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Postgame Quotes
Release: 11/15/2008
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Nov. 15, 2008

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Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham Quotes

On the team's play:
"Obviously not a whole lot can be said about tonight. We didn't run it, throw it, tackle it, catch it or do it in a manner that would put us in a position to be successful. We came into the ballgame knowing that we had to produce a run game to give our offense a chance and we could not do that. We could not generate enough and we were not able to pass the ball well enough to off-set what we were not doing in the run game. So obviously it became a very difficult night for us and one of great disappointment for our young men and the Husky family."

On starting Brandon Johnson:
"Terrance [Dailey] had a slight hip pointer and Brandon had been working most of the week and so we started him and went with him. I think Terrance had one play and unfortunately on that one he fumbled it."

On Ronnie Fouch's play:
"I don't think he's playing his best football, but if you're not getting all the things around you, that makes it very difficult for a quarterback to perform. Ronnie has been under duress, it's just been tough for a quarterback to get it done."

On why he feels staying the rest of season was the right decision:

"I think our team is still functioning - or trying to function - to be successful. I was reminded by our football team that a few years ago, they went through something very much like this. And they said the seniors quit. And I don't think our seniors have quit. I don't think our football team has quit. I think they're still trying and they're still putting forth effort to be successful."

On the remainder of the season:
"Right now, obviously, playing in the manner that we play, nothing is good right now. But we're going to take a break, we're going to get ourselves refreshed and we're going to attack the Apple Cup."

On going winless at home:
Those things are what they are. What we have to do though is get our younger players to really focus on the work and the effort that it takes to win. And that means they have to do all the little things right. They've got to pay attention to detail, got to do the time issues correctly, got to put in the effort to train, to prepare, the video, the studying, all of those things you've got to do to get yourself in a position to win. And they've got to learn how to do that."

On whether the prospect of the first 0-12 season in Washington history adds pressure:
"I would say it adds to the urgency. I think our guys feel it, I think I feel it. I think they wanted to win tonight. They didn't want to finish out the homestand without a win. I think these guys want to be successful. I think the coaches want to be successful. And all we have is two remaining games and we'll give it the best we have for those two remaining games."


UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel Quotes

On the seeing the crowd at Husky Stadium:
"(It was) emotional, but pleasantly, there were a lot of friendly faces."

On UCLA competing against Washington:
"In some ways, it was important to try to play well and try to find a way to get a win, but more importantly this is for our team. I tried to tell my guys that this is about UCLA and Washington both trying to point to the future and who's going to get the first leg up?"

On UCLA's opening drive:
"The opening drive was rewarding to me because that was the first time we've done that, go on a nice 12-play drive and look like we're on all cylinders and, you know, we've got a chock full of mistakes from there on out that we've got to keep working on to fix."

On UCLA's running game:
"I thought Derrick Coleman started out the game strong and we were just trying to scratch out a running game."

On winning on the road:
"(This win was) huge. You can't be a good football team if you can't win on the road, but you have to start somewhere and you have to win somewhere. And for those of us that have been around, know that Husky Stadium is a formidable place."

On life after coming back to UW:
"I hope we can talk about the Bruins and the Huskies from here on, and forget about the messy ending. I know it's not going to go away completely because it was a controversial time, but it will be exciting for me when the stories are about the players."

On how his return to UW was different than his return to Colorado:
"It was different only because I got to see Juan Garcia, and that was great. I saw Alameda (Ta'amu), who I helped coach when he was at Rainier Beach. I did not get a chance to say hello to Vonzell (McDowell, Jr.), but different in that I coached all the kids on the Colorado team and that's hard when you left guys you recruited."


Washington Player Quotes

Center Juan Garcia
On playing his last game at Husky Stadium:

"It was very emotional. Very hard. It makes it harder that we lost. It hasn't been the season that any of us wanted. When you leave something it hurts. I'll never get to go down that tunnel again. It hits you pretty hard."

