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Q&A with Juan Garcia
Release: 08/15/2006
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Aug. 15, 2006 How is the offensive line looking as a unit?
Juan Garcia: "It looks good right now. We have some young spots on the o-line, but everything looks good. I think we're all playing together as a unit, so there really isn't anybody that has stuck out."

GH: In the past you've played both guard and center, but this fall, you've practiced mostly as a center. Do you have any preference between the two positions?
JG: "Right now I prefer center. I played guard during spring ball, but I think that I'm better at center and I'm more comfortable there. I played offensive tackle in high school, but I like the change to the inside."

GH: How tough was it to sit out all of 2004 and 2005 with injuries?
JG: "It's been very tough for me, especially last year because I was supposed to get my first playing time in a Husky uniform. Matter of fact, yesterday was my first day of two-a-days her, at Washington, so that was pretty tough."

GH: You haven't had to go through two-a-days since high school, so how did the first day go?
JG: "It was cool. I was actually excited to go through such a long practice. It being my first two-a-days, a couple of the guys actually came up and congratulated me."

GH: What do you expect when you get back on the field for the first game versus San Jose State? Any nervousness or excitement?
JG: "I don't know yet. I know that I'll be a little nervous because I want to play at least one play. I want to be able to say that I played Division-I football."

GH: I know that you had a day-to-day countdown going into spring practice. Do you use any other motivational techniques?
JG: "Not really, that happened because of my injury. When I got hurt, I felt that maybe this isn't for me, so I started a countdown of how many days till spring ball. I kept it going like that so that it would motivate me. It first started out as a week thing, so it started out at 32 weeks. As the weeks and days passed, I told the guys that spring ball would be here tomorrow. When spring ball came, they were like, Man, that came fast.' We had a good time with it."

GH: Thanks, Juan, and good luck with the rest of practice!
JG: "Thanks a lot."

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