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Post-Regatta Quotes
Release: 06/04/2005
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IRA Championships
Saturday, June 4, 2005
Cherry Hill, N.J.


Bob Ernst, head coach

On the varsity eight race:
"It was a really good start. Cal got a little bit on everybody at the start. The field was really pretty tightly packed for about 700 meters, a third of the course. We were rowing a little bit too high at that point. We were looking to row 35, 36 and we were rowing about 37. That's not good for our guys. They had the right speed, but they were paying a little bit too much for it. We came in knowing that we were probably the fourth-best team coming in and hoping that we could compete effectively with them. About 700 or 750 in, Harvard and Princeton took a little move right there. We didn't respond well enough. We kind of fell off the pace in the third 500. Harvard and Princeton just kept going which is their m.o. That's what they've been doing all year. Cal kind of fell back a little bit and we just kind of finished it. It wasn't a bad race, but it wasn't a great race. Our perfect race would have made us third and Cal fourth. Princeton and Harvard are probably better than we are. You spend the season from last September until now getting as good as you can be and there was probably a point in the season when we would have been a petite final crew. Washington hasn't won that many gold medals at the IRA in the last 50 years, especially now that everybody is here. There's nothing to be ashamed of being fourth best in this group. I'm happy we were in the final."

On the Washington program:
"These guys worked real hard and the jayvees worked real hard and we've got a good team. You look at how many universities here had a top-four finish in the varsity, the jayvee, the freshman and the four. We've got a good program. It's just that some years, some people are going to have two or three or four more quality athletes than we have, so maybe fourth is the best we are going to do. Since 1995 we've been fourth twice and every other time we've gone to the awards dock. Nobody else here can say that. I'm proud of these guys."

"I'm sort of a systems person. If you develop the right system and get the right recruits, then you are going to always be close and you are going to have a chance. And when you have a really good group, then you are going to win."

On the freshmen:
"It was a good performance, a good row. They could have been second, but nobody was going to win except for Cal, they had the best group."

On the junior varsity:
"The guys showed some real courage. They didn't get disappointed (with preliminary results). They rowed a perfect race. Both of those crews (junior varsity & open four) rowed excellent, excellent races."

Brett Newlin, varsity No. 4 seat

"We had a decent start and in the first 500 did exactly what we wanted. We were in the race. Right around 800 or 900 meters both Harvard and Princeton took a move that we knew they were going to take. We tried to go with them, but we couldn't seem to hold on. At 700 we tried to take it up, but we didn't do it together. It's really disappointing.

"Today we didn't row our best. Not to have your best race on the last day, that's really tough seeing your varsity four and jayvee eight doing so well and rising to the challenge and having the varsity not quite following suit. It's a little tough."

Kyle Larson, varsity No. 2 seat

"I felt like we had a good start. We took the boat with us and it felt pretty light and quick. Rowing is kind of a funny sport because it is not always you versus an opponent. It's always you versus yourself. If you can stay focused and maximize your own capabilities then you are going to do pretty well. You should be happy. I don't think today was the best race we've ever had, but it by far wasn't the worst. We've made a lot of improvement and I'm really proud of the guys I got to row with. "

On Harvard and Princeton:
"We faced them the last two years, so we know exactly what they are going to do. We knew that were going to move at 750 like they have before and they are really fast."

Evan Galloway, junior varsity bow seat

On winning his fourth IRA gold medal:
It feels great. Starting out here as a novice my freshman year I would never have expected to be here four years later. It's a wonderful feeling. The teams are always different, your competition is always different and that always keeps you on edge and on your toes. I'll put them away somewhere in my room. I don't have any special plans for them. I'll take a look at them every so often, but try not to dwell on them too much. I've got a lot to do still."

On the junior varsity crew:
"We were frustrated. I had a feeling when I woke up this morning that we were going to throw down and probably win. This is just a great group of guys. That's more than anything what I attribute four years of success. It's more a factor that I've raced with great guys. For instance, you've got guys like Matt Kopicky who has won two jayvee national championships now and one freshman eight national championship which to my mind is more impressive than the four that I've won."

On the realization that he won a fourth gold medal:
"It definitely was one of the first things that crossed my mind. The first thing that crossed my mind across the finish line was, 'did we win?' Because it was so close and I was pretty delirious by the end. After that I definitely considered it. It's satisfying for sure."

Greg King, junior varsity coxswain

"It's awesome. We executed a perfect race, did everything we needed to do and brought everything together."

On finishing second in the heats and third in the semifinal:
"Some teams need to lose a couple races before they can win them. We won the race that counts and that's what matters. We just had to execute the speed that we knew we had. We didn't execute that speed in the first two races."

On when the Huskies overtook Cornell:
"It must have been within the last 10 or 15 strokes. We were almost dead even with Cornell all the way coming down the course from 500 meters in. We just sprinted, took it up, up, up and went right through them."

