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Post-Game Quotes
Release: 11/06/2005
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Nov. 6, 2005

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Postgame Quotes
Washington vs. Baden Sports
Bank of America Arena, Seattle, Wash., Nov. 6, 2005

Head Coach June Daugherty

Opening Statement
"Exhibition games, they are always interesting. I think they gave us the opportunity to look at our system against obviously some older ex-college players and we certainly have a long way to go. There are a lot of areas that we did not feel we executed at a very high level, both on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball and we will be able to take this exhibition game to good use for us as a coaching staff and as a team to prepare a lot stronger, a lot harder, getting ready for a season that's just about 2 weeks away. So, glad we had a chance to go against someone else, not real pleased with the effort or the intensity for 40 minutes, and we will definitely improve on those areas."

On the overall play
"There was a tremendous drop, especially in the second half, and we can't allow that as a coaching staff. We must maintain a higher level. We started out ok, got some pretty good sequences in there in the first 20 minutes, but I thought there was a huge drop off in our ability to get after, and pressure the basketball. Something that really affected us, we were not communicating very well on the court in our player to player and our match-up zone. If we don't talk, we are going to lose players and they are going to be wide open. Baden, they are players that have played college, they have had their careers, they are smart, they are savy, and they took advantage of that. We have to be able to not only execute a high level as a team and rotate if we are going to be able to play at a high level, and that definitely glared out tonight."

Changes for the second half
"At halftime, we asked the team to be more committed to getting the ball inside. At times it was difficult because they got into the running game against Baden and they are not going to turn down a wide open shot. The second half, there were so good spirts, where if we did not have a fast-break opportunity to give our bigs some looks. We had some good scoring situations, and some really nice passes out of the post. I thought those last 7-10 minutes in the second half were just so sloppy. Instead of making good power moves or nice passes to open teammates, we were just throwing the ball away. We definitely need to get more fundamentally strong with the basketball and be more committed to what we want to do systematically."

On Andrea Plouffe
"She is a kid that missed the first two months last year with some surgery, and she really did not have a full season. She really took advantage of her off-season, and we are really excited about the direction she is going as a player. She played a lot of minutes tonight, and it is great to see a power game inside and we just want to keep building on the things she is doing. She is just scratching the surface and she has got a ways to go, but I have great confidence in her ability. The kid understands the game of basketball, and she is very, very smart. She is one of our smartest kids on the floor, and I think she is a big reason when our match-up is working well, it has to do with her communication skills because the 5(position) sees the entire floor, and if she is talking, we are able to maintain a high level defensively. We are excited about her."

On Heidi McNeill
"She is another bright, talented kid who understands the game, and I thought she was pretty calm in her debut as a Husky. I think she was patient with herself, and tried to do things systematically that were very important on both sides of the basketball. Both she and Plouffe are very bright spots in the front line, and look forward to them improving everyday."

On what made play change at the beginning of the first half
"We started out in our match-up zone, and felt we were not really committed to getting out and pressuring, which in our match-up zone, we should be pressuring as hard as we do in our player to player, but for whatever reasons, we were not able to do that. Once we went with the mentality that we are player-to-player, then they got after it a lot better. It's interesting, once you start to get out there defensively and get pieces and those deflections, pressure on the ball, those hustle plays, then the scoring opportunities tend to fall into place. We switched it up during the game, depending on personnel; we wanted to see different alignments in our different schemes. We saw some real positive things, but there are definitely some things we need to jump on and become much, much better."

On steals:
"It definitely was a big part of the team in the first half. It was great to look up there and see 18 in the first half, but to only end up with 24, I would like to see a lot more. Once we switched from our match-up zone to our player to player, we got way better at getting in the passing lanes and pressuring the basketball. We should see both those outcomes in both our match-up zone and our player to player."

On Emily Florence
"She hurt her thumb the other night in a practice session, and she could not go tonight. It looks like hopefully she will be back soon. We don't know yet, it is kind of one of those things where the doctors want to do some treatments and see the swelling come down, but hopefully she will be back with us real soon."

On Breanne Watson
"Breanne Watson was playing very limited minutes today. It is the first time she has played because of the mono. She was able to go 30 minutes in practice the other day, and then 45, and I think she gave us 15 minutes tonight. I thought she gave us great effort, considering her situation, but she is nowhere near where she is going to be for this team. We need to get her out of that and in better shape and out on the floor more, and obviously get Jill and Emily back. We look forward to that."

On Jill Bell:
"I think they think Jill will be able to start practicing off that sprained ankle in the next 3 days, if we continue to see the progress from here that we are seeing."

Senior Guard Kayla Burt:

On the team's feelings about the game
"We have been practicing for quite awhile and just to put the uniform on and get ready for a game was pretty fun. The girls were pretty psyched up for the game. Once we get out there and get things going, things start to calm down a little bit. But, like coach said, we have things to work on energy-wise and keeping up with what we started in the second half."

On the positives for the team
"Obviously, defensively we want to get in the passing lanes and I think we really saw that in the first half. People were flying around, and that's what we want to continue to do for 40 minutes. I think that that was a positive initially, we've just got to keep it up. Offensively, I think we did a good job of getting it in the post, working it around. People got wide-open looks tonight and I think that that's what we're looking for as a team. Obviously there is more work to be done on the offensive rebounding end, and also defensive rebounding. There were a lot of positives but also a lot of things that can be done better."

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