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Men's Basketball Quotes from March 15, 2004
Release: 03/15/2004
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March 15, 2004

Press Conference Quotes
March 15, 2004

Head Coach Lorenzo Romar
On preparing for the NCAA tournament:
"A lot of that preparation has already taken care of itself. We've played at N.C. State, at Arizona, the Pac-10 Tournament, the Stanford game, playing against the number one team in the country. It seems like for the past two months we've had to play every game with the intensity of an NCAA tournament game. I could go on and on, but if we had lost one game, maybe we're not here right now, so we've developed that mentality that we can't look back and it's going to help us going into this tournament."

On Brandon Roy's conservative nature: "Brandon has to be more aggressive, but you hesitate telling him that because he does so many good things for his team. He's kind of like the provider for our team. He just distributes, he sees that something's needed over there, so let me help there, he's talented enough to help out in every way. We've played a number of games this year, Luke Jackson on Oregon was one, where he stepped in and did a phenominal job defensively. There's been games when he's had eight assists, there's games when he's had double-digit rebounds, when no one could really get things going, he scored 30 on UCLA. I think there's times when he passes up an opportunity just to make a statement. He's showing his teammates that that's okay and maybe next time they'll pass up an opportunity for the good of the team. He has as high a basketball IQ as anyone I've been around, he just understands."

On UAB: "They're a very good team, they're a lot like Stanford in a different way. They're going to get their hands on a lot of balls, they're going to deflect a lot of balls, they're going to be right there with us, wherever we are on the floor. They're forcing 20 turnovers a game, they get almost 12 steals a game, their defense generates a lot of their offense. They're aggressive, their team is like having a floor full of Bobby's (Jones) and Nate's (Robinson), guys like that, they're just relentless. We're going to have to be strong with the basketball. They're not as much an up tempo team as they are a relentless pressure team. I think they're 12 deep, their leading scorer is right at 13 and then the next guy is at 10 or 11, other than that there's no one with double figures because they're not in there long enough."

On how getting into the tournament will help recruiting: "It's very important. It's great not having to say, 'this is what's going to happen', as opposed to, 'this is what has happened'. Whether recruits respond to it or not, time will tell."

On Mike Anderson, UAB's Head Coach: "I know what a competitor he was as a player, he was a great assistant at Arkansas and for him to do in two years what he's done over there shows that he's obviously a good head coach. Also, Conference USA has six teams in the NCAA tournament and then another one or two in the NIT, that means there's some good basketball being playing and they were right there with all of them. It's not going to be easy playing against them."

On Curtis Allen's playing time this season: "I know at times it's been tough, it was tough for him at the conference tournament, he would have like to play more. I have never, ever seen anyone handle it better than he has, I've seen guys who haven't played as much as they would have liked, but the consensus is that they shouldn't be, they haven't really accomplished much to deserve to be in there. Curtis Allen was on the All-Freshman Team, he's been the Pac-10 Player of the Week, he's hit shots at the buzzer to win games, he's scored 30 points in a game. I've never seen someone with those kind of accomplishments get their playing time cut considerably and have a great attitude, it's been inspiring to tell you the truth."

On the distribution of playing time with forwards and guards: "Hakeem Rollins played a phenomenal game against Arizona, he has been coming on. We're not as good a basketball team without Bobby Jones in the game and Mike Jensen has been playing good basketball. It's the same situation with the guards. Tre Simmons has helped win games for us, Nate Robinson has been an all-conference performer, and Will Conroy has been our floor leader. When guys don't play, it's not necessarily that they're not playing well, it's that the guys in front of them have stepped it up. It can be a problem, but it beats the alternative, when you don't have enough guys."

On experience with Conference USA helping UW on Friday: "My side of the conference didn't press very much, but the other side had Houston, UAB, Memphis, Southern Miss, Tulane, with the exception of Southern Miss, all of them pressured you and played every defense imaginable. I think that part will help us in dealing with the presses and that type of pressure."

On how to attack the press: "We feel like we have the quickness and the ball-handling skills to be able to be effective against the press. We have not played against UAB's press, so that remains to be seen what will happen when we're out there."

On how team's intensity dictates the outcome: "When we play kind of with a chip on our shoulder we feel we can be competitive with any team. It doesn't mean we'll win, but we'll be competitive. I think our team understands that."

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