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Q&A With Marlon Wood
Release: 11/07/2006
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Nov. 7, 2006

Husky junior Marlon Wood has handled the major workload of returning punts and kick offs for the team this year and has not disappointed. Add in his remarkable last second Hail Mary touchdown catch against Cal that sent the game into overtime, and Wood has established himself as a big-play threat for the Dawgs. Has there been talk about the players going out and getting a win for Coach Willingham against his previous school?
Marlon Wood:
"We want to get that win for him of course and he wants to get that win for himself I would think as well. We have to come out and get that win for ourselves as well because if we don't there is no chance for a bowl game." Stanford has not won at Husky Stadium since 1975, has that a catalyst to keep the streak alive?
"Personally I haven't heard anything it is just that we just have to win. Regardless if they haven't won since 1882, it is a stat they would like to change but we would like to keep up." For the last home game of the season Coach Willingham has started a tradition where the team walks through the tailgating section to meet some of the fans. How do you feel about the ritual?
"That was cool, the first time in the Arizona State game that felt really good. Slap hands with the fans and everything and get real close to them because you know we usually don't get the chance to do that so it is pretty cool." What is your most memorable moment in Husky Stadium?
"My first play against Notre Dame, I had a catch that was 69 yards. That was like the first time that I really got to step on the field. There was probably like one kick return before that first offense play. I just stood up I saw everyone cheering for me and that felt really good." How is it going to feel playing for the last time this season in Husky Stadium?
Marlon Wood:
"It is going to be sad, last year the fans got to know me a little bit but now every time that I step on the field they chant my name. I have never felt that before and it is pretty exciting. I love them to death and that is cool." What are your plans after school and football?
"Well, if the football route does not take its toll I plan on moving to Orlando. My mom is marketing manager for Walt Disney so I have been doing a couple of internships the last couple of years and with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where my dad played. I have been doing internships with their marketing department since I was about 16 so we will se what happens with that."

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