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Washington 87, Seattle 60
Release: 03/03/2009
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March 3, 2009

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Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar
"We made it through, and now we go on to Senior Day. It was fun to get that game kick-started again. We'll continue to do that. Now we got to shift gears. I was actually pleased that our guys were able to shift gears and step out of our conference play. With the intense mental expectations, I thought in the first half we did an excellent job of coming out and being focused. We answered the bell, in that regard."

"I just wanted to see if he was alright. Quincy is a high-flyer, and that's happened in practice, not the ribs, but when he's gone down. I just wanted to get a look at his face and ask him what was it, just to see the severity of it."

"I didn't think that much. I hope no one gets hurt, but I didn't think that."

"I just asked him, `what was it?'" And he said, 'ribs.' I just didn't want him to say knee. That's the one thing I dind't want to hear. You say ribs, that's okay. No reason to be alarmed yet."

"With injuries like that, you don't know until the next morning - unless you get an x-ray. The next morning you could wake up and feel fine, or you could be stiff and can't move, but you don't know until the morning."

"If he couldn't have gone, we wouldn't have played him. He went out, and his blood was still warm a little bit, and he was able to function. He was moving a little gingerly, but as he moved down the floor he started to loosen up. But we didn't want to keep him in there."

"It hit me in the summer, that these guys were going to be gone. And it's hit me all year, like it normally does with senior. With Brandon Roy, Bobby Jones, Mike Jensen, we were with them for four years. Bobby was the first guy we recruited. With this group, it was the first group that we recruited through the recruitment period and had for four years. We recruited Bobby Jones for a month...but Artem, Brock, JD, we recruited those guys before they were even seniors. We had longer relationships with those guys. And then you're with them for four years. I think the relationship is more special that way."

Washington Senior Forward Jon Brockman
"A little bit. Heart stopped a little bit, and then I realized what it was, well, I still don't know what is wrong with him. But they came back and made sure to tell us he was alright. But that's the danger, man. Thankfully, we're all healthy still. He's a big piece of what we're doing, so we need him there."

"It's starting to hit me. Even before the game, just kind of realizing that this is the last week that we're playing here; the last week we'll be going through this routine. It's starting to hit me a little bit. It will be emotional, but at the same time we have to take care of business. The season is not over by any means. But it will be a pleasure more than anything.

"You can't help but think (with Quincy Pondexter) worst-case scenario. Even an ankle at this time of year, he could be gonzo. He could be done. I think all of us, everyone in this arena, except for some Seattle U fans, I think their hearts kind of stopped a little bit. Thank goodness he was alright. He'll be ready to go on Saturday.

"I think it's something that's really special for the city. And that's a good team. For just turning into a Division I team, being independent, they've had a good season. They've been in some close games with some really big teams. It's a rivalry that will get stronger and stronger as long as they keep it going. It's something special for the city, and something for the city to wrap itself around."

Washington Senior Guard Justin Dentmon
"We really wanted to get out and play hard, push a big lead in this game so we can get our players who don't get a chance to give them some more reps out there, and give us a blow and get our legs rest up for the game on Saturday."

"It's emotional. But at the same time, it's a chance to make history - the first Washington team to win outright. On the other hand, we have to come focused. Get the senior night out of the way and just get ready to play.

"We're going to be ready (for Washington State). Coach and them have a great way to prepare us for the game, so there is no doubt in my mind that we'll be ready. This game was just a replacement for the Lehigh game, but I know we're going to be ready."

"I take the (Seattle U game) as another game. Another game for us to get better, and work on some defense. We have some kinks we need to get out on defense. I didn't really think about the rivalry until somebody told me before the game. I just take it as another game.

Seattle University Head Coach Joe Callero
""They are so aggressive on the ball that they speed up all parts of the game. They just have the ability to hit the elbow and the wrist and the physicallness. It's not dirty. It's very smart basketball. It's momentum changing. It takes you out of your regular comfort zone. They just do a great job of pushing your buttons to make you play faster, shoot faster, dribble faster and put you out of your position and that really gets their transition going."

"Give them all the credit in the world. It's a team that it could be exciting in Seattle. It realistically could be a Final Four team."

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