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Post Race Quotes
Release: 04/27/2002
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April 27, 2002


Chris Hawkins (men's varsity eight two seat, senior)
"I'm feeling amazing. It's been so long since these guys have been here, at the top of the food chain. I think we were just sick of losing. This is something. I honestly don't know how I feel. I'm just elated. I think I'll figure it out about two days from now.

"Everyone was really, really excited. We jumped off the start, real calm but explosive. We settled really high and we could see we were moving on them. We were a little too high. Ryan (Marks) had to tell us about three times to bring it down and we did, ever so slow. We were moving the boat really well. We knew exactly when they were going to move and every time they moved, they got a couple seats but we stopped them. We countered and stayed ahead the whole race. They made a really strong push in the last 500, but we brought the rate up and held it off. I thought we were going to tip over in the last 10 strokes. We were pretty tired.

"We've worked hard this year, more than any other. The team atmosphere is good. Everyone comes down and does their work. The camaraderie is great. Everyone leans on each other and works together to get better. We've improved every day and every stroke at practice. I think it showed today. We're just getting better and better. One of the first things we said at the finish was 'bring it back next week.' That's what we are focusing on. We have more speed and we know how to get it."

Kevin Smythe (men's varsity eight bow seat, junior)
"It's pretty amazing. The year I decided to come to school here was the year Cal started to take over the rivalry. As long as I've been following this, it's always been Cal. It's something I've never even known to happen. I feel like we still have so much more potential. Every time they took a move, we were able to counter it. They would take a seat and we would just push a seat back out. It's definitely fun. Everyone was just so excited going across the line. As much as I could want this to happen, it was hard to comprehend when it actually would. Too see it actually happen, it's exciting to be a part of it. We had a minute or two of happiness but then we started talking about how we have three weeks to get that much faster, to find that much more speed."

Bob Ernst (head men's coach)
"I knew the guys were rowing pretty well. They executed well today. We've got good athletes this year. They've been getting a little better since San Diego. It was a good performance today. The most important thing is that this is only the halfway point of the season.

"It's all about athletes and we have good kids. Cal still has a lot of depth in their program. They're not going to go away. They've got some character. Pac-10s and IRA will be tough. But this is a good accomplishment for today. That's about what it amounts to. When you play the same team four times in one year, you just take them one week at a time."

Lucas Ahlstrand (men's varsity eight stroke, senior)
"I'm feeling better about the season now. We knew we were fast but I didn't know we were going to do that. We were just hoping to get closer to them. Now that we passed them, it feels a lot better, a lot more confident for the rest of the season.

"Finally. We work really hard and it's paying off now. In San Diego, we were rowing more in the their boat, paying more attention to them. Today we were paying attention to ourselves and trying to move our boat as fast as we could. It worked out."

Ryan Marks (men's varsity eight coxswain, junior)
"The guys were pumped up for this one. It was like trying to control a bunch of race horses. But that was the key to our race, we didn't empty our tank too early. We built a solid lead at race pace. We had enough gas at the end to hold off their late charge. They definitely moved into us in the last 20 or 30 strokes but since we settled down at the beginning, we had enough.

"It wasn't by any means our best race and everyone in the boat is excited about that. We're looking at that in a good way. It means we have more speed to gain on them. One of the biggest things in this race was our counter moves. I could hear their coxswain making calls. We countered every move."

Lauren Estevenin
"The first 20 strokes we were moving, but not as drastically as we were on other boats in San Diego. We did have a good start though. After our sub-settle, we probably had a length open water. I was on their two seat, so we were pretty comfortable. We kept moving. Our 20s were good. We moved quite a bit when we went under the bridge. Our sprint was good. You could tell everyone was really tired from the week, but we still moved really well. We took our steps and it was obvious we were strong and efficient. Overall, it was a good race. You never know when it's a dual. There aren't other boats that are pushing you. We were so excited for the guys today. It was fun. Right before our race, to see them win, was fun. We were pumped."

Eva Hershaw (women's novice eight, freshman)
"We had a rocky start. They jumped out on us right away. I think we got nervous. Typically we have a good start. Every stroke it felt like they would surge and then we would surge. We knew it was going to be a race to the finish. No one could take a stroke off because it would mean losing the race. They crossed the line first. There's no excuse. We should have taken the moves when we needed to. The will was there. I have no doubt we were all pulling to our capacity but we were going about it the wrong way. We needed to relax and finesse through rather than muscle over them. Heads up, walk away from the race. We take our hats off to them but we are looking forward to another shot at them."

Brendan Patterson
"We started well, maybe a little bit high, but that's what we wanted to do. We wanted to start aggressively. In the second 500, the first 1,000, we couldn't put enough heat on them and they got away from us. It was too many seats to make up in the last 500. It's not over. We know what we need to work on. We know the mistakes we made. We've got a couple weeks until Pac-10s and we think that's enough time to work on things. Back to work. "

Jan Harville (head women's coach)
"The varsity felt good about their performance. They controlled it from the beginning. It was an aggressive, solid race. The jayvees said the same thing. They were tired and it was hard, but it was a good race. It's not easy.

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