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2007 NCAA Track and Field Championships Live Blog
Release: 06/07/2007
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June 4, 2007

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Complete recaps of all events including Washington track and field athletes will be posted here upon the event's conclusion. This page will NOT automatically refresh. See below for the latest recaps and upcoming event schedules:

Live Results

Day 1 Schedule/Preview- Wednesday, June 6

Day 1 Preview (1:00 p.m. PDT): Just arrived at the track and the Huskies couldn't have asked for a better day for track and field. Temperatres can get well up over 100 in Sacramento during the later part of the summer, but today it's right around 80 at 1 p.m., and expected to top around 85 later today, dipping down into the low 70s in the evening. Just perfect conditions, and a great facility -- this is the third-straight year that Sacramento State has hosted the NCAA meet, and they do a great job. The NCAAs will rotate around to different sites for the next 4-5 years, but here's hoping Sacramento works its way back into the rotation soon.

It's good that it's such a nice day, because it will be a busy day for Washington track and field -- the busiest, in fact, in UW's NCAA Championships history. Nine Huskies will be in action Wednesday, beginning with senior Martin Bingisser in the hammer throw qualifying round at 1:45 p.m., and running just about continuously through around 9:45 p.m., when sophomore Anita Campbell should be crossing the finish line at the end of her 5,000-meter qualifying heat. In between, senior Ryan Brown will begin his quest for a third-straight NCAA title at 800 meters, and senior Ashley Lodree will attempt the near-impossible ... competing in two events -- the 100-meter hurdles and long jump -- at the same time. Ashley has two heats of the hurdles and the qualifying round of the long jump to complete in about a two-hour span tonight -- a tough task, but one the five-time All-American is excited to attempt.

We'll be keeping up with all the action here throughout the day, and a link to live results is provided at the top of this page. In addition, we'll be posting photo galleries to at the end of each day, so that you can check out your favorite Huskies in action. Please remember that this page will not refresh automatically, so you'll need to manually refresh it to get the latest updates. Also, as a one-man show down here, I'll be out taking pictures, getting quotes from our athletes and updating the blog at the same time, so if there's a brief lag in an update, I'm probably wearing one of my other hats at that moment. If you have any questions, please direct them to, and I'll do my best to answer them during the day.

That said, Go Dawgs!

1:45 p.m. -- Men's Hammer, Qual.(Martin Bingisser)
Preview (1:10 p.m.): This is Martin's second trip to nationals, and as an athlete who has never taken a step back either at Pac-10s or Regionals -- matching or improving his finish at both meets every time he has attended -- so it stands to reason that he has a good chance of improving upon his 12th-place effort in this event last year. One thing's for certain -- Martin's throwing as well right now as he ever has, topping 217 feet at both the Pac-10 and NCAA Regional meets. If can get one out that far today, advancing to Friday's hammer final should prove no trouble. The top-12 plus ties from today's qualifying will advance to finals, where the competition will begin anew with those remaining throwers. Martin's in the first of two qualifying flights today, and unlike other championship meets, where the flights are seeded to put the best throwers in the second flight, the flights at NCAA are entirely random. Martin is seeded 13th in the NCAA field and there are four throwers in his flight with better season-best marks, so it figures that he'll probably have to beat at least one of them to advance. We'll be heading out to the hammer cage in a few minutes and will post an update as soon as Martin makes his first attempt, probably around 2 p.m.

2:04 p.m -- Martin starts off here the same way he did at Regionals -- with a long foul. This one looked like it landed somewhere between the 215- and 220-foot marks, but it won't count. At Regionals, Martin followed up a long foul with his best throw of the day, so here's hoping this goes the same. Two more attempts remain.

2:11 p.m. - Martin's second throw is long, too -- only this time it's fair. The measurement comes in at 211-10, moving Martin into first place through two rounds of the first flight, and putting him in great position to advance.

2:23 p.m. -- Martin is dropped down to second place by Adam Midles of USC -- not only one of Martin's best friends in the sport, but also the older brother of Husky freshman Zack Midles. The two high five as Midles leaves the pit and Martin enters. Never one to back down from a friendly challenge, Martin pops off a big throw of his own -- 215-4. It's just shy of Midles for second, but barring a run of huge performances in the second flight, should move Martin on to Friday's final.

4:02 p.m. -- Still awaiting results of the second flight of the hammer. As soon as they're posted, we'll confirm Martin's final placing in the qualifying round.

