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UW All-Americans
Release: 01/28/2005
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All-America Selection Procedure
From 1921-1986, All-America certificates were given to the top-six finishers in each event at the NCAA Championships. In 1987, an amendment was added that included one additional American for every foreign-born athlete in the top-six. In 1994, the number of All-Americans was expanded to include the top eight finishers, and one additional American for every foreign-born athlete in the top eight.

* - indicates freshman

Men's All-Americans
Year     Name              Event                    NCAA Place
2006     Jordan Boase      4x400m Relay             8th
         Ryan Brown        4x400m Relay             8th
         Ryan Brown        800 Meters               1st
         Shane Charles     4x400m Relay             8th
         Bruce Jackson     4x400m Relay             8th
         Juan Romero       Javelin                 11th
	 Martin Bingisser  Hammer                  12th
         Norris Frederick  Long Jump (indoor)      12th
         Ryan Brown        4x400m Relay (indoor)    3rd
         Ryan Brown        DMR (indoor)             5th
         Bruce Jackson     4x400m Relay (indoor)    3rd
         Bruce Jackson     DMR (indoor)             5th
         Austin Abbott     DMR (indoor)             5th
         Jordan Boase      4x400m Relay (indoor)    3rd
         Shane Charles     4x400m Relay (indoor)    3rd
         Carl Moe          DMR (indoor)             5th
2005     Ryan Brown        800 Meters              10th
         Ryan Brown        DMR (indoor)             5th
         Austin Abbott *   DMR (indoor)             5th
         Andy Fader        DMR (indoor)             5th
         Sean Williams     DMR (indoor)             5th
         Norris Frederick * Long Jump (indoor)       6th
2004     Eric Garner       Mile Run (indoor)        8th
         Brad Walker       Pole Vault (indoor)      1st
2003     Jeremy Park       3,000m Run (indoor)      13th
         Brad Walker       Pole Vault (indoor)      1st
2002     Brad Walker       Pole Vault               2nd
         Eric Garner       Mile Run (indoor)        13th
2001     Ja'Warren Hooker  200m Dash                5th
         David Bazzi       5,000m Run               8th
         David Bazzi       10,000m Run              8th
         Brad Walker       Pole Vault (indoor)      7th
         Ja'Warren Hooker  200m Dash (indoor)       2nd
         Ja'Warren Hooker  60m Dash (indoor)        3rd
2000     Ja'Warren Hooker  200m Dash                6th
         Jacob Predmore    Decathlon                7th
         Justin St. Clair  Javelin                  6th
         Matt Phillips     Pole Vault               8th
         Ben Lindsey       Discus                  11th
         Ja'Warren Hooker  60m Dash (indoor)        6th
         Ja'Warren Hooker  200m Dash                6th
1999     Justin St. Clair  Javelin                 12th
         Derek Prior       400m Dash (indoor)      10th
1998     Ja'Warren Hooker* 100m Dash                3rd
         Geoff Perry       1,500m Run              10th
         Ben Lindsey       Discus                   5th
         Ja'Warren Hooker* 55m Dash (indoor)        1st
         Ja'Warren Hooker* 4x400m Relay (indoor)    8th
         Derek Prior       4x400m Relay (indoor)    8th
         B.J. Dawson       4x400m Relay (indoor)    8th
         Scott Anabel      4x400m Relay (indoor)    8th
         Ja'Warren Hooker* 200m Dash (indoor)       8th
         Ben Lindsey       Shot Put (indoor)        5th
1997     Brice Newton      1,500m Run              12th
         Ben Lindsey       Discus                   9th
         Ed Turner         200m Dash (indoor)       5th
1996     Nick Pavach       Steeplechase            11th
         Ernie Conwell     Shot Put                 5th
         Troy Burkholder*  Javelin                  4th
         Bryan Madche      Pole Vault               6th
