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Lorenzo Romar Press Conference Quotes
Release: 12/06/2005
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Dec. 6, 2005

General Comments:
"Beating the number six team in the country is going to help us in the post season, get into the NCAA tournament or have a better seed. The win is going to help us that way. It is also going to help our team understand that we are going to do well this year. We had not been tested before and deep down maybe our guys were unsure, but a big game like that gives our group a little more confidence that we can go out and have a pretty good season this year. I think that is what it does for our team."

On importance of a tough game:
"It helps us not in just speculation, maybe we will be alright this year, maybe those other wins were not just fools gold."

On his (Coach Romar) personal feelings after the game:
"I feel a lot better, that we have a chance to be okay. Two years ago when they came in here we were 3-0, there was some excitement then because we were undefeated, but in that game we lost and then we went on our two worst games of the season against Wyoming and Houston. After that you know the rest of the story, we were awesome. That game may have had something to do with it, I think that our confidence was shaken."

On beating Gonzaga with the absence of Raivio:
"I think that we beat a very good team, obviously Josh Heytvelt and Earl Knight played and Derek Raivio had to go to the bench, but that is still a very good team. Any time you go out and a guy can almost score 50 on you that means that he can go out and almost single-handedly carry the team. You go back and look at that game if Raivio played in the game, he has showed that he has been getting double figures. If Batista is out there on the floor, maybe Merinos doesn't get 43 shots. He took it upon himself to just carry his team at that point, if you look at their scorers beyond those three; their scoring drops off considerably. Morrison picked up the slack; they are still very good with him picking up the slack. Harvey Perry was a guy that we recruited to come in and have an impact as a freshman, Mike Jensen is a three-year starter, those guys didn't play in the game. I think we can improve as well."

On if Raivio was the key to upsetting their rhythm:
"We talked about that a lot as a staff, we kind of felt that way. I think that if you put Bobby Jones on Raivio is a credit how much we respect Raivio. We also knew something that maybe a lot of other people do not know. Brandon Roy is an exceptional defender, not average, an exceptional defender. Early in that game before he got in foul trouble, he was doing a pretty good job on Morrison. But we felt that, as we saw, you can do what ever you want against Adam Morrison, and he is off. Like Bernard King use to say that I am doing something technically wrong, it had nothing to do with the defense, it had nothing to do with the defense, that is a heck of a statement. I think that Morrison is the same way, Morrison is contained only because he contained himself for whatever reason. Batista, who didn't get very many touches at all, still comes up with 16 points and 10 rebounds. We felt that those guys will find a way to score, we felt that Raivio was the one we felt that if we could limit his productivity it would help our cause."

On defending Morrison:
"He got a few baskets on run outs in transition, offensive basket put backs, after that he had one or two guys on him with hands in his face. How bout with the end of the shot clock without a live dribble, several times, no where to go, know there are 6-7 guys on him, still knocks the shot down. I have never ever said that about someone that scored 43 points, that we did a decent job defending him."

On the balance of the Husky's scoring:
"I wouldn't of said that we couldn't of, one of the advantages of having five guys in double figures and having depth is that for what ever reason some one if it is just not their night, others can step it up. We saw Morrison step up in Raivio's absence, we saw Justin Dentmon and Ryan Applebee step up in Brandon Roy's absence in terms of minutes, Brandon was not on the floor as much in that game. First of all we do a better job of boxing out on the boards, different story they attack the glass and that hurt us more than anything, but take that away, we are down and they are making a run and I think after I got the technical things started to go down hill. And Justin finds Ryan for a three and it puts us up one, and suddenly we have some life. Next possession Justin finds Applebee again for three, the game goes on a little bit and now Dentmon drives to the basket and hits the shot and completes the three-point play. Those guys picked up in Brandon's absence in terms of making plays. Jammal Willaims, he had a nice game offensively. Brandon the thing with him is he rebounds and assists, he does a lot of other things than score, and we missed those, but you have to credit the rest of our guys for stepping up and making bug plays."

On if Morrison is the best player in college basketball:
"I thought about that, can you give me one that rivals him that is better? (Rudy Gay and J.J. Reddick) Are those the only two you have you have to have somebody else? Gay and Reddick are those the only two, we I am taking Adam Morrison, he is really good a good offensive player. Not only that he is a winner, he is relentless out there on the court."

On free throw percentage:
"I don't know, just like sometimes we have a bad free throw shooting game and the question always comes up are you concerned with how your team shot their free throws based off one game. I am not going to say that based off one game that we are a great free throw shooting team either. We shot very well from the foul line, and again I think that if you have Shaq on your team you are going to have poor foul shooting, if you have Raivio, Morrison, and Batista shooting all of you free throws you are going to be pretty good. I think that our guys, Bobby Jones was shooting a high percentage, Brandon Roy was shooting a high percentage, Dentmon was 9 for 9, Jon Brockman knocked some down. Those guys in practice always get fouled and in the games they get fouled, they are going to be going to the line. So hopefully it will be more of the same because those guys are good foul shooters."

On the Wooden Classic:
"I grew up in LA, and John Wooden, this is my third time, two times as a head coach and one as an assistant participating in the woodan classic. I get goose bumps just participating, it is a privledge and a honor. Have any of you spent time with John Wooden? I think that he has spent time with half of the population, because he is so gracious of a man. You walk into the meeting with coach, excited ready to hear about this great basketball stuff and leave thinking I was with one of the most gracious, humble human beings I have ever seen. I remember sitting around talking to John Wooden and I thought to myself, why am I even coaching basketball. He is not trying to boast, he is not trying to show you up, it is just so simple he makes you think why didn't I think of that."

On ranking:
"Its flattering, I can't remember a time when this early in the year that we were ranked this high."

On Jamaal playing his former team:
"A motivated Jamaal Williams is always a good thing."

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