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UW 52, Portland State 13 Postgame Quotes
Release: 09/15/2012
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Sept. 15, 2012

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Washington Washington 52, Portland State 13
 CenturyLink Field | Attendance: 54,922
Photo Gallery | Final Stats | Quotes | Notes



Opening Statement

"I was proud of our guys to come out of the blocks the way they did. When you have a week like we had last week you can get a little tentative and guy shy and concerned about the way you are playing the game and I thought our guys came out with a great deal of energy and great execution to start the ball game."

"It was good to see the big plays that were able to be generated on the defensive side of the ball; the blocked field goal for a TD and interception for a TD. I thought Keith (Price) was extremely efficient today."

"With that being said, we still showed some immaturity that needs to get better and that's why we had a pretty good heart-to-heart at the end of the first half. We, me, pride ourselves on not taunting our opponent, not hitting guys out of bounds. That's just not us. I wanted to make sure that we didn't accept that. When you are in ball games and winning it is great and a lot of young guys get a chance to play, but there is a style and fashion in which we play the game which is us. It was a point of emphasis this week. It obviously didn't completely hit home so it will continue to be one throughout the bye week until we know what it means to play smart, disciplined football and to execute at a high level."


Wide Receiver Marvin Hall

On his kickoff returns
It's always important to win, that's the first thing. It's good to come out with a win. It felt good to come out and be able to do what I know I'm capable of doing, and to help my team come out with this win.

On staying focused during a big win
You take it a snap at a time. You don't worry about the other team, you just keep your focus forward and make sure you come out with a `W.' It all starts with the preparation. We were really focused today, played with great tempo, and went out and got the job done.

On getting other players game experience
Injuries are always bad and you never want to have them. But we have players that are capable of coming in, taking on the role and getting the job done.

Wide Receiver DiAndre Campbell

On bouncing back from LSU
It was really important for us after last week. No one likes to lose, so it felt good to get that burden off our shoulders. It was a great thing to see us come out and go hard this week. We were hitting on all cylinders. We came out fast and really got rolling. We practiced hard all week, got our mindset in the right place and were prepared coming into the game. That makes the game that much easier.

On Quarterback Keith Price
Keith played great. Not many people give the quarterback as much credit as they should get when they aren't playing the best. For him to come and bounce back here was big for his confidence and for our O-Line as well.

Linebacker John Timu

On the defense
Turnovers are a big thing. They are a big step toward determining the outcome of the game. We needed to come out on fire, and after last week we owed our offense and the team. We set our goal to get three turnovers.

On team-wide success
The game of football is broken into three phases and I think we dominated all three of those. We need that confidence. We came into the first series on fire and this victory gives us a lot of confidence going into Stanford week.

On preparing for Stanford
We've got to keep practicing with a purpose. Coach says we have to play like we practice and it starts on Monday when we come in to watch film.

On the halftime team huddle
It was a penalty that wasn't us. That wasn't Husky football, and [Coach Sarkisian] was just emphasizing that to us. We came out and did a little better, but we've still go to improve on it.

Quarterback Derrick Brown

On getting first substantial time
To go out there and make plays, make passes, it felt good.

On moving forward from today's game
It builds more confidence. Every snap I get it builds my confidence more and more. One day I want to be that guy. 

Running Back Dezden Petty 

On getting his first carries
It felt real good. I've been waiting a year and a half for this. The opportunity presented itself so I tried to take advantage of it. I really, really wanted to get into that end zone but I have a long time here. I have to learn how to step through things. I had opportunities to make a touchdown, I just didn't do it today. A lot of work - I'll get there.

On moving forward
As Coach Sark will tell you, there's a lot of stuff that we left on the field - a lot of opportunities that we left on the field. We have a week and a half to prepare for Stanford, so this week we'll make it right. This is a great team.


Opening Statement
We just didn't execute that was the story of the day.

Game plan for attacking UW defense
Well the biggest thing we needed to establish the run, and I think we weren't able to do that early the way that we wanted, we had some opportunities to make some plays here and there, but credit goes to them they did a nice job defensively."

Do you think the fake punt was the difference there, you were down 14-0 and had just gotten a stop, would have been two stops in a row?
Well I think it was more the way we played down the stretch and in special teams were the biggest things (that turned the game in UW favor) but it sure didn't help.

Couple of opportunities on fourth down, why do you feel they weren't able to go your way?
You know when you are missing your All-American kicker it's a tough duty. It's football so there's no excuses, but when your down to your fourth snapper and second kicker it's tough at any level of football, but in the end those guys stepped up and I appreciate the effort they put in.

How tough was it with the loss of your coordinator four days ago?
I mean in the end it didn't change our operation at all, in the end we had a few guys out, but in the end the next guy has got to step up and it did create some match up problems for us that maybe we wouldn't have had, but such is life, you got to get up and dust your self off, everyone says they want to play and when the opportunity comes you got to step up and get it done.

Any positives from this?
Yeah I think one is there's a lot of teams in America that when they are down 45-0 they would roll over and play dead and embarrass themselves and our team didn't do that, our teams not built that way and they continue to fight till the end and I'm very proud of the effort they put in.


QB Kieran McDonagh

What was the plan at half?
We needed to get the ball moving a little bit more and to convert on third downs. That was the main focus. 

Did you feel like there would be opportunities for you to run the ball?
There were a couple of designed runs for me. There were a couple that were planned for and a couple that I took the ball and ran with it.

Overall thoughts on the offense and fourth down plays
I was pretty happy for the most part with moving the ball. We were able to hang with these guys. We had miscommunications on the routes. There was one on a fourth down and guy ran the wrong route.

Expectations of the game
We had planned for them. We tried to make minor adjustments in the front but it didn't matter.

Were you surprised that you weren't able to run the ball?
I was a little surprised. DJ came off a big game last week and I was thinking maybe we could do the same. But the game changes.

RB DJ Adams

Thoughts on the offense
We did some good things. The game is different from the practice. We get in situations where you have to do things you didn't plan on doing. So you got to kind of make moves on the fly. But we did some good things on offense. 

Was anything unexpected?
We expected everything. Things change. When you're down that much things become kind of one-sided and you try to get back up. It's just one of those things. 

On fourth down chances
We thought we would do what was working. That's football. It's 50/50 at the snap. So we will keep working and fighting. 

What did Washington do that changed your game plan?
We didn't run as much as we planned to. And they were filling up the box a little bit. It was tough. But that's how the game goes. 

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