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Husky Crews Win Featured Windermere Cup Races
Release: 05/03/2008
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May 3, 2008

2008 Windermere Cup Photo Gallery
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SEATTLE - The race to the starting area proved more dramatic than the sprint to the finish line for the top-ranked Washington men's varsity eight.

The defending national champion Huskies overcame pre-race equipment problems and cruised to an open-water triumph over Poland's under-23 national team and 12th-ranked Navy, Saturday in the 22nd-annual Windermere Cup on the Lake Washington Montlake Cut.

The 15th-ranked Washington varsity eight won the women's featured race over Navy and Melbourne (Australia) University.

UW's top women's crew went wire-to-wire for the win, clocking a time of 6-minutes, 35.17-seconds. Navy was a distant second in 6:50.17 and Melbourne placed third in 6:52.38. The Huskies claimed the Windermere Cup trophy for the second straight season and the seventh time in the last 10 years.

"I just think that the level of intercollegiate rowing for women in this country is really high, as it is for the top-level guys," explained Washington women's coach Bob Ernst. "You've got to bring a pretty good team here to really be serious about beating us."

Despite the steady rain, thousands of spectators lined the intimate Montlake course, bordering both sides of the entire 2,000-meter course from the shore and in boats. Another throng viewed the races from the unique aerial vantage point of the Montlake Bridge that hovers across the Cut, 300 meters from the finish line.

The Windermere Cup races serve as the first event for the Opening Day festivities that celebrate the start of boating season in the Northwest.

"I'm glad people weren't afraid to come out and support the Huskies on a day like this," said first-year UW men's coach Michael Callahan. "It was a great crowd and it was really fun to go through The Cut today. This is the pinnacle of our home season and the crowd delivered for us and that gives us extra energy to go all the way to the finish line."

The partisan crowd inspired the Husky crews to win all nine races they entered.

The men's headline event was delayed three minutes, awaiting the arrival of the Huskies, who were forced to hurry back to the dock to retrieve a different racing shell.

"On the warm up coming back, we were doing a starting 10 and I just got a little too excited and snapped the pin," UW's No. 6 seat rower Blaise Didier described. The oar mechanism swivels on the metal pin.

The Huskies rushed back to the Conibear Shellhouse, switched boats and raced to the starting line, disrupting their usual routine.

"I was concerned when I heard that the start might get a little hectic and frantic but they kept it cool and they really settled down into a nice rhythm and just pushed away," Callahan remarked.

Once at the starting line, the Huskies proceeded to record a three-length victory with a winning time of 5:49.31. Poland and Navy staged a serious battle for second place. The Polish crew prevailed, finishing in 5:56.48 followed by the Midshipmen in third at 6:00.59.

The UW men won the Windermere Cup for the fifth time in the last six years. Their only loss during that span came against Russia in 2006. Saturday's win extended the Husky men's varsity eight winning streak to 15 races. Their last loss came in the grand final of the 2006 Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships.

Washington's men notched their 10th straight Cascade Cup triumph, taking home the Dick Erickson Memorial trophy for second varsity eights. UW's time of 5:55.95 was superior to second-place Oregon State's 6:05.20.

UW's second varsity boat outraced the school's top novice crew to win the women's Cascade Cup.

Five other Washington crews were victorious, including the men's and women's varsity fours. The Huskies finished one-two in the men's freshman eight race as their top-two first-year crews defeated Oregon State. The winning Frosh entry crossed the finish line in 5:55.86.

UW also took the top-two places in the women's open eight race. The Huskies' third varsity crew won the men's open eight event.

The most impressive performance by a non-collegiate team was turned in by Shawnigan Lake School, a winner of two events. Shawnigan won the boy's junior club eight race and the girl's high school eight competition.

The Washington rowing teams take next week off from competition as they prepare for the Pac-10 Championships, Sunday, May 18 on Lake Natoma in Rancho Cordova, Calif.

Saturday, May 3, 2008
Montlake Cut; Seattle, Wash.
(all races were 2,000 meters)

Men's Windermere Cup (Varsity Eight)
1, Washington, 5:49.31. 2, Poland, 5:56.48. 3, Navy, 6:00.59.

