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Q&A With Wilson Afoa
Release: 08/28/2006
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Aug. 28, 2006

GoHuskies: What's it like to go into the season as the starter as opposed to earning the starting role during the season?
Wilson Afoa: "Going into the season as the starter, I expect a lot from the defensive line and also myself. We have a lot of experience this year, so I expect the defensive line to step up. Being in the starting role, I bring it upon myself to be a leader since I started the last seven games of last season."

GH: What have you tried to improve on during the off-season?
Afoa: "I was hurt after the spring game, and during the winter, I had a re-injury of my back, so I've been hampered a lot. I came on strong during the summer with conditioning, so I basically just worked on getting myself back into shape and building on my endurance."

GH: How excited are to you finally start the season after a few weeks of two-a-days?
Afoa: "I've been looking forward to this game for a long time. Since the end of last year, I've been waiting for this day to come because for me, the season is just exciting, you go every game step by step. It's just really exciting to finally get into the season."

GH: What do you expect from San Jose State in terms off their offensive line, quarterbacks, and running backs?
Afoa: "San Jose State brings back the whole offensive line, except for their right tackle, so they have experience as well on their side of the ball. I expect them to go all out and to just bring it. I'm just ready for the offensive line."

GH: What's it like to have other Polynesian players around you, especially on the defensive line?
Afoa: "It means a lot to me, playing with Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Brandon Ala, and Donny Mateaki. It's brings that feeling of brotherhood. It's really good to have people from the same islands as you because you can communicate easily and play well together. You can always go to them and tell them to pick up their game because we're all like brothers."

GH: OK, thanks for your time, Wilson!
Afoa: "No problem, thank you."

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