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Q&A With Dashon Goldson
Release: 09/29/2005
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Sept. 29, 2005

Dashon Goldson originally signed with Washington out of high school but opted to enroll at Coffeyville (Kan.) Community College instead. When it was time for him to enroll in a four-year university, a familiar name re-emerged at the top of his list of college choices. Goldson, in his second and final year with the Huskies, has emerged as a defensive stalwart for the purple and gold. He currently is tied for second on the team in total tackles. Goldson recently sat down with to look back at the Notre Dame game and discuss the direction of the team. What do you feel is the general direction of the team and what are the feelings in the locker room going into next week after the rough start?

Dashon Goldson: Everybody is trying to get a win right now. I can't speak for everybody, but the way I'm feeling right now is that there is no way that we shouldn't beat this team. I mean they're beatable, we all know that. We've watched film on them, we've seen their weaknesses and their strengths so we've just got to go out there and do it for this game.

GH: In the UCLA game last year Maurice Drew ran pretty much all over the defense, and in the early parts of the season the running game has given you guys a little bit of trouble. What kind of things are you guys doing in practice to work on that?

DG: I know this week is going to be a real challenge for me but that's just how football is. It's just that last year we were just having way to many errors, people were spinning out of their gaps. Gap control, everybody on the front seven has gaps that they've got to be accountable for. A lot of guys were overrunning gaps and that's what caused (Drew) to cut back a lot and we had too many missed tackles, we can't have that. I mean you saw these last couple games where we had a few missed tackles that cost us, and we can't do that.

GH: Looking back on a game like Notre Dame where the defense is real solid for most of the game and the offense was struggling to put points on the board. Are you guys looking at that performance and gaining confidence and just saying that as soon as the offense turns around we are going to be a pretty good football team?

DG: They did a good job running the ball, I mean moving the ball down the field. We know that we're good, we just can't have those little mistakes, we'll make one little mistake and it'll cost us big time. We had like three penalties for 35 yards, and those turn into touchdowns. You take away that and we're still on the field, still in the ballgame.

GH: Reporters are going to ask questions like `Coach Willingham, the defense is tired, why isn't the offense staying on the field long enough?' Is that frustrating to you guys?

DG: That's not frustrating, I mean, that's how the game goes, it's just the ups and downs of football games. If that's what it takes we've got to go back out there and get the ball for the offense, it doesn't matter how long they keep us out there but there comes a time when we've got to do our part and they've got to do their part. We're still a team.

GH: Isaiah is playing real well, is the team looking at him, are you guys looking to his leadership? What is he saying in the locker room and huddles?

DG: To tell you the truth I don't really know what's going on with the offense, I play defense, but I go up to him at times and tell him `keep the guys going, keep their heads up' because sometimes when they drop a ball or something or we're down by a couple touchdowns I'll go over there and tell him, `man keep those guys up'. He's got to do a good job of that, he's their quarterback, he's got to become their leader and I've seen that he's doing a good job of that.

GH: You guys have a pretty interesting stretch coming up, playing UCLA and then a bye week and then you go down to Oregon, who actually played USC pretty well last weekend. Are you looking forward to what you are approaching for the rest of the season?

DG: I'm looking forward to this Saturday when we play against UCLA. I don't even give much thought about who we played last week or next week. I'm just looking forward to this week, I can't speak for next week or the week after that.

GH: Are you excited about going down and playing UCLA? Is that something special for you?

DH: It's not anything special for me, it's just another football game that we've got to win this time, no matter where we play at.

GH: Someone mentioned to Coach Willingham earlier that the goal is still to get to a bowl game, what do you think are the chances of that?

DH: Our goal is to win football games. If we win football games it'll take care of all that. We've got a chance to get to a bowl game, but that's the goal of every football player is to be in a bowl game but at this point we need to win football games.

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