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Postgame Quotes
Release: 10/25/2008
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Oct. 25, 2008

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Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham Quotes

On the Huskies' performance:
"Looking back at this ball game this evening, it was a game that we seemed to be able to do very few things right. Obviously our offensive productivity was not very good, but at the same time, I thought our defense did some things for portions of the ball game to kind of give us a chance. We just could not mount enough of an offensive standpoint to make it a ball game. It was a very difficult night. We anticipated their pressure, but we were not able to execute adequately against it, again, to be productive."

On Senio Kelemete's injury status:
"I think he was just making a move in normal line drills and it affected his knee. We'll getting MRIs tomorrow and Monday to see exactly what took place."

On the status of David Freeman:
"Freeman re-injured his ankle and did not return."

On Quinton Richardson's status:
"Quinton came out because we were rotating our corners some. If I'm correct, he may have had a kick-off return after that, but he should be fine."

On lack of offensive production:
"I think the numbers say that. Gosh, up until the last five minutes, we only had about four first downs and not very effective throwing and not very effective running. There was nothing that we really did well tonight. But the good news is that our guys still picked it up and still found a way on the last drive to do something positive."

On play-calling and not huddling during the last drive:
"I thought at that time, with the limited success that we've had, that just staying the course would be our best thing to do."

On Husky Nate Williams' interception on 4th and 19 at the one:
"It would have been nice to drop that one. But you can't tell a young man to do that, so you would hope that maybe instinctively, or he might have that extra awareness... But that's just a natural reaction and he made a play. We'll take any plays that we can make."

On not stopping the ND fake punt:
"We had people in place, but I guess I'm not surprised because every time you send your team on, you tell them to be ready for the fake, to be looking for it. But we didn't. We went with our double-look outside to try to get a return, but we didn't get it taken care of."


Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weiss Quotes

On the defensive effort:
"Until that last drive when they scored, (Washington) didn't even cross midfield and that's a heck of a performance. (The defense) put a lot of heat on the quarterback and pretty well shut down the run game. That's as good a defense as we have played in quite some time."

On coming off a bye week:
"Any time you're coming off a layover and you're out of your normal ritual where you're used to playing week after week, and we're coming off a loss on top of it, I was really concerned and wanted to make sure we didn't come out flat in the game. I put it on the coaches to be aggressive in play calls early in the game so we could get on top of them early. When you have a team that's wounded, if you let them hang around you can put yourself in a very vulnerable position. We felt that today it was important in the first quarter to get on top of them."

On getting a victory on the road:
"It's good to get it out of the way as much as anything else. The first two road games this year we turned the ball over seven or eight times and when you do that on the road it's tough. We had the one pick today where you couldn't throw the ball any better. That's just an interception. I think it was really important to get this one out of the way knowing we have a couple of road games dialed up here in the second half."

On going head-to-head with Willingham and whether it was a factor:
"We talked before the game. I think we both felt that talking back in 2005 we were glad to get it out of the way then as well. I think the media keeps it going because there was no feeling of that on our team and I don't think there was any feeling of it on their team."

On Jimmy Clausen:
"Jimmy came out hot in the first quarter and then in the second quarter our passing game got a little inconsistent. At halftime we had him running on empty so we came out in the third quarter and had a bunch of quick throws just to get out timing back. We like to have a precision passing game and I thought we went away from that in the second quarter. Some of it was from being in long yardage situations but we got away from the precision passing and then in the third quarter we got back into synch."

On going for it on 4th down instead of going for a field goal:
"The wind was going in one direction and we wanted to get to the 25-yard line when we were going to our left and the 30-yard line when we're going to our right because there was a 10-mile per hour wind. The one time we got to about the 30 yard line, we were going to try to kick a field goal but Brandon (Walker) is just starting to get his confidence so the last thing we want to do is say we're going to kick it from the 25-yard line going to our left then you put him in the situation where now he's kicking a 48-yarder against the wind. We had a play where we threw to Robby (Parris) that was a potential first-down play but it was more circumstance of how the game went more than anything else."

On receiver Michael Floyd:
"Everyone looks at Michael and says, `I don't know how fast he is' but then you slip one out to him and next thing you know he takes one to the house or every time you throw a fade ball he's going to run right by them. He's a big kid who has deceptive speed and very good ball skills."


Washington Player Quotes

Defensive End Darion Jones
On Notre Dame's offense:

"Mainly their outside running caught us off-guard a little bit. That was different from the film we had seen of them. They ran away from the tight end a lot more. Other than that our execution just wasn't where it is supposed to be. We can play with them, but our execution was off."

On playing well in the red zone:
"We made a couple of mistakes to let them get the ball into the red zone and gave them a short field. If we played on top of our game all night, like we know we can, it would've been a better game."

On holding Notre Dame to a field goal when they started at the UW 25-yard line:
"I saw it as a good thing. They did struggle a little in the red zone. After a punt and them getting the ball back at the 25, some defenses would break down. But we came together as a unit and held them to a field goal."

On ND quarterback Jimmy Clausen:
"He was a little bit elusive, but it was about us swarming to the ball better. We got hands on him and tried to disrupt him as much as we could. We always take positive things out of every game. We got hits on the quarterback and we got sacks. Those are positive things we have to take from this."

Wide Receiver Charles Hawkins, Jr.
On what Notre Dame did to affect the UW passing game:

"They were getting a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Ronnie is a great player but it is going to be difficult for any player to get it going when he has guys in his face the entire game. That was basically the biggest problem; we were not able to stretch the field and make the big play because they were getting so much pressure on Ronnie."

On what they need to take away from this game in order to get ready for USC:
We just need to look at the tape and fix the mistakes. We did some things well today and we can take that away as a positive, but we made some mistakes and we need to fix those in the practices before we play USC.

On what it was like to play Notre Dame:
"It was exciting. Especially being on national television it gave a lot of people who have never been able to see us play the chance to watch us. We went into the game hoping to get the win and even though we did not accomplish our goal we tried, and it was nice that people were able to see us go after it."


Notre Dame Player Quotes

Quarterback Jimmy Clausen
On his performance:

"I think I did allright. We got a victory and that's all I care about."

On his first couple big pass plays to Floyd:
"Yeah, he made great plays on those passes. My job is real easy when all I have to do is throw it up there to them."

On the five wide receiver formation in the 3rd quarter:
"That's just what the game plan was. The coaches wanted five wideouts to start the second half and that's what we did."

On the road victory:
"It was big for this team. On our first two times on the road we lost, and I think it's real big to look forward and get that first road victory."

Running Back James Aldridge
On his big day (84 yds, 2 TD's):

"The line opened up some big holes, and I think I was just doing my job--just getting through them. Everyone was doing their job today."

On being in the mix at RB:
"It felt good. I just try to get in and fit in. I always say: I'm just trying to play my role."

On what they can take from the game:
"You can always control how you play. As we long as we do our job, that's all we care about. That remains our focus--if everyone goes out and focuses on the task in front of them."

Linebacker Harrison Smith
On his fake punt run:

"It's just kind of a look. It's based on what people line up in, and we just had it in for this game. When you finally see it you get kind of excited."

On the mood of the defense coming into the game:
"We were just kind of ready to perform the way we can. We've never had a game where we showed up and dominated the whole time, and we just knew that we needed to break out, so that's what we tried to do this game."

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