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Lorenzo Romar Press Conference Quotes
Release: 01/12/2006
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On playing reserves in the second half against Washington State:
"We're in a dogfight - or I should say a war.- We're in this war and I've got to have a guy on my right and left that are going at it. You don't have time to think about anything else, you don't have a lot of time to ask a lot of questions or do interviews, let's go, and that's what we wanted, guys that were ready to go right now."

On playing Brandon Burmeister:
" Brandon Burmeister can go into any game and we're comfortable with him. We felt at that point that, not only was he someone that was going to go at it, but Brandon as a guard helps us offensively. We know he can hit an open shot. He really understands our system, we can go through him to make passes and he can make plays so we gave him a shot."

On difference in freshman Jon Brockman's play:
"He's just finding his way, I'm not trying to stick up for Jon or try to hide anything. He's finding his way, and he will find his way, trust me, he will find his way. Nate (Robinson) as a sophomore, you heard the comments, `Why did he give up football? That was a big mistake.' People turned on Nate. They just thought Nate was just okay, was just a great athlete, football player just out here and he provided a little excitement but he was in over his head. I heard it, and we know the end of the story. That's just kind of the nature of sports - what have you done for me lately - and sometimes we can lose sight of the big picture and just base a couple performances off that's how it's just going to be and draw a conclusion that way. Jon Brockman is going to be fine...he had a great practice Monday, a really good practice."

On second half intensity:
"I think right now we need to put 40 minutes of intense basketball together. I think right now that is the biggest monkey on our back. That's what we have to be able to do. I it shows up on both ends of the floor, when a guy scores an easy basket against you it shows up. But offensively, if you're not putting forth an effort to really get open or set a screen, or you've decided that you're just going to get your looks and not hit the open man, the same thing happens on offense."

On Bobby Jones playing with an injured ankle:
"I think more than anything, in a couple of the losses, we've known before that it makes it more evident how valuable Bobby Jones is. We've known that Bobby Jones' career has been marked as being the guy that maybe doesn't get a lot of credit, that does the little things, the dirty work. Well I think we should understand that Bobby has been a big reason as to why we have been able to experience some success the last couple of years. When he's playing the way he can play, and I thought he showed that in the second half down the stretch against Washington State, he makes us an entirely different team. We talked about the war, when a guy gets shot in the leg - when it comes to life or death - somehow they are able to run and when the movie is about to end they rush to the hospital and can't walk all of the sudden, after they've been doing that the last 30 minutes in the movie. I think that Bobby saw `we may lose this game' and he just blocked everything out and just decided, `whatever it takes, I'm gonna help this team win.'"

On going on the road for the first time:
"It's going to give us a renewed outlook. It's going to be a change, it's going to be different, and that somehow has a way of waking you up."

On the home crowd involvement at Bank of America Arena:
"It's been great, that's been one of the highlights of the two years, going into three years now. Even toward the end of our first year when we were 10-17, you could see that they were starting to get involved and play a big part of what was going on. We can't thank them enough. Thirty-two consecutive home wins, that's pretty good. You don't just walk out and do that, you need a little bit of help, things need to go your way. They have served a great deal in helping that. We lose to Arizona, the winning streak is broken, we come back out against Washington State and they beat us - not one boo. That's awesome, that someone would be behind you to that degree, there was silence, but there weren't any boos. That's not the case in a lot of places, I know I and our guys really appreciate to know that they're behind us that way."

On Brandon Roy's recent foul trouble:
"I think there have probably been one or two a game that if he could do over again he would probably like to have those back. There was one on the far end from our bench the other night that he was going for an offensive board and the guy was kind of boxing him out and Brandon reached around and they called a foul on Brandon - little fouls like that. There have been a couple where he has tried to make good defensive plays and didn't get rewarded for it."

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