      UW lineup: cox-Katelin Snyder, stroke-Will Crothers, 7-Heath Allen, 6-Blaise Didier, 5-Simon Taylor, 4-Jessiah Johnson, 3-Roko Svast, 2-Toby Dankbaar, bow-Lowell Neal.
      Poland lineup: cox-Rafal Wozniak, stroke-Dominik Kubiak, 7-Tomasz Cichocki, 6-Zbigniew Schodowski, 5-Maciej Mattik, 4-Michal Ratajczak, 3-Michael Szpakowski, 2-Dariusz Radosz, bow-Miloslaw Kedzierski.
      Navy lineup: cox-Robert Jankowski, stroke-Graham Drury, 7-Marshall Witkowski, 6-Peter Van Vliet, 5-Michael Trombitas, 4-Aaron Coe, 3-Scott Feeley, 2-Martin Leonard, bow-Jon Ward.

Women's Windermere Cup (Varsity Eight)
1, Washington, 6:35.17. 2, Navy, 6:50.17. 3, Melbourne University (Australia), 6:52.38.

      UW lineup: cox-Alysha Koorji, stroke-Kayleigh Mack, 7-Alison Browning, 6-Helen Wall, 5-Erika Shaw, 4-Kelly Foster, 3-Ashley Jones, 2-Kara Farquharson, bow-Hanne Trafnik.
      Melbourne lineup: cox-David Webster, stroke-Gerogie Harvey, 7-Claire Lang, 6-Jess Hill, 5-Alex Hill, 4-Sylvie Withers, 3-Carley Mckay, 2-Jane Watson, bow-Yasmin Burraston.
      Navy lineup: cox-Kristin Lyles, stroke-Fiona McFarland, 7-Kerry Hannon, 6-Meredith Meehan, 5-Johanna Mahoney, 4-Sarah Atwell, 3-Gretchen Dreissnack, 2-Kelsey Cellon, bow-Sarah Roberts.

Men's Erickson Memorial Cascade Cup (Second Varsity Eight)
1, Washington, 5:55.95. 2, Oregon State 6:05.20.

      UW lineup: cox-Micah Perrin, stroke-Graham Oglend, 7-Bart-Jan Caron, 6-Tad McCrea, 5-Drew Fowler, 4-Trevor Mollenkopf, 3-Andrew Beaton, 2-Steve Full, bow-Asa Bergdahl.

Women's Erickson Memorial Cascade Cup (Second Varsity Eight)
1, Washington 2V, 6:51.13. 2, Washington 1N, 7:05.48.

      UW 2V lineup: cox-Maggie Cheek, stroke-Erika Sweet, 7-Heather Young, 6-Rosanne DeBoef, 5-Erin Knox, 4-Kim Kennedy, 3-Samantha Smith, 2-Kim Armstrong, bow-Lia Prins.
      UW Novice lineup: cox-Katherine Mahoney, stroke-Jessica Thimmig, 7-Gina Matteo, 6-Kira O'Sullivan, 5-Kerry Simmonds, 4-Cody Brazen, 3-Marijke Schwarz Smith, 2-Kaiini Macarro, bow-Nicole Knowles.

Men's Freshman Eight
1, Washington 1F, 5:55.86. 2, Washington 2F, 6:05.50. 3, Oregon State, 6:15.66. 4, Washington 3F, 6:21.91.

      UW 1F lineup: cox-Alex Chalk, stroke-Hans Struzyna, 7-Noah O'Connell, 6-Nenad Bulicic, 5-Anthony Jacob, 4-Matt Zapel, 3-Ty Otto, 2-Bede Clarke, bow-Trevor Walchenbach.
      UW 2F lineup: cox-Michelle Darby, stroke-Niles Garratt, 7-Dan Silberman, 6-Chris Rinker, 5-Tyler Emsky, 4-Russell Higgins, 3-Casey Dobrowolski, 2-Henry Riely, bow-Bjorn Sbierski.
      UW 3F lineup: cox-Cemile Gunalp, stroke-John Collins, 7-Christopher Plumer, 6-Alex Pekasky, 5-Shea Velling, 4-Derek Beck, 3-Anthony Heimuli, 2-Welles Mattson, bow-James White.

Men's Open Eight
1, Washington 3V, 6:07.66. 2, Pocock, 6:17.45. 3, Lake Union, 6:18.39

      UW 3V lineup: cox-Bronson Kolde, stroke-Aston Tennefoss, 7-Ricky Bargreen, 6-J.P. Marquart, 5-Jamie North, 4-Thomas Hedlund, 3-David Hunt, 2-Alexander Keats, bow-Mathew MacKinnon.

