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Post-Regatta Quotes
Release: 05/18/2003
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Pac-10 Rowing Championships
Sunday, May 18, 2003
Lake Natoma; Rancho Cordova, Calif.


Washington Men's Coach Bob Ernst
"We have four sophomores in the boat and only one senior, so they're learning quickly. Cal is a great team. They have been very dominant, so it's nice to be able to beat them here.

"It's nice to win. It's a young bunch of guys and they've been making good progress all season long. I knew that if they could get in these guys' face they would have a chance to beat them. And now they believe it."

On the Huskies' fast start
"I thought it was a really important situation. It was a test for Cal to see if they had the team to come back through us. We have wonderful athletes right now and they are really, really young. There is only one senior rowing in the varsity boat.

"Now is the fun part. The IRA is going to be the best field that's ever been there in my career. I'm just glad that we're going there as a contender."

Washington Men's Varsity Eight No. 7 Seat John Lorton
"Finally is the first thing that comes to mind. We've had three years previous to this where we've lost close races, real heart-breakers. It feels good to win on my way out.

"In past years we really haven't had the speed that Cal had and now we do, but we had to prove that to ourselves. It's easy, when you get behind in a race early, to sort of let the thought creep into your mind that maybe this is a repeat of last year. We needed to get out early. We nailed our warm up so we knew we were going to do well. Then, we got out early and we thought we were going to win. After the first 30 strokes we had a couple seats and that was a great sign. At the 1,000-meter buoy I realized that there were less than three minutes to go in this thing and we were flying. At that point I knew this was ours to take.

"I'd never won this race before. This was my last chance. That was going through my mind on the warm up, on the start and the whole time. It feels so good to win."

Washington Men's Varsity Eight Coxswain Ryan Marks
"I'm feeling good. This is a confidence booster, but we're not feeling over confident because we know that Cal is going to be ready to hit us again at IRAs and we want to be able to do the same thing.

On the Huskies' fast start
"We didn't want to give them a comfort zone. When a boat has a length lead on another boat it's easy to stay ahead of them. You are just comfortable in the race. We wanted to make sure they didn't have that comfort zone today so we went aggressive."

"Honestly, I was surprised when I looked over and saw that they were still next to us. It's so much easier to work when you are even or up on a crew, so much easier than having to come from behind."

Washington Men's Varsity Eight Bow Seat Andy Derrick
"It's about time. We had a lot of confidence in ourselves, but we needed to deliver. Right from the first stroke, it wasn't perfect but it was good enough for today. We were very determined to start well. We focused on our first 40 strokes, that was the key."

Washington Men's Varsity Eight No. 2 Seat Sam Burns
"I don't know what to say, I'm just really happy and really excited. We've been looking forward to this for a while. They kind of got out on us the last couple times, so this time we took the first 40 strokes real aggressive. This is the most aggressive start we've ever had."

Washington Women's Coach Jan Harville
"It's an honor to win the Pac-10 title, that's for sure. This is really a good conference. It's certainly disappointing not to win the individual race, but we have another couple weeks to put the pedal-to-the-medal and hit it at the nationals.

"Give Stanford credit. We had a good start and we were moving well through the middle part of the race. Stanford made a huge push and just took the race away. Obviously we couldn't match that at that point. We tried to come back some at the end. At lot of our focus was on Cal right next to us and here Stanford goes and takes the race away. It's a great race.

"I certainly think we will be motivated because they can see that this Pac-10 challenge is huge. We have two weeks to work."

Washington Women's Varsity Eight Coxswain Anne Hessburg
"We had our normal race plan and got a good jump on all the crews at the start. At about 600 meters in, Stanford started to make a move on us and we worked really hard to hold them off. They were just really powerful. They even commented that they had the race of their lives. I have to hand it to them, they had a really great race today.

"We have a really great attitude going into this next week of training. It's really going to light a fire under us. We're going to keep pushing it until we travel to Indianapolis."

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