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Postgame Quotes
Release: 09/19/2009
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Sept. 19, 2009

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On the overall effort of the Huskies:
"Wow. These press conferences keep getting better and better, from the day we get hired to this point. It was a great win, a great win against a very good football team. I'm very proud of our kids; that they just kept battling. Early on in that game, you would have thought we were going to get beat fifty to nothing. They were running the ball up and down the field; we were having a hard time getting out of our own way on offense. Our kids, to our coaches' credit - they kept them in the game. We kept battling. We kept competing. We took care of the football offensively and created turnovers on defense and that turnover battle is something we've been harping on coming into this game the whole time. We executed on special teams. I thought all those phases and key areas that we had emphasized coming into the ball game, we did it the way we wanted to do it. I can't say enough about Nick Holt and our defensive staff and the way our kids played on defense - to be resilient. They could have cashed it in. They kept battling, they kept competing. I don't think it was Jake [Locker]'s best night, but when we needed him, he made his plays. He found a way to stay in the game and I'm just really proud of him. I'm proud of our kids. It's a great moment. It's a great moment for our program. Hopefully it sends a message about where we're headed and what we're trying to do. It was just a great win over an excellent football team."

On the adjustments made after the team went down 10-0 in early in the first quarter:
"I think we played. I think our kids were kind of sitting, waiting, looking a little too long and Nick [Holt] stayed aggressive. We didn't back off of our game plan, we stayed aggressive. The kids kind of settled into the speed of the game and the speed and physicality they play with and we responded."

On going from 0-15 to beating No. 3 USC in two weeks:
"It's amazing. It's amazing. We've talked a long time about things that we wanted to get accomplished. We said early on that it wasn't going to take us very long and I firmly believe that. I think maybe some people in the world, maybe outside of our own little domain, thought that was just press conference speak. But when you get around our kids, you get around our coaches, I firmly believe that it's not going to take us very long. We've got a very good football team that knows how to prepare and play hard. They're focused. Are we perfect? By no means are we perfect. But we are a team that is willing to put in the time and the effort to do things that get you to a point where you get to battle and you get to compete. And then when you get to that point, if we can just keep doing things right, like we were able to do today, you find a way to win."

On Pete Carroll:
"We met up in the locker room. He was great. He's obviously a great coach. It was challenging for us offensively today. They do a tremendous job. They'll be fine, trust me. That team is going to win a lot of games this year."

On Erik Folk's development and the end of the game:
"Well hopefully he just continues to grow in a belief of what we do, how we do things and the way we practice. As much as everyone thinks that was just a chip shot field goal for Folk, that's still a field goal that he's never had to kick in his career either. I just thought our guys executed masterfully at the end, not just the scheme part of it, but the execution of working the clock, draining that thing down and making sure that it was our possession and it was the last possession of the game regardless of what happened. And they went out and did it. It was four-minute drills exactly how we do it. It worked out perfectly."

On Jake's performance in the final drive of the game:
"I think he just needs to keep playing the way he's been playing. He's played marvelously for us these first three games. I think he'd be the first to tell you that this wasn't his best football game, but that's a tough defense to have your best game against. Hopefully for us, we have more moments like that, but he doesn't need that drive to say that he's a good quarterback or not. He's a tremendous leader, he's a great quarterback and I was proud of him. He just executed in that final drive."

On Jermaine Kearse's performance:
"He had a great game. Jermaine is a kid that puts in the time and the effort. I really believe that there's not many guys who work harder than he does, on the field and off the field. That showed up today in some big catches, really big catches."

"I think it was good players making good plays. Jake obviously had to buy time. He kept his vision. I was proud of him. I think maybe earlier in Jake's career, he might have just pulled that ball down and started running, but he kept his vision alive and obviously Jermaine made a great catch on the sidelines."

On what happened on the sideline penalty:
"That was on Coach Holt. He was a little fired up today. It was a big penalty when you think about it. They would have been short of the first down and that gave them the first down, so we just gotta find a way - I gotta get a little rubber cord or something on him so I can just pull him back myself."

"We got warned about it early on. When you've got coaches like we've got - we're very intense, we're very excited, we're enthusiastic - we've got to have a little give and take. I don't want our guys standing back five yards just waiting. We want to coach - this is the way we coach in practice, that's the way we're going to do it in the game. We've just got to be smart. We need to be smarter. What happened was the official bumped into him. That's why the flag was thrown."

On what he told the team when they were down 10-0 early:
"We just brought them together and let them know that `Hey, it's 10-0, big deal. That's why we play four quarters, that's why there's 60 minutes.' You don't win the game in the first quarter. It's about continuing to compete. I think our kids are learning that. They're understanding that from the LSU game now to this. They're understanding the value of `Well we jumped on LSU early, does that mean we're going to win? No.' We got jumped on today. That doesn't mean we're going to lose. What we did learn is that in the fourth quarter, if you just keep doing things right, you give yourself an opportunity to win the game. I think we learned that between the LSU game and this game."