Women's Open Eight
1, Washington 4V, 7:04.34. 2, Washington 2N 7:08.80. 3, Lake Union, 7:11.48. 4, Washington 5V 7:41.91. 5, Washington 3N, 7:45.14.

      UW 4V lineup: cox-Valaree Fowler, stroke-Meredith Dugoni, 7-Jessica Fernen, 6-Ali Steiner, 5-Heather Walker, 4-Emily Koltuniak, 3-Line Larsen, 2-Caitlin Henry, bow-Adrienne Branca.
      UW 5V lineup: cox-Kimmi Newsum, stroke-Laura Bresnahan, 7-Brittany Pierce, 6-Betsy Page, 5-Kelsey Whitcomb, 4-Blakely Holland, 3-Stephanie Martin, 2-Tara Kinsella, bow-Anyka Ozog.
      UW 2N lineup: cox-Michele Miyauchi, stroke-Jane Frazee, 7-Ana Stoudt, 6-Leslie White, 5-Kelly Myers, 4-Sarah Ryan, 3-Hannah Austin, 2-Monique Calderon, bow-Bridget Claycomb.
      UW 3N lineup: cox-Katelyn Kelly, stroke-Jessica Samples, 7-Madeline Hartman, 6-Kim Wood, 5-Lauren Fritts, 4-Whitney Wood, 3-Marie Spiker, 2-Katie Gray, bow-Nikki Coleman.

Women's Varsity Four
1, Washington "A", 7:32.59. 2, Washington "B", 7:38.53. 3, Melbourne Spares/UW Alumni, 8:00.89.

      UW "A" lineup: cox-Isabelle Woodward, stroke-Rachel Powers, 3-Jennifer Park, 2-Charlene Franklin, bow-Adrienne Martelli.
      UW "B" lineup: cox-Laura Dally, stroke-Audrey Baker, 3-Jen Dwyer, 2-Laura Cooper, bow-Ashley Brown.

Men's Varsity Four
1, Washington "B", 6:47.00. Did not start, Washington "A".

      UW "A" lineup: cox-Leah Downey, stroke-David Goulet, 3-Mike Flight, 2-Dane Robbins, bow-Ryan Huntoon.
      UW "B" lineup: cox-Patrick Kavanagh, stroke-Peter Carlson, 3-Stephen Connolly, 2-David VanBolt, bow-Kit Culbert.

Boy's Junior Club Eight
1, Shawnigan Lake, 6:02.59. 2, Capital, 6:05.00. 3, Everett, 6:06.19. 4, Green Lake, 6:15.53. 5, Victoria City, 6:23.69.

Boy's High School Eight
1, St. George's, 6:29.91. 2, Brentwood, 6:32.08. 3, Lake Oswego, 6:40.20. 4, Lakeside, 6:57.83.

Girl's Junior Club Eight
1, Green Lake, 7:00.92. 2, Everett, 7:02.94. 3, Victoria City, 7:10.88. 4, Pocock, 7:19.34.

Girl's High School Eight
1, Shawnigan Lake, 7:07.84. 2, Lakeside, 7:10.78. 3, Holy Names, 7:24.06. 4, Brentwood, 7:25.59. 5, Lake Oswego, 7:30.36.

Women's Eight (over 50)
1, Martha's Moms, 7:29.55. 2, Sammamish, 7:32.86. 3, Lake Union, 7:35.45. 4, Conibear, 7:38.52.

Women's Eight (over 40)
1, Lake Washington, 7:15.71. 2, Pocock, 7:20.30. 3, Portland, 7:26.09. 4, Green Lake, 7:30.53.

Mixed Eight (over 50)
1, Lake Washington, 6:51.63. 2, Corvallis, 7:02.53. 3, Ancient Mariners/ Montlake, 7:13.67. 4, Sammamish, 7:28.53.

Mixed Eight (over 40)
1, Victoria City, 6:41.16. 2, Willamette, 6:50.73. 3, Mount Baker, 7:07.39.

Men's Eight (over 40)
1, Pocock, 6:30.61. 2, Vashon Island, 6:35.47. 3, Green Lake, 6:36.59. 4, Station L, 6:48.49.

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