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In the Trenches with Evan Benjamin
Release: 09/16/2002
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Sept. 16, 2002

Just two games into his Husky career, redshirt freshman Evan Benjamin has already been thrust into the spotlight, having jumped into action on the second series against Michigan after starting free safety Jimmy Newell suffered a broken hand. Benjamin has proven himself a worthy replacement with nine tackles, including one for a loss, and his first-career interception. His athletic prowess shouldn?t be a surprise. Benjamin?s father, Tony, was a running back for the Seattle Seahawks in the 1970s, and his sister, Paige, is one of three captains of Washington?s volleyball team. Benjamin sat down for a few minutes after Washington?s victory over San Jose State to discuss the state of Husky basketball and his surprising choice for best football player of all-time. Who is your favorite Husky athlete to watch < football players and family members excluded?
Evan Benjamin: (laughs) "Basketball forward Doug Wrenn. I like to watch him dunk, and basketball?s my second favorite sport."

GH: What was it like taking the field for your first career start, against San Jose State?
Benjamin "It was one of the best feelings. It didn?t really feel like my first start, because I played a lot the week before, but it was really fun to come on to my home field."

GH: What was your first interception like? Do you have the ball?
Benjamin: "It was great, but hopefully I?ll get a lot more and be a lot better. I didn?t get to keep the ball. Hopefully, I?ll reach some milestones and get those balls."

GH: Who would you say was the best athlete ever, in any sport? Benjamin: "Michael Jordan, by far. He retired a couple times and still dominated; that?s ridiculous."

GH: What about for football?
Benjamin: "The hardest-working iron man ever, Bruce Matthews, the offensive lineman for the Oilers and the Titans. He played for 19 years straight without missing a game. That?s amazing."

GH: What?s your favorite college football video game?
Benjamin: "I play NCAA Football 2003 the most."

GH: Who?s better < the real Evan Benjamin or the video Evan Benjamin?
Benjamin: "Hopefully the real Evan Benjmain. I would hope that I can play better than a video game."

GH: In a battle of cereal icons, Count Chocula, the Lucky Charms leprechaun and Tony the Tiger get in a fight. Who wins and why?
Benjamin: "The tiger, because he?s buff. I don?t know if the Count and the little leprechaun guy could hang."

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