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Gonzaga Press Conference Quotes (March 21, 2010)
Release: 03/21/2010
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March 21, 2010

Coach Kelly Graves

On the Previous meeting with Texas A&M
"It was really a tale of two halves. Courtney knows that she didn't play well and sometimes when she doesn't play well the rest of the team follows. We just looked out of sync. Give Texas A&M the credit, they really defended us hard. We both turned it over 21 times so it was a clean game for either team. I think [Texas A&M] is a lot better now than they were, but I also think that we are playing better."

On Coaching against Gary Blair
"It is certainly something we look forward too. This is the fun part for me and my staff. [Texas A&M] is able to do so many different things because of their versatility, their athleticism, their length, and their depth. A lot of what they seem to do is random. I'm sure that if you see them all the time you get used to it, but for us there is still a sense of random to it. They just know how to play, and how to really defend. We definitely have a plan for Texas A&M, but it is going to be a little tougher with all of the weapons that they have."

On Gonzaga playing such a wide zone
We are not very tall inside, but our wings are long and we have a point guard [Courtney Vandersloot] who anticipates well and is just a very good defender. We are able to put a lot more pressure and get wider because of the length of our wings. We might not be the tallest team in America, but we tend to have an advantage with the height of our guards. We don't always want to be that wide, but sometimes we just kind of get out there.

On the crowd last night
I thought last night was a great atmosphere. I thought the Zag fans did a great job of coming out here and supporting us. Hopefully we will see the same game tomorrow that we saw last night. I anticipate that it will be another track meet F Vivian Frieson, Sr.

On playing against a strong Texas A&M defense similar to North Carolina
"The athleticism is pretty much the same. The size is a big difference. Being that their tallest girl is 6'3" that is a big difference from North Carolina when their girl is 6'5" and her backup is 6'6". Last night I was looking for my shot a lot and I'll probably be looking for my drive a little more and getting contact in there."

G Courtney Vandersloot, Jr.

On the last meeting with Texas A&M
"I was awful that game. I think we've been reminded of that plenty of times. I think it was kind of a learning experience for me. It's tough as a point guard because you feel like you are letting your team down, but at the same time the only thing I can do is learn from it and take care of the basketball in the next games."

On leading the nation in assists this season
"I think it's more just court awareness out there. Knowing when to pass the ball is the key to getting an assist because you have to be able to draw the defender and make the pass in a situation where your team can score the ball. I think that's the biggest part. Also knowing your players because every player that you play with is different and you have to know when they want the ball. You have to know their style and know when to deliver the ball at the right time."

On playing against Texas A&M guard Tanisha Smith
"She is an incredible player. She has so many weapons and a player like that is tough because we can't just take away one thing because she has so many abilities. She can jump out of the gym, she shoots the basketball well, and she's a real leader on that team. That's one of those things we need to be prepared for and hope she misses some shots."

F Heather Bowman, Sr.

On playing against Texas A&M's defense
"I think it's something that we are prepared for because it is the NCAA tournament. Everybody is at that high level. They are a great defensive team. They are long and athletic. I think that set us back the first time we played them, but I think we are prepared for it this time and we have to be prepared for it because we know it is going to be a tough game."

On what is it going to take to stop Texas A&M
"I think it is going to take defensive stops. We are a team that has prided ourselves on our defense through the season, so I think the team that really buckles down and if we are able to get offense from our defense we are going to be the team that comes out on top in this game."

G Tiffany Shives, Sr.

On the game against Texas A&M
"Now we are just really excited, we're trying to focus on the things we did the last time we played them and what we need to adjust and that kind of stuff, but right now we are still focusing on us and making sure we get our game plan prepared."

On teams focus 2nd time around
"I think really just coming out from the start and playing, I think it took us awhile to understand that we are just as good and we can play with them but their a great team and we got to make sure we don't let them get a big lead on us like they did last time."

F Kelly Bowen, So.

On the game against Texas A& M
"It's very exciting we played them before , and I think after that game we did have that feeling inside of us that we could've probably given more in that game and that fact that we get them tomorrow is just exciting." On fan support "It's exciting, and it is that extra element that really helps us get across the line."

On stopping Tanisha Smith
"She is a really good player. I think we really need to focus in on really taking her game away tomorrow and not letting her go off like she did last time."

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