1995     Ernie Conwell     Shot Put                 5th
1994     Pete Kaligis      Shot Put                 7th
1993     Adam Setliff      Discus                   5th
         Greg Metcalf      Steeplechase             6th
1991     Todd Wilson       Discus                   5th
         Tony Parsley      Javelin                 10th
         Dana Hall         55m Hurdles (indoor)     4th
1990     Rick Noji         High Jump                3rd
         Darryl Roberson   Javelin                 10th
         Bernard Ellison   4x400m Relay             5th
         Orlando McKay     4x400m Relay             5th
         Beno Bryant       4x400m Relay             5th
         Brent Merritt     4x400m Relay             5th
         Todd Wilson       Discus                   9th
         Rick Noji         High Jump (indoor)       5th
1989     Darryl Roberson   Javelin                  5th
1988     Darryl Roberson   Javelin                  5th
         Rick Noji         High Jump (indoor)       4th
1987     Rick Noji         High Jump (indoor)       2nd
         Rick Noji         High Jump           6th (tie)
         Bruce Stirling    1,500m Run               8th
         Dan Bell          Steeplechase             3rd
         Dan Tabish        Discus                   7th
         Bob Rockett       Javelin                  9th
1986     Rick Noji         High Jump (indoor)       6th
         Neal Kneip        Hammer Throw             9th
         Curt Corvin       10,000m Run              8th
         Mike Ramos        Decathlon                1st
         Neal Kneip        Weight Throw (indoor)    5th
1985     Neal Kneip        Weight Throw (indoor)    7th
         Bob Rockett       Javelin                  2nd
         Byron Howell      200m Dash                6th
         Steve Erickson    Decathlon                4th
1984     Bob Rockett       Javelin                  3rd
         Dale Pedersen     Javelin                 14th
1983     Dennis Brown      4x100m Relay             2nd
         Sterling Hinds    4x100m Relay             2nd
         Byron Howell      4x100m Relay             2nd
         LaNorris Marshall 4x100m Relay             2nd
         Mike Ramos        Decathlon                3rd
         Bob Rockett       Javelin                  7th
1982     Mike Ramos        Decathlon                3rd
         Steve Erickson    Decathlon                9th
         Doug Wollen       Discus                   9th
         Ron Webster       800m Run                 9th
1981     Steve Erickson    Decathlon                7th
         LaNorris Marshall 200m Dash                3rd
         Bernard Jackson   200m Dash                7th
1980     Robert Moulder    Javelin                  3rd
         Gary Gefre        Decathlon                6th
1979     Scott Neilson     Hammer Throw             1st
         Tom Sinclair      Javelin                  1st
         Steve Summers     Shot Put                 3rd
         Scott Neilson     Weight Throw (indoor)    1st
         Gary Gefre        Decathlon          8th (tie)
         Mike Mahovlich    Javelin                  7th
         Steve Oravetz     Pole Vault (indoor)   5th (tie)
         Steve Summers     Shot Put (indoor)        6th
1978     Scott Neilson     Hammer Throw             1st
         Duncan Atwood     Javelin                  3rd
         Tom Sinclair      Javelin                  4th
         Steve Oravetz     Pole Vault               6th
         Steve Summers     Shot Put                 7th
         Scott Neilson     Weight Throw (indoor)    1st
         Russ Vincent      Shot Put (indoor)        3rd
1977     Scott Neilson     Hammer Throw             1st
         Spider Gaines     110m Hurdles             6th
         Brian Mondschein  Decathlon                7th
         Scott Neilson     Weight Throw (indoor)    1st
         Spider Gaines     55m Hurdles (indoor)     5th
1976     Russ Vincent      Shot Put                 4th
         Scott Neilson     Hammer Throw             1st
         Borys Chambul     Discus                   1st
