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Washington 67, Washington State 60
Release: 03/07/2009
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March 7, 2009

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Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar
"Well, Tony Bennet and his staff, man, they do a heck of a job. They do a really good job. Washington State is a very good basketball team. We had to play a really good game in order to come out on top and be champions. We turned the ball over a little too much in the first half, but outside of that, I thought our guys put forth the type of effort that would allow you to win a big game when it was on the line like it was today."

"I could go on and on about the heroes from today. Jon Brockman scores (seven) points and grabs 18 rebounds, and battled Aron Baynes. Vernoy Overton is just becoming a giant pest, defensively. He's like a shot blocker who blocks three shots, but changes four or five. He might get three steals, but he throws the rhythm off others because they don't know where he's at. Justin Dentmon hit big shots. Quincy Pondexter has emerged to be a winner. It's really good to see that. It really speaks of perserverence. Hanging in there."

"When you win a championship, it's very good for a lot of reasons. But there's no better reason, for me, than to watch our guys win a championship and to have that experience for the rest of their lives to remember. Our returning guys will know what it takes to win a championship. They'll know what it feels like. There are many collegiate players who have gone on who have not won a conference championship. Our guys can say that they've done that. I'm really, out of all this, that's what I'm most happy about."

"(Scissors he pulled out in the locker room) They knew. We all have different learning methods. Some are more visionary learners. To all of a sudden, maybe have a mental image of cutting down the nets, maybe it would have given them a little incentive to go out there and tighten the chin strap a little harder."

"I don't know. I haven't been sleeping a lot. One of those times where I'm staring at the ceiling. You can look at the worst case scenario and the best case scenario; i thought about the best case scenario, and us to be in the position to do that. It's not just going through it, but to have the whole pie, that's just part of it. They rushed the court, we cut the nets, that's how you do it."

Washington Junior Forward Quincy Pondexter
"It's been like a movie script the last couple weeks. Every game seemed like its had a title of what kind of big game it was. It's just a great story that we're living out right now."

Washington Senior Forward Jon Brockman
"That was an unbelievable feeling. You see it on T.V. every year and you want to be in that position. Then when I got up there it was about 100 times better than it was on T.V."

"That was special. It was a special moment walking out there. It was something that I'd seen happen every year. I've seen all my buddies go up there and take off for their last home game. You don't really imagine yourself in those shoes though. You think you're going to be here for a while and it's going to last a lot longer and that you've got a lot of time. And then it just seeks up and you and all of the sudden we're standing out there. That was special."

Washington Sophomore guard Venoy Overton
"He was a little frustrated but he's a tough player so knew he was going to bounce back and help his team out the best he can. But I knew if we limit a lot of his touches then they were going to be in trouble."

"I always dreamed of the crowd running on the court and being in an atmosphere like that. It's just unbelievable. I got overwhelmed and I'm just happy to be a Husky right now."

"They really came out to play. They just won three in a row against good opponents. They knew they don't want us to overlook them. They knew they had a chance to beat us but we just had that last push."

Washington State Head Coach Tony Bennett
"I thought (we) battled their guts out. They played as hard as they could; at times they got a little rattled. I think a couple of kids had never been in an environment this intense. But for the most part, they battled hard, with a few rattled decisions. Which, I kind of guessed I factored in would happen. We're fighting for our lives out there, and we had some tough matchups out there, which you saw were very hard. On the perimeter you need a couple of guys to stretch it, and when you don't, we ran out of options. I thought Nick struggled to score and shoot it, but he did a (heck) of a job and he was physical."

"I was real disappointed with Klay's fourth foul. That really hurt us, because we had to take him out. That's why I lost my head and probably acted like a raving lunatic. But we were fighting for our postseason lives, and in that setting, I think it's owed to us to have the right call."

"Hey, Washington, my gosh; Coach Romar, congratulations. High-level team. Intensity. In this joint, this place, it gets loud and they feed off that. It's a frenzy. It affects a lot of things, I'll just put it that way."

"(On Klay's fourth foul) I thought it was on Koprivica. That's why I was so mad. We need (KIay) on the floor in that setting. Maybe I'll look like an idiot when I watch the foul. (Klay) said he didn't hit him. What I saw was that Nick was in there. There's a lot of bumping when guys are dribbling the ball. I thought Taylor...fine, if they don't want to call it, but geez, it looked different on that one. But I thought it was on the wrong guy."

"They're in the best in the league (in rebounding). I don't know where they are ranked in the country, but that certainly was something. They're tough on the glass."

Washington State Senior Guard Taylor Rochestie
"We've gotten better as a team. It was a high-level atmosphere in here, playing against their team. No. 1 team in the Pac-10. If a couple of turns could have gone our way at the end, it could have been different ballgame and maybe we could have come out with the win."

"Everyone is playing hard. They had a Pac-10 championship on the line, to win it outright. Now they're out there celebrating. That's what they wanted. We wanted to come in here and beat the No. 1 team. So everyone played hard, and that's just how it is."

"Every game hurts. Every time you lose it hurts. Of course you want to beat your rival. Of course you don't want to lose in the NCAA Tournament. You never want to lose. Bottom line is you want to win tonight and we didn't."

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