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Q&A With Louis Rankin
Release: 09/13/2006
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Sept. 13, 2006 caught up with Louis Rankin and asked him about how he felt about leading the Pac-10 in rushing and about being eighth overall nationally. How does it feel to lead the Pac-10 in rushing and to be eighth nationally?
Louis Rankin:
It's still early, but I'm excited. I'm looking to improve as the weeks go on and as practice goes on tomorrow. Today I am trying to improve and make some of the corrections for some of the mistakes I have made. You said before the season that you and Kenny James would definitely be a big compliment to each other. Some people doubted that assertion, but do you feel like you are proving people wrong right now?
I don't really know. Kenny and I both try to go out there, and do the best we can and we're not really looking at what is going on outside of that. We're just trying to win games and score touchdowns and do the best we can do. How did Kenny's big run key the team at the start of the Oklahoma game?
It was a great run. The line opened up the hole, Kenny hit it full speed, made a guy miss and ran for a long touchdown. Whenever you start off the game with a big play it sparks the whole team. It got us going and it got us fired up. A lot of the running has been right up the middle. Is that different from your normal game?
No, not at all. With my size I am not a big back. People don't really expect me to go up the middle, but I have never been a guy that really runs outside, and I played full back in high school, so I always ran up the middle. Are you surprised at the success the offensive line has had so far this season opening holes for you?
The line didn't surprise me at all. I always knew we had probably the best line in the nation and we can do some great things. Before the Oklahoma game, according to the ABC broadcast, the team needs to have more passing yards than rushing yards. Do you feel that way?
We just need to win. That's the main thing. It doesn't matter if we have three passing yards or 10 rushing yards, if we win the game, I think that everybody is happy. What was the locker room like at halftime of the Oklahoma Game?
Inside the locker room we were trying to come out strong. I don't think our intensity really changed. We still wanted to go out in the second half and go out there and make some big plays. We had some bad breaks and we made some mistakes. How will last Saturday's game affect the rest of the season?
I think all we have to do is settle down and we are doing that week by week. And we are getting more relaxed and we are becoming comfortable with what we are doing. I think that we are just going to get better as the weeks go on.

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