4:13 p.m. -- Second-flight results were just announced in the stadium, though they're not yet posted online. Just four throwers beat Martin in flight two, placing the Husky senior sixth overall, obviously well within the top-12 threshold for finals advancement. These marks will be wiped out once finals start, so Martin won't be able to apply his 215-foot throw forward, but that's OK -- he's capable of better anyway, as he's shown with back-to-back 217-footers at Pac-10s and Regionals.

3:00 p.m. -- Women's Pole Vault, Qual. (Stevie Marshalek)
Preview (1:35 p.m.): Senior Stevie Marshalek will be making her fourth-career NCAA Championships appearance this year, but her first outdoors since her freshman season, when she placed overall in Austin, Texas. Marshalek already ranks as one of the greatest vaulters in UW history with a lifetime best of 13-7 1/4 that trails only Kate Soma and Carly Dockendorf in the UW annals. She'll certainly have her sights set on an All-America honor this time around, which will require a top-eight finish -- something certainly attainable for Marshalek, who boasts the 11th-best mark in the NCAA field at 13-5 3/4. The large field will be split onto two pits during today's qualifying round, which will run simultaneously. Vaulting will continue until 16 or fewer competitors remain, at which point the qualifying round will conclude with the remaining vaulters advancing to Friday's final. The vaulters are warming up on the runway right now, with the competition set to begin in about 90 minutes.

3:02 p.m. -- Opening height in the pole vault will be 12-3 1/2. Stevie will be one of the first vaulters up.

3:04 p.m. -- An easy clear on Stevie's first attempt. It's not likely that many vaulters will be eliminated at this height; it will probably take at least two more clearances to advance. The next height will be 12-9 1/2, followed by 13-1 1/2. The 13-foot mark is usually a good bet to be the deciding height, but the field in the women's vault just gets deeper and deeper every year, so it's possible that it might take a clearance at the fourth height -- 13-5 1/4 -- to move on.

3:20 p.m. - The bar in the pole vault moves up to 12-9 1/2 and, as expected, all 27 vaulters advance.

3:49 p.m. -- An overlap in events made for a bit of a delay in this update -- and I wish the result was better news to report. Unfortunately, it was three misses for Stevie at 12-9 1/2, and she's out of the competition. A significant wind picked up just at the start of attempts at that second height -- not sure how much it affected Stevie, but while I was down by the vault pit taking photos, just about every vault I saw on both pits was a miss, so it seems like something was certainly bugging the vaulters on their second attempts. I happened to be seated next to the coaches' box and heard several vaulters complaining to their coaches about the wind, so I'm guessing that's the cause. It's too bad for Stevie, but competing at four NCAA Championships, and boasting a lifetime-best mark among the top-three in UW history, is a pretty strong career profile.

5:31 p.m. -- One last note on the pole vault, now that final results are posted. Only 20 vaulters cleared 12-9 1/2 -- a surprisingly low number -- and only 13 cleared 13-1 1/2, also very few. I think the wind was definitely a factor for the vaulters, as it was blowing hard at a perpendicular angle to the runways throughout the last two heights.

P>3:40 p.m. -- Men's 800m Run, Prelim (Ryan Brown)
Preview (1:45 p.m.): The road to a third-straight NCAA 800-meter title begins in today's preliminary heat, where the top three finishers from each of four heats, and the next four-fastest from all heats combined, will advance to tomorrow afternoon's semifinal. Ryan generally plays it smart in the prelims and doesn't go all out to win, just doing enough to advance one more round. So, don't be too concerned if you don't see Ryan atop the results at the end of the prelim -- so long as he's in the top three, he's moving on.

4:00 p.m. -- The first two heats went pretty much as expected, with all the top qualifiers advancing. Ryan's heat, too, goes as expected -- he hangs back for about 700 meters, running fifth of six runners, about six meters off the lead, before popping out into lane three off the final turn and sprinting to the finish for a second-place finish, in 1:48.29. Business as usual for Brown, who will run next in tomorrow night's 4x400-meter relay prelim.

