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Post Game Quotes
Release: 02/08/2007
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Feb. 8, 2007

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Head Coach Lorenzo Romar:

Opening Statement: "I'm proud of our guys tonight. One thing that stands out is the difference on the boards from last game to this game. Much has been made of the 18 second chance points they got last time. I think this time we were very aggressive. Thank goodness we had Jon Brockman. He just played a sensational basketball game, and like he has done so many times this year, he just said `I am going to show you guys how to compete.' And it's hard not to follow his example. I thought this was a great team win for us to open our home stand, and now we've got to get prepared for a tough game on Sunday."

On difference playing at home: "We have competed on the road too, but rarely have we not competed at home - rarely, if ever, this year."

On competing: "If I am running back on defense, and my opponent is ten steps ahead of me and I am running hard, but I don't see the ball, I am playing hard but I am not competing. If you are competing, that means you are trying to win, so that means I have to see the ball. When I am getting screened, I may grunt and groan and try to get through the screen, but I ran right into the screen - I am not competing. I've got to find a way to get around that screen. That's what I mean by competing - getting into position to take a charge and then taking that charge, just sprinting back on defense...That is kind of what I mean. We did a good job of it tonight. We did a better job of it tonight. The first half I didn't think we crashed the boards real well on the offensive end but I thought we did a better job of that tonight. Definitely better than the last time we played them. "

On problems finding a rhythm: "I think there are several teams in our league that kind of play a certain style of ball that looks like it is hard to find a rhythm. There are certain teams that kind of make the game that way, and Cal is one of those teams."

On Brockman's leadership: "When it is all said and done there is a good chance - he is only a sophomore so we don't know what is going to happen - there is a good chance he could be the best leader I have ever been around. As you see his motor out there on the floor - it never stops - he never stops. Anyone that has not been a leader, that is one of the hardest things to do, because you can never take time off. Your example always has to bee the highest, you don't have time to have a pity party for yourself where everyone else does...He never has a bad day as a leader, and that is hard to do. He is constantly trying to get guys to rally up. It's not a rah-rah fake type of leadership, it is his heart and soul.

Washington Forward Jon Brockman "We got hammered on the boards at Cal, it was a lot like last weekend at Arizona. It was a focal point for us to come out and kill them on the boards."

California Head Coach Ben Braun

On Jon Brockman:
"I challenged our guys and told them that Jon Brockman had zero assists and five turnovers. This guy is looking to score. He is an aggressive guy and we were worried about him bouncing back after last game, and boy did he bounce back. I thought that he used his strength and knocked down some shots. I think that he had the kind of game that Washington needed from him."

On the game:
"This is a game where I think that we need a couple of guys to knock some shots down. They made some shots too.

On double teams:
"We did some double teams but I don't think that we were as effective as we could be. Give Brockman credit, he made some moves to get around it. It's tough to stop him when he gets a deep position. It's easier said than done, that's a hard position to defend from."

On Ayinde Ubaka:
"Ayinde didn't practice the day before tonight. We wanted to give him a day to get back because he has been sick. He felt a little better but he wasn't completely healthy yet. It's strange not starting him because we are so used to having him in there."

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