         Rod Ewaliko       Javelin                  4th
1975     Rod Ewaliko       Javelin                  3rd
         Billy Hicks       400m Dash                6th
         Billy Hicks       Mile Relay               1st
         Keith Tinner      Mile Relay               1st
         Jerry Belur       Mile Relay               1st
         Pablo Franco      Mile Relay               1st
1974     Rod Ewaliko       Javelin                  2nd
         Borys Chambul     Discus                   6th
         Casey Ballwey     Hammer Throw             6th
         Jeff Taylor       Pole Vault               2nd
1972     Gary Quitslund    Javelin                  2nd
         Jim Johnson       Steeplechase             2nd
         Kirk Bryde        Pole Vault               5th
1971     Jim Seymour       440y Hurdles             4th
         Cary Feldman      Javelin                  1st
1970     Cary Feldman      Javelin                  3rd
         Jim Seymour       440y Hurdles             6th
         Bill Smart        Mile Run                 5th
1969     Bill Smart        Mile Run                 6th
         John Hubbell      Shot Put                 5th
1968     John Hubbell      Shot Put                 3rd
         Eric Klein        Triple Jump              4th
         John Celms        Steeplechase             5th
         Don Fate          Javelin                  8th
1967     Fred Luke         Javelin                  6th
         Dave Williams     4x110y Relay             5th
         Tom Temple        4x110y Relay             5th
         Dave DuPree       4x110y Relay             5th
         Marty Ludish      4x110y Relay             5th
         Dave Roberts      Mile Run                 6th
1966     Dave Roberts      Mile Run                 6th
         Dave Williams     440y Hurdles             4th
         Dave Williams     120y Hurdles             6th
1965     Dave Williams     Broad Jump               6th
         Bill Roe          120y Hurdles             5th
1964     Wariboko West     Broad Jump               5th
         Phil Shinnick     Broad Jump               3rd
1963     Phil Shinnick     Broad Jump               6th
         Brian Sternberg   Pole Vault               1st
         John Cramer       Pole Vault               6th
1962     John Cramer       Pole Vault         5th (tie)
1961     John Cramer       Pole Vault         4th (tie)
1959     Terry Tobacco     440m Dash                3rd
         Cliff LaBounty    Pole Vault         6th (tie)
         Jack Larson       Mile Run                 7th
1953     Darrold Skartvedt Broad Jump               4th
         Denny Meyer       Two-Mile Run             6th
         George Widenfelt  High Jump          2nd (tie)
1947     William Steed     Two-Mile Run             5th
         Lyle Clark        120y Hurdles             6th
         John Hensey       880y Run                 5th
1946     Don Wold          Mile Run                 2nd
1943     Tom Kamm          Broad Jump               3rd
         Gene Swanzey      880y Run                 6th
         Bill Kydd         Javelin                  4th
         Dick Yantis       Discus                   4th
         Bob Smith         220y Dash                5th
1942     Bob Smith         220y Dash                5th
         Bob Smith         440y Dash                5th
1941     Kjell Qvale       220y Dash                6th
1940     Jim McGoldrick    120y Hurdles             5th
1935     Vic Palmason      880y Run                 5th
         Jim Angle         Mile Run                 5th
1933     Dan Bracken       120y Hurdles             6th
1931     Ed Genung         880y Run                 3rd
         Talbot Hartley    440y Dash                5th
1930     Talbot Hartley    440y Dash                5th
         Paul Jessup       Discus                   1st
         Paul Jessup       Shot Put                 4th
         Rufus Kiser       Mile Run                 2nd
         Steve Anderson    120y Hurdles             1st