Matt Kopicky, junior varsity No. 3 seat

"We saw some pictures on-line (after the semifinals) and we were rowing at about three-quarters slide. If you are rowing at the same stroke rate, but only three-quarters slide, obviously you're not going to maximize your speed. We took a little spin practice yesterday and really made a point of getting long. We knew that was the key to our race today."

On the championship race:
"We're pretty quick out of the blocks. Yesterday they walked us down right away as soon as we got to that base pace rhythm. We were able to stay long and kind of fend them off. Then Cornell attacked and they were up on us until the end. Greg King our coxswain did a great job of getting us to focus, keep our eyes in our boat, to buckle down, close our eyes, bite our lips and go. It was great. "

On the impact of beating Cornell May 7 in Seattle:
When we raced them at Windermere Cup they were actually up a length at the 1,000 meters. It's Windermere Cup, that's a big race for us, so we really just buckled down and switched our rhythm around. We got real powerful and were able to cruise through them. So we knew that they are strong through 1,000 and if we were with them it would be a tight race, but that we could sprint. We had confidence there that we could take them down if it came down to a couple seats at the end.

On winning his third IRA gold medal:
"At Washington we are deep. I've always been lucky enough to make boats. I've always been one of the smaller guys up in the bow, just trying to make things comfortable for the stronger guys farther back in the stern. It's been great. Bob does a great job at training us and getting us as fit as we need to be. We know when we get out there that when it comes to stamina we can hang with anyone."

COLIN SYKES, open four coach

On the championship race:
"The guys came off the line a little fast and hard and they were buried solid in fourth place. My hats off to them for staying right there. They put together a last 1,000 meters that was the best they have rowed all year. In order to win the national championship you need to do that. With racing fours, you have a race plan and you try to execute that race plan. But you always keep sort of option 'B' open. Our race plan was to make a move at the 650 and at the 1,000. Option 'B' was the whole last 1,000. They were ready to go at any point not to let anybody get away from them. They went after first and second and carried their momentum all the way through. That's a real mark of how they train and who they are.

On UW sustaining the long sprint:
"I always tell the guys that the racecourse is a place where they can express their fitness. I believe that Bob trains our guys to be very fit. As long as they keep a cool and level head they can express their fitness on the course. The people that are the fittest will win the race. We're all part of the program from the eights down to the fours. It's set up so that they believe it's all about bottom pressure. These guys are certainly trying to get into the racing eights and this is the venue that they see it happening."

Dustin Kraus, open four bow seat

"We came out and did what we needed to do We hit all of our moves, executed our plan pretty well and we got what we worked for. Generally, people don't sprint that early. We decided with 650 left if we hit it and we got ahead, then we could keep it going. That's exactly what we did. It was a long sprint, but we pulled it out. We knew once we got ahead that we could keep it going."

Adam Van Winkle, open four No. 3 seat

"We pretty much just executed what we've been training all year for. We knew we are fast in the last 1,000 meters, so we just got out to a solid rhythm. We saw where we were and figured out from there how early we had to spring. Mary K. our coxswain really learned a lot this week. She coxed a hell of a race. I've just really proud of all the guys in the boat, especially our freshman. He just kind of got thrown into this boat about a week ago. I'm really proud of our crew, we showed a lot about ourselves today. When we knew we were moving and we started pulling even with those top crews, my hard was just pumping so hard and I just knew we could take them. I knew no one could stop us once we got in them."

Mary Katherine Langlais, open four coxswain

"This is one of the most unbelievable things I ever thought was going to happen. We just threw it down, that's simply how it was. Every day we just built on our speed during this regatta and we came out on top."

On the championship race:
"We had a really good start, it was little bit higher than we would normally have it. At the 500 we were in fourth place, battling with Cal. We were able to push back Cal and really get a strong third place off of that. We got connected from that point and pushed off a lot of the crews that I had heard like to get up to the 1,000 and just hold it. Georgetown and Northeastern were just holding their places, first and second. Once we got Georgetown we just pushed through the last 600 meters. We didn't really have an official sprint. We more had a build up that if we got contact with them, we were going to push through at that point. That's what we did. We got through the last 600 of the race we just took off and pushed right through. It was a really great race. They had maybe a seat of open water on us at the 500. We got that far in the race and we weren't going to stop because third place wasn't good enough for us."

LUKE CARNEY, open four No. 2 seat

"It's exciting and lots of fun. It's my first year and a good way to start. Drew Fowler was the other freshman that was in the boat and he left some big shoes to fill. I did my best and it was good enough.

On winning UW's fourth straight gold medal in a four:
"That's what they talked about when we were training that they've won the last three years. We didn't want to be the guys to lose."

Craig Tyler, open four stroke

"It's amazing to win the championship. We knew we had a chance, even after the heat we knew we were in it. We just never got down and kept getting faster throughout the tournament. That's what they key is, you have to get faster every race.

On winning UW's fourth straight gold medal in a four:
"It was definitely something we were aware of. It's not something you think a lot about during the race, but it's something you definitely think about before the race. It's more of a confidence booster before the race because you know that three years in a row they have won it so you know your team has the depth and tradition to do it. We are just part of that."

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