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Washington-UCLA Post-Game Quotes
Release: 02/20/2010
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Feb. 20, 2010

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Washington vs. UCLA Post-Game Quotes
February 20, 2010

Husky Coach Lorenzo Romar
Opening Comments:

"We shot the ball really well tonight. We had such a high level of focus defensively early on and when you have that type of focus it carries over to all aspects of the game and I think that had a lot to do with how we shot the ball here. I don't think we shot it that well all year. Against the zone, our guys came out and knew we had to make shots. I think our guys not only made shots but did a good job at attacking the zone and passing the ball against the zone."

On Quincy Pondexter:
"He came out right off the bat and didn't miss a shot early, you could see he was really focused. I'm so proud of him."

"I say this all the time, four years flashes before your eyes. You think of the times there were struggles, when we had good times and the learning situations you had with them. You get attached to your guys and you come to the realization that it's coming to an end and we'll not be able to hang out as much. There is also a great feeling of joy because you know right now Quincy Pondexter is ready to move on. When this season is over he'll move on and he's going to be just fine. He took advantage of his four years of school and his hard work and dedication coupled with what the University of Washington has given him is going to allow him to go out and be successful in whatever he does. All that kind of stuff doesn't seem like it, it only seems like a 30 second walk."

"He's been through a lot and it just doesn't surprise me that he was focused. When Quincy is focused he's capable of getting a whole lot done."

On Gameday being here:
"Gameday doesn't get us into the NCAA tournament. It doesn't get us an extra win at all, it doesn't change our record this year, it doesn't change the fact that we've won one road game. I thought that it was awesome this morning to see the University of Washington, where I went to school, is one of eight stops for ESPN Gameday. That they thought enough of us to come here. It makes you feel good about your program in terms of maybe we've built up a bit of credibility. Again, it's more important to win games but when you receive little bonuses like this it's encouraging."

On speaking with Coach Knight:
"We had a great conversation. People ask me about Bobby Knight, what he's like and I say the same thing. Every time I've had action with Coach Knight he's been gracious, helpful and accommodating. I was with Athletes In Action, I remember we were living in Cincinnati and we were going to just drive to Indiana to see them play. We called their office and asked if Coach Knight could get us tickets and he got us tickets. We were thinking we were going to be sitting up top somewhere, but they were two rows up midcourt. He's allowed me to go watch practice with him and he's always been great."

On Matthew Bryan-Amaning being back in the starting lineup:
"He is doing what we've been wanting him to do. He's been performing the way we need him to perform. He's been doing a really good job consistently and we talked Friday that this was going to be a good test for him to play against these bigger front lines to see if he's turned the corner or not and I'll say he's been pretty consistent. He's playing the most consistent ball in his career."

Quincy Pondexter, Washington
On this being his last game "I'm flabbergasted right now if you could call it that. I'm just so blessed to be in the position I'm in right now, and everything is coming together for me."

On honoring him before the game
"It was definitely tears of joy. To see my mother, father, brother, and sister that have supported me so much through thick and thin, bad times and good times out here, as well as the whole Hec Ed gym. This has been a blessing to be in the position I'm in right now is very surreal."

On his three pointer to open the game
"I'm so glad it went down because I saw time going down and was, `this is one of those senior moments, this ball better go in.' That wasn't me, it was all God. I just can't believe all this is happening, so many things today that happened that I can't explain. It wasn't really me last night, someone else was working for me."

On having Bob Knight here
"I can't believe that Bobby Knight knows my name. That stuff is still crazy to me. Everyone that was here tonight, it was a special day. From the time I woke up this morning and watched College GameDay to right now, to enjoying it with my family after this interview."

On the emotions
"I can't really explain it right now this is something I'm going to have to savor and remember and share with my kids, and remember it down the line. I'm never going to get these four years back and I've loved every moment of it. I came in a young kid that didn't really know much, and to look at myself now it's night and day. It's a blessing every day."

On the game
"Our team just came out and played the way we were supposed play. We did a great job of taking them out of their sets, something we couldn't do against USC. They spread us out and took it to us, but today we really bounced back and played some good basketball. I'm just really proud of our guys to come back and fight. We knew it was going to be a battle, but we had to come out and throw the first punch, the second punch, and the third punch so we could win this war."

Isaiah Thomas, Washington
"It was great from early this morning I guess. We knew they were going to bring us energy and we had to just come out and do whatever we can to get the win. The Dawg Pack is great, our fans are great and they were behind us 100 percent." "This season has been up and down for us, but when we play like we did today, that's our potential. We try to play up there every time but it just doesn't work like that. These last couple games we're going to play hard and play Husky basketball and look forward to the Pac-10 tournament."

"He's been doing that all season so it's wasn't a surprise. It was just, when is he going to miss? He's Quincy and he's doing a great job of leading us and doing what he can to win."

Justin Holiday, Washington

"To tell you the truth, I didn't really care how they were going to play. We were just going to come out and play a certain way. If we play the right way, we've seen it plenty of times all year, this is what happens. How they came out didn't matter."

UCLA Coach Ben Howland
"I thought that early in the game we had a couple of bad shots, and that really put us into a hole. It felt like each of our turnovers in the first half led to easy points for Washington. They did a really great job attacking our zone. [Isaiah] Thomas is shooting 28% from three on the year, but he comes out and knocks three in a row down. He is a great player and he came out and played great today. Pondexter is just such a special player. He came out and hit a couple of big shots to get them off to a great start. You have to give them a lot of credit. I thought they played very well today. [Matthew] Bryan-Amaning did a great job scoring over our zone inside. We just could not handle their pressure. Their pressure took us out of everything we wanted to do in the first half including even catching the ball. We just have to bounce back and regroup as we go home for our last two home games."

"When [Venoy] Overton came into the game we just had such a hard time getting the ball over half-court. Their pressure again just took us out of everything we were trying to do. I just thought their defensive pressure and their ability to deny passes is something that we can't simulate in practice. We just don't have the kind of quickness and speed that they have."

"I thought that Brendan Lane came in and had a great game for us off of the bench. He had 11 points and he did a great job relieving pressure on his teammates. I thought he was the one guy in particular who had a great game."

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