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Sacramento State vs. Washington Quotes
Release: 11/19/2006
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Nov. 19, 2006

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Bank of America Arena
Washington vs. Sacramento State
Post-Game Quotes

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar
General Comments: "Forgive me for stating the obvious, but that was not a pretty win. Sacramento State came out early in the game, for the first ten minutes, and they were clearly the aggressors. Their quickness, I think, caught us off guard. They were quicker to the ball then we were, we had trouble keeping them out of the paint, in terms of dribble penetration, and, consequently, they got up to a 13-point lead on us in the first half. When we finally gathered and composed ourselves and began to keep them in front of us and play better defense, then I think we held them to 12 points in the final ten minutes - two of those came on a missed box out at the end of the half. We also did not do a very good job of taking care of the basketball. We've played against teams that press, teams that don't press - Nicholls State stayed back in a zone the entire game - and we still ended up turning the ball over too many times. We've got a long ways to go in the area of taking care of the basketball and defending. But we won a game. We won a game and we've got to prepare ourselves so that the next time we play we are a little bit better. Quincy Pondexter had a very good all-around basketball game."

On Pondexter compared to Roy: I don't think you can compare the two. They are just so different. Quincy plays with much more energy than Brandon played with, but Brandon's skill level was probably ahead of Quincy's skill level. They both could play as freshmen, but Brandon came in January, he didn't have the benefit of training camp or non-conference. Quincy is ahead of him in terms of experience, in that Brandon had to work his way into shape. Quincy has done a nice job, as a freshman he has scored over twenty points in half of our games. He rebounded the ball well, we try to put him as one of the teams best players on the perimeter. In that regard he is getting a lot of responsibility every game. "

On Quincy Pondexter: "He took two threes, he took the open threes. I think he understands his strengths. You bring up Brandon (Roy), Brandon was really good at understanding that. It is no coincidence that Quincy went to the line eight times. That's because he understands his strengths more. Guys that stand around the perimeter and shoot threes a lot don't get to the line, and Quincy gets to the foul line. Rarely do you see a good rebounder that doesn't get fouled either, those guys are in the mix, they are in the action."

On Whether Turnovers Are Due to Nerves: I don't think it is nervousness. Familiarity could have something to do with it. What we are trying to do offensively and having a comfort level for what we are doing, I think that will help. We always look at this in practice and it is always interesting. When we run a set or whatever we are doing offensively and someone runs to the wrong spot or you pass to the wrong person, often times that leads to a turnover later on. I don't mean the guy picks the ball off when you are trying to pass it, but always about one or two passes later from there you are all of the sudden turning the ball over. We've got a little bit of that going on now because we are not as cohesive as we need to be or as cohesive as we will be."

Sacramento State Head Coach Jerome Jenkins

Opening Statement: "I thought that was a very good game, our guys played with great hustle an intensity. I have a lot of respect for Coach Romar, they have a very good team."

On how he felt Sacramento State played: "The effort was great, but we still have a lot of things to work on. We are working on some things right now, but I was very pleased with our effort."

On if any particular player stood out for the Huskies: "No not really, I just like the way they play as a team. They play together as a team and that is how you are going to win a lot of basketball games. I really like the way they play as a team."

On Bausley's performance: "I think Bausley is a stud, I think that he can play at this level. I think that he was overlooked in high school because he was a little bit oversized. He was kind of a big kid in high school, but he came from a very good high school in Fairfax High School. I would take Bausley anywhere, Michigan or Stanford I would take him everywhere. He plays big everywhere he goes."

On Bausley getting in better shape in college: "He did, but I also came from Fairfax High School so I can talk to him the way he needs to be talked to. I told him that he had to lose some weight and he lost 35 pounds. He really trimmed down a lot."

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