On playing against Rick Neuheisel:
"I haven't thought much of it. But right before the game I realized he was the guy that recruited me and brought me here. I never thought that one day I would play my last home game against him. It's just weird."

On preparing for the Apple Cup:
"It's the Apple Cup. They've won one game and we haven't won any. We have no right to overlook them and they have no right to overlook us. At the end of the day it's the Apple Cup. I wish that they were good and we were better. But it is what it is and I have to look at it as this is the Apple Cup and it is my last one."

Offensive Lineman Jordan White-Frisbee
On playing against Rick Neuheisel:

"I don't know if that is irony or not. The guy told me that he wanted me my senior year of high school and then my last game at Husky Stadium is against him. I don't know what to call that."

On playing his last game at Husky Stadium
"I'm angry knowing that I never went to a bowl game and didn't accomplish many of the goals I came here with. I love the UW. I wouldn't change coming here. I just wish we were more successful."

Senior Tight End Michael Gottlieb
Feelings on coming in to his last home game:

"Excited. Coach really didn't want us to get to emotional. He wanted us to approach it like it was any other game so I tried to choke back the emotions a little. I was a little emotional, a little sentimental, but for the most part I just tried to approach it like it was any other game."

On the struggling passing game:
"You have the give the credit to UCLA, but I think we just made some mistakes that obviously hurt us; we had some things in the protection break down and some other little things that I think just added up and hurt us. Every week it just seems to be one little thing here and there."

On his injury:
"It is a little bit of a muscle contusion. In the second half I could not put pressure on my leg, but it is nothing that is going to last and keep me from playing Washington State.

On Washington State next week:
"We are definitely going to have to get rested and focused for next week, but we will be ready. It is always a fun exciting game to play in and the guys who have the opportunity to play will spread that sentiment around the locker room."

Junior Defensive End Daniel Te'o-Nesheim
On his performance today:

"A lot of the offense was coming to me, they were running a lot of power plays my direction; I mean we will have to watch the film, but I do not feel to good about the way I played today."

On getting ready for Washington State:
"You do not have to do much to get hyped Washington State, it is a rivalry and I cannot wait to play them. I have been waiting for this game for the entire year. I think I could wake up any day of the year and play Washington State; that is how excited I am for this game."


UCLA Player Quotes

Defensive End Korey Bosworth
On the win:

"It was huge for us, we needed that. It was great especially because it was Washington, with Rick Neuheisel and his history here. It was huge, you know our offense gave up a couple turnovers, but on the defensive side we got a couple ourselves to give them back ball possession."

On if they felt prepared:
"With the amount of tape we had on them, we just game-planned them, and we knew what they were going to do. Down and distance, formations, whatever they came out with we knew what they were going to do."

Running Back Kahlil Bell
On the offensive line:

"The offensive line was the turning point, pretty much the whole game. I can't really pinpoint one specific play, but the way they dominated up front and controlled the line of scrimmage made it a lot easier for our running backs to find creases and run lanes. It made it easier to control the ball and control the game. Once we got the lead we didn't give it up and we never really faltered after that. It was all about controlling the game and staying steady and putting points on the board."

On the win:
"It was a great win for our seniors, a good win for our program, and, most importantly, it was a great win for Coach Neuheisel. We knew it was going to be a hostile environment, but we took them out of it and got this one for the coach."

On the performance of Derrick Coleman:
"He started tonight. He came out running physical, he had some great runs, a 12-yard touchdown run where he stiff-armed a guy and ran for a touchdown."

On getting a win going into a bye week:
"It feels good, but we're fighting the uphill battle right now. We're 4-6 right now, we're playing for the post-season--our seniors don't want to go out not going to a bowl. We've got two tough games coming up: one on the road at (ASU), and then the finally against SC. We just gotta stay focused and keep working, just come back to practice hungry."

Quarterback Kevin Craft
On the win:

"This is a Washington team that has a lot of history--they've won a lot of games in the past, so this feels good."

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