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Windermere Cup Post-Regatta Quotes
Release: 05/06/2006
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Recap |  Final Stats

Eleanor McElvaine
Washington women's coach

"It was a great regatta. A great Seattle day, kind of cloudy, kind of sunny, a little windy. Fantastic crowd. Windemere brings them out!

On the headwind:
"Yeah, it made the race a little bit longer, but that's okay the kids trained for long races. We were right on so it was not enough to change your stroke rate, just enough to slow the times down a little bit."

On the Russian women's crew:
"It's nice for the crowd in Seattle to see that kind of rowing because it is impressive. You don't have to know a lot about rowing to watch them go by and know there's a lot of serious talent in that bunch. It was exciting we probably could have had a closer race if it was an under-23 team, but this is what they brought and I'll take it as a sign of respect. That's the level that they had to bring in order to win. Rowers peak around 30 years old, so when you go watch the Olympics those athletes are 29, 30 years old. Our 22, 23-year-olds are kind of young pups, but they've got a lot of fight and our guys just did a fabulous job. I cannot say enough about our men's crew today."

On the high level of competition:
"We obviously use this competitive opportunity as a huge stepping-stone into our championship in the next couple of weeks. We have Pac-10's this coming weekend and I think we executed some things better today, but we have a week to polish up and I think rest up a little bit. I mentioned on the radio that we worked really hard this week because we can't rest until the end of next week. You can't rest up and let up after every race if you have one every weekend, we had to train through this race so they were racing with some tired legs today. But, that's okay; you don't have to be fresh every time. Our goal is to do a really good job at the Pac-10 championships and get ourselves an invitation to the national championships.

Bob Ernst
Washington men's coach

"I thought it was a really good solid row. I think the guys did what they did the best and tried not to let them off the hook too much in the first 1,000 meters, which is what we were worried about. We took it to them all the way down. I'm not about to say if the race was 100 meters longer that we would have won, but it was a good solid race. I couldn't ask for much more except to have won the race. It was perfect out there today. There was a little bit of a light head wind, but you couldn't ask for anything better.

"It's really encouraging. If you ask the guys they would say it's probably their best race of the year. That says a lot. We juggled the lineups again a little bit since the Cal race. We're looking for speed all the time and now is the time to find it. It's the championship part of the season. We've got two regattas left, for the Pac-10 championship and the national championship.

Micah Perrin
Washington men's coxswain

"This was the best race of the season thus far, as far as sticking to the race plan and doing what we do in practice. Like they always say, `you're not going to come out and go harder in a race than you do in practice because you just can't do it.' But we always warm up and treat it like a practice and really just go at it."

On the close finish with the Russians:
"I looked over and I said to the guys it looks like those Russians are gassed, it looked like they had given it all they had. You can see it in their faces and you know. So it was a great race and when we finished second we were all smiling."

Anatasia Fatina
Russian women's No. 6 seat

"There was a lot of adrenaline because everyone was cheering from the start which is very unusual for a race. It was really exciting. I have taken part in other competitions in America, but I don't have any experience with such a big crowd."

Edgar Ivans
Russian men's No. 3 seat

"Our guys were just working and we did our best. The organization of this event in general is wonderful and it makes it really exciting. I couldn't really hear the cox because the crowd was so loud and everything was so exciting. It was great."

On the close five-seat margin of victory:
"The team of the University of Washington is a really strong team and they did a good job too. I expected a great race. I was here in 1996 and we lost that race. We came to take our revenge and we did our best and did that today. It doesn't really matter by how many meters because we took the victory."

Tanya Kleisler
Central Florida women's No. 6 seat

"Our race was the best race of our year, we had a solid race all of the way down. Our second 1,000 meters was as fast as our first, which is unusual. But I think that in our minds we had it, we didn't die off, we kept it up. Oh my god, the crowd was amazing, I wish we had that at every race. It was a real fan base just like other sports. I have never seen that before. It definitely got us excited."

Matt Close
Michigan men's No. 5 seat

"It has been a real fun couple of days since we have been out here. Windermere and the University of Washington have really treated us well. The race was a lot of fun. It was amazing. To go to the line against the University of Washington and the Russian national team out here was a real treat for us. The race went well. We were hoping to get the best of Washington, but they are always a fast crew and they put up a really good race against us. We are very grateful and honored to be out here and we had a great time. "

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