On what makes this win over USC special for him:
"I think the biggest thing that makes it special for me is I know how good those coaches are for SC. I know how good of a head coach Pete is, I know how good of a defensive coordinator he is, I know what those guys do and how they get their team prepared. So for me, there's a satisfaction in knowing how good they are, to go up and be able to play toe-to-toe and find a way to win at the end. For me, that's very satisfying because I know how good of coaches they are."



On Coach Sarkisian and Coach Holt:
"When you really like people you want good things to happen so I'm happy for them in that regard."

On his team's performance:
"When you play football like this, your chances of winning are so difficult. It goes right to me. For us to go out there and turn the football over like that, we fumbled many more times than we lost it, to be penalized on numerous occasions, change the field position. Really, we didn't get any better from last week. That's me. I'm not doing a good enough job of making points of how we win. If you look back at the games that we have lost over time, it's always turnovers, and usually there's penalties to accompany it. And that's what it was today. I think it was three times going in inside the thirty that we gave the football up. That's how you lose a football game. To their credit, that didn't occur for them. They held onto the football. They did a nice job. When they needed it Jake made great plays, their defense was capable of hanging in there. Even when you look at the yardage, it's heavily in our favor yardage wise, but this is how it happens. Turnovers and penalties will always have the chance to beat you and that's what this game is about. The other side of it, looking at it, we're not real good right now. We weren't real good last week either, to tell you the truth. We won a game and we got a great victory on the road but we didn't do a whole lot different than we did this week."

On Jake Locker:
"I think the difference in this game was Jake. I thought he was able to come up and make the plays when they really needed it in the last drive. The great scramble pass on the third down and long that he hit. We're sitting on the route waiting for the route to be thrown and he still made it. That's a great player. He didn't surprise me a bit. I thought we kept him under wraps for a while but when he had to have it he made it. That's what a great player does."

On going forward as a team:
"We've got to get back together. Getting winning and get right and do things the way we need to do them to be a good football team. Right now, we've got a long way to go."

On Corp:
"We didn't throw the ball very well today. It was obvious. We threw the ball for 110 yards and couldn't get the ball down the field. We rarely get in that situation."



DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim

"I thought they were an excellent team. Their offensive line is always very good and very athletic. Their offensive line plays so well together and I think it showed in the early parts of the game. We just tried to stay in our gaps and get upfield. I think that our linebackers played great today."

On the change in the running game of USC in the first quarter compared to the rest of the game:
"I think that after the first couple of drives we realized that we just need to stop hesitating and go."

OG Ben Ossai

On being 1-0 in the Pac-10:
"How long has it been since we have been 1-0 in the Pac-10? How long has it been since we have beaten a top-10 team? Words cannot explain how I feel right now."

On beating the number three team in the country:
"I have never beaten the number three team in the country. I am not really sure how I am supposed to feel. But this is the best feeling in the world."

The feeling in the huddle on the last drive:
"We all just knew that we had to win. We knew we had to do anything and everything to win the game."

DT Alameda Ta'amu

On beating the number three team in the country:
"It was a great game, but as you can see, it is the best feeling in the world right now. I am speechless."

On creating a gameplan for a team with a four running back rotation:
"Coach always says out-hit and out-hustle and that is what we tried to do all day today. Eventually it worked."

On the feeling of the defense going into the fourth quarter:
"Just praying, just giving thanks to God."



QB Aaron Corp

On his own performance:
"Well, you know, we turned the ball over too much and I contributed to that. When you turn the ball over and you don't get any, you're not going to win. Any time you have turnovers it kills your momentum."

On if he got in rhythm:
"You know, I wish I had some stuff back. I didn't play well by my standards."

RB Stafon Johnson

On the game:
"We just beat ourselves. When you turn the ball over three or four times you ask to lose the football game. It doesn't matter what the stats say or what the score says, when you turn it over three or four times this is what happens. It started from when I turned the ball over, and I take full credit for that and I'll live with my mistakes."

On if sticking with the running game would have helped:
"I mean, you gotta hold on to the football. You never know what could happen if you don't hold on to the football. I mean, like I said, if you turn the ball over three or four times, that's what happens."

TE Anthony McCoy

On the game:
"They came out doing what we thought they were going to do, they just came to play today. Well, we made some mistakes. We got a lot to work on Monday, we're gonna watch where we went wrong and we're gonna clean it up and get ready for next game."

On the familiar coaching staff on the Husky sideline:
"They looked real similar to our offense and defense. Like I said before, they came out to play, and it shows. Our offense didn't come to play today and their defense did, and they came out with the victory."

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