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Washington vs. Stanford Post-Game Quotes
Release: 02/23/2006
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Feb. 23, 2006

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General Comments: "We've always been impressed with Stanford and how they go about handling their business. They're not a team that will give you the game and we admire that quality that they have, but I thought tonight we played that type of game where we were aggressive, but we were solid. I thought we made pretty good decisions, took care of the basketball and defensively we were pretty solid and we were able to apply pressure. I think our guys did a great job. Mike Jenson was very good, probably his best game here because he did it on both ends of the floor. He shot the ball extremely well obviously, but defensively, he really worked hard to limit Matt Harysz with his touches. The rest of the group also did a very good job of having a presence so that Matt couldn't just go off on us like he has in the past. I'm really happy with how Mike played tonight."

On Jenson's Shooting Confidence:"Mike's the kind of guy, if he hits his first couple then he doesn't think he is going to miss...ever, for the rest of his life. So he plays with a lot of confidence that way. It seems to uplift his entire game, because of that I think it helped him on the defensive end to concentrate even more so."

On Shooting Over the Zone: "I'd like to look at the tape, but I don't know if we hit that many threes against their zone. I think there were some in transition and, just sometimes, guys got loose. Joel Smith came in and hit a couple, Mike got open and got loose and hit a few, but the shots were falling."

On Extending Stanford's Defense:"Well, like Ryan Appleby spreads the defense so much, he doesn't even have to take a shot, because he is out there the defense is out a little further. When Mike is hitting, not only does the defense have to extend, but he usually has the tallest guy on him, so when he has to extend as well now it creates driving lanes for some of our other people."

On Transition Threes:"It's just that he (Jenson) was open, he didn't shoot any with a hand in his face. When he's open, that's just basketball, he's capable of doing it, he knows that for four years he's had the freedom to take an open three whenever he likes. When Joel Smith was open, and he hasn't been getting open looks like that like he did tonight. When guys have open looks we encourage them to take the shot."

On Margin of Victory:"That was good, it was good to get a couple of the guys in the game again and it certainly helps the confidence of your team when you can come out and win a game the right way. Sometimes we've won games here just wiping the sweat off our brow after it's over, but guys can rest knowing we've won the game the right way against a very good basketball team."


ON Mike Jensen: "Well, he is a capable shooter, but you have to give him credit. He played better than he has played all year long, and he got them off to a good start."

ON THE ZONE DEFENSE: "We have been going zone at our place against teams that are very explosive and quick off the dribble, to try and get them into a situation where they have to adjust and think sometimes, as opposed to react. It has been something we have been doing all year long, and they did a good job of shooting from three."

ON Brandon Roy:"You could see when we went straight man, that we had a hard time guarding Brandon. He is special. If you run a guy at him thehe makes the nice pass to get his teammate the basket, if you try and guard him by yourself, well you can't guard him with one guy. You have to give him credit, he is a good player."

ON WHETHER LOSING THREE OUT OF FOUR, COMING IN, AFFECTED TEAM'S PLAY: "Well, I don't know about that. That would be an excuse, as far I am concerned. You have to give credit to Washington, that was a good basketball team out there. Anthony (Goods) played well of the bench. But when you have a guy like Dan (Grunfeld) under the weather it is going to hurt you. The bottom line is, we had our opportunities, but guys needed to step up. You have to give credit to Washington, they were definitely better tonight."

ON WHETHER STANFORD PLAYED WELL: "No, we didn't play well tonight. When you are 9-15, 3-14, when you have 11 assists versus 18 turnovers, that is not playing well. Those numbers aren't deceiving. I thought we go frustrated at times, and I thought we lost our composure at times, in the first half and the second half."

ON PACE OF THE GAME: No, the pace was fine, they scored 75 points off of us, we had 57. You look, at shooting percentages, you look at guys having open shots. There was a period there in the first half where open jumper after open jumper and open play, after open play is missed. I mean, when you can't score and you can't guard a team, when you can't hit open shots or the stop them, that is going to put you behind. The pace was fine. If we had scored the basketball on maybe five or six more possessions in the first half, it is a different scenario."

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