well with the rest of you guys?

NC: I think so. We got to spend a lot of time in the summer with her and get to know her a little better, so I think that helped. It's obviously got to be hard to be the only freshman coming in but I think she's doing a really good job and I'm impressed.

GH: Does it feel weird that this is your last season?

NC: Yes it does! Not only with basketball, but with school too, just thinking about getting out into the real world and making decisions, but I've enjoyed my experience here and I plan on working hard this season and cherishing every moment of it.

GH: Do you have any plans for next year yet?

NC: I'm from Australia so I plan on going home because my Visa goes up! But after that I want to do my teaching degree, masters in teaching, and then I'll hopefully be able to teach all over the world and hopefully come back to Seattle someday and teach here.

GH: Did you have a chance at all to go home this summer, or were you practicing the whole time?

NC: No I got to go there for about four or five weeks and it was awesome! It's been two years since I've been home and it was really good to see my family and friends again and be home for once.

GH: Wow, so you hadn't been home for two years! Did your family ever get to come over here to see you?

NC: My mom and my brother actually came my sophomore year and they got to see where I was living, and my school and all that. I think that was really important to them and obviously for me to have them here for a little bit.

GH: Was it weird being back there or did you feel right back at home again?

NC: It just felt like home. I think my accent was a little different for some people to handle; it's changed quite a bit since I've been here. I'm kind of a mixture in between both right now.

GH: Did you get to play basketball with anyone back there that you used to play with?

NC: Just friends, just pick-up games and stuff, nothing really. I just worked in the local gym quite a bit by myself. That was good too to have that time to myself just to work on my own game.

GH: Anything specific you're looking forward to this season? Any games you think you guys will be able to shine in?

NC: The game against ASU is always a big one for us, I always look forward to that. Obviously Baylor, and going to Florida. There are a lot of good teams that we get to play in preseason, but in the Pac-10 ASU is always a good team to play against.

GH: What about any personal goals you have this season?

NC: I just want to work my hardest and just do what I've always done and leave that legacy behind.

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