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Washington - Eastern Washington Quotes
Release: 11/27/2009
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Nov. 27, 2009

Recap |  Final Stats |  Notes

Senior guard/forward Sami Whitcomb

On bouncing back after Gonzaga game?
 "I don't think we did any of the things we wanted to in Spokane. I definitely think we came out in our practices after that (Spokane) with a different mentality. We improved a lot of things, rebounding was probably the biggest thing. The rebounding and the defense has been a big focus for us, and I think today we showed that."

On the guard/forward combinations on the court

"As she said, they draw so much attention down low, when we drive and the help comes they are there. It gets us open on drives and we can find them easily."

Head Coach Tia Jackson

On Regina Rogers' play

"Shes kinda instant offense in the key. As you saw today, defensively she is continuing to get better. More aggressive, trusting her teammates behind her. Were out there pressuring the ball, and as you can see she can move. In high her high school years she would just kinda stand in the key. Now we gotta get her to do some other things, getting mobile. Use her nimble ways to pressure people on the perimeter, and as you can see she can do that."

On Regina's conditioning

"If I recognize Regina getting tired before she does, that's probably not good. Also she monitors her minutes pretty well, and I trust the girls out there, they are gonna tell me when they tired and cant do the things that we need them to do, defensively and offensively. When you get tired you tend to forget things. Sometimes you cant remember your name when your tired. But she does a good job at letting me know when shes tired, but sometimes I see it before she does."

On Regina taking 12 shots in the game
"I would like her to take more. Now she didn't hit her normal 60 percent per game. But they were all layups, ten feet and in. She passes very well in the post and out tag team in the post works very well, they complement each other very well.  She had a little issue with her hand, but as she practices with her bandage on more, she'll get more comfortable."

On Regina's injured hand
"She jammed it really bad. Makes her touch on the ball tenderer, it's a little harder to catch the ball. It was bugging her a little bit today." "She was bandaged up in the Gonzaga game, and hurt it again at practice, so that didn't help."

On the team's 3-point shooting

"We can breathe a little bit more this year. With Regina down low or Mo, they can suck players in, and open up the outside. That helps."

On summarizing the season
"Before the season started and through all the practices, the team has shown a lot of resilience. And their bounce back has been pretty comparable. I'm excited for them, I hope we can sustain what were doing consistently. That way we won't have to worry about bouncing back from too many."

On the Sacramento State game on Sunday

"They put up a lot of points against a very good Memphis team. Their guards are a lot taller, and see a lot better. So we got a challenge on our hands, but I think the kids enjoyed this tonight, and we'll focus at 930 tomorrow and practice and be ready for them."

On what pleased you as a coach tonight

"I think I said it to start,  I am impressed with the way we shared the ball. Everyone was contributing. Making the pass to get the layup, or creating the defensive turnover that leads to a three, so I think collectively I am pleased."

RS Sophomore Regina Rogers

On your hand injury

"Its pretty sore right now, but I was able to play on it today, so Im fine...I dislocated my right index knuckle finger last Friday before we played Gonzaga at practice...Well its my shooting hand so sometimes when I shoot I underestimate how long I have to shoot it  so sometimes its short. I think today that kind of showed."

On getting acclimated to the offense

"I feel more comfortable, every practice, every game I am getting in better shape, and that was big thing we me scoring. Because If I am out of shape I cant score...I was really sick last year, I had pneumonia about three time, so I wasn't able to practice as much as I needed. And it lingered through 2009. "

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