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USC 26, Washington 20
Release: 10/07/2006
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Oct. 7, 2006

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Washington Coach Tyrone Willingham
(regarding the final play): "When the official is standing over the ball, it makes it difficult for us to move as quickly as we want. We thought (at first) they would reset (the clock). But we were preparing in case they weren't.

(continuing the topic a few questions later)
"It's a difficult situation to officiate. If the officials move too fast, are they favoring the University of Washington? If they move slower, is it for USC? They are trying to keep the same rhythm. We just needed a few more seconds."

(on the final drive)
"Our football team felt very confident that we could take the ball down the field and score. We practice the two-minute drill two or three times a week. After almost two years, we've become very good at it. We didn't blink or hesitate. The problem was we ran out of time."

(on USC's fake field goal)
"What we were trying to determine was where was the origin of the player (Steve Smith), on the field or off. And was the alignment correct? I give them credit. It was a good call and seemed to be executed very well."

(on UW's onsides kick)
"I give them credit on their call and I give us credit on ours."

(asked if this was a moral victory)
There is too much pain in the locker to feel like this is a moral victory."

Washington OLB Dan Howell
"It was a fight. We fought until the last second. We did everything we could until the last second. Unfortunately, we ran out of time.

"I'm never satisfied in losing, but the fact we fought until the last second, it gives you a little bit of a good feeling. We didn't leave anything on the field."

Washington QB Isaiah Stanback
(on how the referees handled the final play of the game) "I'm not going to speak to it. I don't want to say anything wrong."

(asked if he felt he was under center in time)
"I felt like I did."

Referee Brian O'Cain

(regarding the game's final play)
"The first thing that is going to happen is that the clock is going to stop until we get the chains reset and the officials in position to officiate. I wanted to make sure the officials had seen the clock when the play became dead and were comfortable with the time remaining on the clock, which was confirmed to be two seconds.

(After everyone is in position): "I'll point to the ball to get the umpire off of the ball and I'll start the clock when we get the chains set and the officials in position and the players ready to go. Then I wind the clock.

"The general rule of thumb is that if there is one second when I wind and they snap immediately, the play can go. We try to keep the same pace the whole game. We don't go faster or slower."

USC Coach Pete Carroll
"That was a hard-earned win, just like last week. We had plenty of opportunities to separate with plays like the blocked punt, but we had to settle for field goals. Mario Danelo kept hammering it in for us. I'm a bit disappointed in our third-down defense, they kept extending drives. They (Washington) did a good job and are going to win a lot of games in this conference. I'm impressed with the job Tyrone (Willingham) has done. They've had a quick turnaround."

(On the last play)
"The last play was a mess. I wanted them to start the 24-second clock, but for some reason the refs refused. It was almost like a timeout for them. The clock was mishandled. They should move the sticks and immediately start the clock."

(On the passing game)
"Tremendous showing today by Patrick Turner. He came up in great fashion. Booty was a little disappointed. He was a bit off today. A lot of guys had to step up today and they hung in there. I think Booty was thrown off by missing guys like Dwayne (Jarrett), Chris (McFoy) and Steve (Smith)."

(On back-to-back close games)
"We're not getting any sacks. We are not getting any turnovers. Those are major changes and we need them and we're just not doing it. We are not going to stop emphasizing it in practice, but until we make those things happen, games are going to be close."

(On the play of Chauncey Washington)
"Chauncey did a really good job today. He's officially back at full speed. He showed it all week in practice and he showed it today."

USC Quarterback John David Booty

(On the overall play of the offense)
"The first half was pretty good. We only had the ball three times and came away with two touchdowns and a field goal. There are some plays to be made out there, some times we made them and sometimes we didn't."

(On playing another close game)
"When it comes down to the last play, like it did last week, it is a little tough to take. Our "D" stepped up when we needed it."

(On the passing game)
"It gets a little harder to get it going without Dwayne (Jarrett), (Chris) McFoy and Steve (Smith), but plays have to be made. Turner had a really good game. He really stepped it up. We have got to work and keep it going."

(On the running game)
"The running game was just awesome. Really, I think our best this season, especially with those long runs today. We didn't get just one or two yards and grind it out."

USC Linebacker Keith Rivers
(On playing in a close game)
"It's tough, but I'm happy to be part of a victory and stop them there at the end. You are always proud to be part of a winning moment."

(On the impact of Isaiah Stanback)
"He was a really big factor for them. We couldn't play their receivers the way we really want because we always have to keep an eye on that he may run."

(On his thoughts of Washington)
"We knew they were going to be a good team. They could very easily be 5-0 this year. They definitely are going to beat a few teams."

(On his play overall)
"I had a bit of a slow first half, but the second half I really got zoned in. I was really disappointed I dropped that pick."

Courtesy USC Sports Information

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