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Washington Crews Dominate Husky Open Regatta
Release: 03/31/2007
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March 31, 2007

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SEATTLE - The Washington rowing program showcased its depth Saturday, winning six of the seven collegiate races contested during the season-opening Husky Open Regatta on the Montlake Cut.

The top UW crews took the day off following last weekend's intra-squad Class Day races. The rest of the Husky fleet was impressive in their six victories, including five events in which Washington crews placed one-two.

The annual slate of 2,000-meter races included collegiate crews from UW, Washington State and Western Washington along with several rowing clubs from throughout the region.

The Huskies captured the top-two places in the women's featured event, the varsity four race. The field included two of the nation's premier four-oared crews. At the 2006 NCAA women's rowing championships, Washington State finished fourth in the varsity four grand final and Washington was fifth.

UW reversed that order on its rival Saturday. The Huskies' top varsity four entry was first across the finish line in 7-minutes, 22.7-seconds. UW's novice four crew was second in 7:25.0 followed by the Cougars' varsity four in 7:34.8.

The Huskies' third varsity women's crew clocked a winning time of 7:09.6 in Saturday's varsity eight race. Another UW entry, the fourth varsity boat, was second in 7:16.1 followed by WSU in 7:32.0.

The women's novice eight race was also won by Washington with a time of 6:56.9. Washington State was second in 7:33.7 and UW's second entry was third in 7:36.3.

Washington swept the top-three places in the three collegiate men's events. UW won both varsity four races and registered a winning time of 5:55.3 in the novice eight competition.

The lone collegiate event not won by UW was the women's novice four race. The Cougars won in 8:05.4 followed by UW in 8:30.4.

The Green Lake Crew and Everett Rowing Association shared top honors in the juniors' events.

Green Lake won four events: the men's varsity eight, women's varsity eight, men's lightweight eight and women's third varsity eight. Everett was victorious in three races: the men's junior varsity eight, women's junior varsity eight and women's lightweight four.

The Huskies' top crews return to action next week, visiting cross-state rival Washington State, Saturday, April 7 on the Snake River.

(all events 2,000 meters)
Montlake Cut/Seattle, Wash.
Saturday, March 31, 2007

Men's Collegiate: Novice Eights
1, Washington "A" 5:55.3
     (cox- Michael Welly, stroke- Simon Taylor, 7- Graham Oglend, 6- Roko Svast, 5- Blaise Didier, 4- Aaron Luke, 3- Dane Robbins, 2- James Olson, bow- Maxwell Weaver)
2, Washington "B" 6:09.7
      (cox- Jackie Allen, stroke- Christopher Culbert, 7- Ethan Katz, 6- Daniel Cornutt, 5- David Goulet, 4- Allan Mathisen, 3- Thomas Hedlund, 2- Jamie North, bow- Andrew Hamacher)
3, Washington "C" 6:20.1
     (cox- Alex Tanabe, stroke- Andreas Costea, 6- Lawrence Dearth, 5- Peder Teigen, 4- Alexander Keats, 3- Christopher Pomer, 2- Aidan Pera, bow- Matthew Mackinnon)
4, Western Washington 6:42.4.

Women's Collegiate: Varsity Fours
1, Washington "B" 7:22.7
     (cox- Kristy Gauthier, stroke- Brittney Pierce, 3- Asiha Grigsby, 2- Lia Prins, bow- Laura Cooper)
2, Washington "A" 7:25.0
     (cox- Maggie Cheek, stroke- Alison Browning, 3- Rosie DeBoef, 2- Erin Knox, bow- Kayleigh Mack)
3, Washington State 7:34.8
4, Washington "C" 7:45.5
     (cox- Sofia Benson-Goldberg, stroke- Ashley Brown, 3- Heather Walker, 2- Noelle Broom, bow- Danielle Berz)

Women's Collegiate: Novice Eights
1, Washington "A" 6:56.9
     (cox- Daphne Hazlehurst, stroke- Jen Dwyer, 7- Sophia Duluk, 6- Kara Rybczyk, 5- Adrienne Martelli, 4- Line Larsen, 3- Meredith Dugoni, 2- Heather Young, bow- Jenny Park)
2, Washington State 7:33.7
3, Washington "B" 7:36.3
     (cox- Isabelle Woodward, stroke- Emily Koltuniak, 7- Keira Brooks, 6- Melissa Meister, 5- Sarah Martin, 4- Blakeley Holland, 3- Joanne Tustison, 2- Lauren Bresnahan, bow- Katherine Ou)

Men's Juniors: Varsity Eights
1, Green Lake Crew 6:05.5
2, Mount Baker Crew 6:14.1
3, Sammamish Rowing Association 6:27.5
4, Lakeside 6:30.3

Women's Juniors: Varsity Eights
1, Green Lake Crew 6:56.6
2, Pocock Rowing Center 7:03.5
3, Everett Rowing Association 7:05.7
4, Mount Baker Crew 7:11.6
5, Lakeside 7:19.1.

Men's Juniors: Junior Varsity Eights
1, Everett Rowing Association 6:29.9
2, Mount Baker Crew "A" 6:31.5
3, Green Lake Crew 6:36.8
4, Sammamish Rowing Association 6:47.4
5, Mount Baker Crew "B" 7:26.7.

Women's Juniors: Junior Varsity Eights
1, Everett Rowing Association 7:00.5
2, Green Lake Crew 7:12.5
3, Sammamish Rowing Association 7:19.5
4, Lakeside 7:31.0
5, Mount Baker Crew 7:32.0.

Men's Collegiate: Varsity Fours (A Race)
1, Washington 6:21.0
2, Washington 6:21.9
3, Washington 6:34.1
4, Washington 6:36.3.

Men's Juniors: Lightweight Eights
1, Green Lake Crew 6:34.8
2, Everett Rowing Association 6:29.0
Disqualified, Mount Baker Crew.

Women's Juniors: Lightweight Fours
1, Everett Rowing Association 8:09.7
2, Lakeside "A" 8:12.8
3, Green Lake Crew 8:33.4
4, Mount Baker Crew 8:39.7
5, Lakeside "B" 9:41.8.

Women's Collegiate: Varsity Eights
1, Washington "A" 7:09.6
     (cox- Kristy Gauthier, stroke- Brittney Pierce, 7- Laura Cooper, 6- Lia Prins, 5- Asiha Grigsby, 4- Heather Walker, 3- Rachel Powers, 2- Danielle Berz, bow- Ashley Brown)
2, Washington "B" 7:16.1
     (cox- Sofia Benson-Goldberg, stroke- Jessica Fernen, 7- Tara Kinsella, 6- Caitlin Henry, 5- Betsy Page, 4- Ali Steiner, 3- Courtney White, 2- Kelsey Whitcomb, bow- Karin Golob)
3, Washington State 7:32.0.

Men's Collegiate: Varsity Fours (B Race)
1, Washington "A" 6:49.9
2, Washington "C" 7:00.0
3, Washington "B" 7:02.3
4, Western Washington 7:07.7
5, Washington "D" 7:34.6.

Women's Collegiate: Novice Fours
1, Washington State 8:05.4
2, Washington "A" 8:05.4
     (cox- Laura Daly, stroke- Katherine Ou, 3- Lauren Bresnahan, 2- Sarah Martin, bow- Madeline Tuesley) 8:30.4
3, Washington "B" 8:35.5
     (cox- Alex Tanabe, stroke- Emily Koltuniak, 3- Keira Brooks, 2- Melissa Meister, bow- Anyka Ozog)

Women's Juniors: Third Varsity Eights
1, Green Lake Crew 7:44.1
2, Sammamish Rowing Association 7:52.2

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