         Steve Anderson    220y Hurdles             3rd
1929     Steve Anderson    220y Hurdles             1st
         Steve Anderson    120y Hurdles             3rd
         Ed Genung         880y Run                 1st
         Paul Jessup       Shot Put                 4th
         Paul Jessup       Discus                   4th
         Gordon Dodds      880y Run                 5th
         Rufus Kiser       Mile Run                 2nd
1928     Rufus Kiser       Mile Run                 1st
         Steve Anderson    220y Hurdles             2nd
         Tom Humes         Broad Jump               5th
         Herman Brix       Shot Put                 3rd
1927     Herman Brix       Shot Put                 1st
         Dean Anderson     100y Dash                2nd
         Ed Peltret        440y Dash                6th
         Jim Charteris     880y Run                 2nd
1926     Jim Charteris     880y Run                 5th
         Red Ramsay        Two-Mile Run             6th
         Herman Brix       Shot Put                 5th
         George Clarke     100y Dash                5th
1925     George Clarke     100y Dash                6th
         Jim Charteris     880y Run                 1st
         Drummond Wilde    Mile Run                 6th
         William Maginnis  Two-Mile Run             6th
         Percy Egtvet      High Jump          6th (tie)
1923     Earl Mason        Pole Vault         4th (tie)
         Cecil Callison    Broad Jump               6th
1921     Gus Pope          Shot Put                 1st
         Gus Pope          Discus                   1st
         Vic Hurley        100y Dash                5th
         James Pratt       440y Dash                4th
         Chuck Frankland   High Jump          4th (tie)

Women's All-Americans Year Name Event NCAA Place 2006 Amy Lia 1,500m Run 1st Ashley Lodree 100m Hurdles 7th Ashley Lodree 60m Hurdles 9th 2005 Carly Dockendorf Pole Vault 6th Lindsey Egerdahl Mile Run (indoor) 8th Amy Lia 1,500m Run 12th Ashley Lodree 100m Hurdles 5th Ashley Lodree 60m Hurdles (indoor) 10th Amanda Miller * 800m Run (indoor) 9th Kate Soma Pole Vault 1st Kate Soma Pole Vault (indoor) 2nd Ashley Wildhaber Pole Vault (indoor) 5th 2004 Kate Soma Pole Vault 2nd Kate Soma Pole Vault (indoor) 5th (tie) Megan Spriestersbach Javelin 4th 2003 Courtney Inman 1,500m Run 4th Heather Reichmann Javelin 7th Kate Soma Pole Vault 7th 2000 Seselia Thomas Discus 8th 1999 Cecelia Barnes Discus 9th 1998 Keisha Griffis 400m Hurdles 9th Aretha Hill Discus 2nd Danelle Kabush 1,500m Run 9th 1997 Aretha Hill Discus 4th 1996 Tara Carlson 5,000m Run 8th Aretha Hill Discus 3rd 1995 Terra Barter 400m Hurdles 8th Tara Davis Triple Jump 11th Aretha Hill Discus 7th 1994 Laura Kruse Javelin 8th Monika Parker Javelin 10th Claudine Robinson 55m Hurdles (indoor) 4th 1993 Monika Parker Javelin 7th Claudine Robinson 55m Hurdles (indoor) 9th (tie) Tessie Schorr Javelin 9th 1991 Mari Bjone 400m Hurdles 7th Janicka Peterson 3,000m Run 10th 1988 Vicki Borsheim High Jump (indoor) 2nd Meg Jones Discus 9th Meg Jones Shot Put 5th Jennifer Ponath Discus 7th Jennifer Ponath Shot Put 1st Jennifer Ponath Shot Put (indoor) 3rd Shirley Ross Shot Put 2nd Shirley Ross Shot Put (indoor) 7th Shelly Sanford Javelin 7th 1987 Meg Jones Shot Put 9th Helena Uusitalo Javelin 2nd 1986 Vicki Borsheim High Jump 7th Helena Uusitalo Javelin 1st 1985 Meg Jones Shot Put (indoor) 8th Camille Rivard 800m Run (indoor) 2nd 1984 Meledy Smith Long Jump 3rd Meledy Smith Long Jump (indoor) 4th 1983 Deanna Carr Javelin 5th Donna Dennis 100m Dash 8th Regina Joyce 10,000m Run 5th 1982 Deanna Carr Javelin 7th Regina Joyce 3,000m Run 9th 1981 Maggie Garrison High Jump 6th Sandra Gregg 1,500m Run 5th Regina Joyce 3,000m Run 1st Caryl Van Pelt Shot Put 9th 1980 Dana Arnim 4x800m Relay 3rd Deanna Carr Javelin 7th Sandra Gregg 4x800m Relay 3rd Susan Gregg 4x800m Relay 3rd Anne Phillips 4x800m Relay 3rd 1977 Maggie Garrison High Jump 3rd Caryl Van Pelt Shot Put 3rd

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