4:00 p.m. -- Men's Long Jump, Qual.(Norris Frederick)
Preview (1:50 p.m.): Junior Norris Frederick begins a busy day at 4 p.m. in qualifying rounds of the men's long jump. The top 12 jumpers from the two flights combined will advance to Thursday's final. In addition, any jumper who betters the automatic qualifying standard of 25-7 1/4 will advance regardless of their final place. Norris comes into the meet riding a ton of momentum after taking the NCAA lead with a wind-aided leap of 26-0 3/4 at Regionals. Perhaps most importantly, it broke a too-long streak of meets without a 25-footer, the longest such streak of his career. Norris' confidence is at an all-time high at the moment, so hopefully that will carry over to a good performance today. One thing to watch -- Norris is an "energy jumper," meaning he feeds of the energy of the crowd, often calling to the fans and clapping his hands to encourage their participation. Fans at the NCAA meet, though, tend to be a little quieter, perhaps one reason he has never come close to matching his PRs at nationals. If he can get the fans into it, a big jump should follow. One thing working in Norris' favor is the schedule, with the long jump held early in the day and the high jump after. Last year, the events were flipped, and Norris has said that the qualifying round in the high jump -- in which he has always been lower-ranked nationally -- took a lot out of legs before his primary event, the long jump. With the long jump first today, Norris should be fresh for his best event, which will only help.

4:09 p.m. - As predicted, the crowd for the long jump is pretty quiet. Even Norris' shouts and claps can't get them to put their hands together. He gets the desired response from his fellow competitors, though, who clap along with Norris as he sprints down the runway. The resulting jump is 24-10 1/2, with a wind reading of 2.9 meters per second -- slightly above the threshold of 2.0 that designates a mark as "wind-aided." It's not a bad start for Norris (who often gets so amped up he fouls his early jumps), but he'll probably need to hit at least 25 feet to advance.

4:26 p.m. -- Well, the crowd was more into it for Norris' second attempt, but unfortunately the gnomes controlling the digital scoreboard are not, so there's no word of how long it was. Couldn't tell from my angle, but Norris chose to have it measured, as opposed to fouling it, which suggests it was at least close to, if not beyond, his previous mark. Third attempt upcoming.

4:45 p.m. -- Norris - enthused. Crowd - blah. The crowd in Sacramento isn't like a Seattle crowd -- which is obviously packed with Norris Frederick fans, or even a Eugene crowd, which packs the stadium and really gets into the meet. Most of the people here, particularly during these first couple of days of qualifying rounds, are just here to support their sons, daughters and friends, and aren't paying much attention to anything -- or anyone -- else. Anyway, Norris' third jump is a short one, just 23 feet. It looks like that first jump at 24-10 1/2 is his best, and the good news is, the readerboard shows him in third place on his pit. The other flight is going on on an adjacent pit, so we should know soon whether Norris has advanced. Nine jumpers on the second pit would have to beat him for him NOT to advance, so the odds look good at this point.

5:16 p.m. -- Final results are posted online. That first jump was Norris' best -- 24-10 1/2 -- and was good for eighth in qualifying, easily advancing him to tomorrow's final. He has a couple of hours to cool down before the high jump qualifying begins at 7:15.

5:40 p.m. -- Women's 100m Hurdles, Prelim (Ashley Lodree)
5:45 p.m. -- Women's Long Jump, Qual.(Ashley Lodree)

7:25 p.m. -- Women's 100m Hurdles, Semi (Ashley Lodree)
Preview (2:44 p.m.): Might as well list these previews together, since essentially, Ashley is going to be competing in both of these events at the same time. A busy night for her -- and for those trying to keep up with her. The schedule-makers haven't helped Ashley much, putting her in the last of four heats of the hurdles, and early in the jumping order of the first of two flights of the long jump. It's likely that her hurdles heat will not begin until close to 5:50 or so, which is almost exactly the moment that her first jump in the long jump will be called. Since the hurdles are obviously her primary event -- Ashley was third at indoor nationals in the hurdles and ranks sixth nationally outdoors -- it's likely that she'll end up taking a voluntary foul on her first attempt of the long jump so that she can focus on getting through the hurdles prelim -- where the top-three finishers in each of four heats will advance, as well as the next six-fastest finishers. Barring an injury or other form of disaster, Ashley should advance to the 7:25 semifinal, giving her roughly an hour to take her final two attempts in the long jump (the top-12 from the two heats combined will advance to tomorrow's final), and get whatever rest she can before the hurdles semi. It's certainly going to be a busy two hours for the five-time All-American, but if anyone can do it, it's Ashley. Prior to April of this year, she hadn't long jumped since 2004, yet here she is at the national meet with a chance to become the first Husky woman since Meg Jones in 1988 to earn two All-America honors in one year, and break her current tie with pole vaulter Kate Soma for UW's career All-America honors record.

5:30 p.m. -- Ashley is warming up on the long jump runway, though again, she'll probably head over for her hurdles heat before she starts competing in the jump. The men's hurdles are going now, and Ashley's in the last of the women's hurdles heats, so we're probably 20 minutes or so from her first hurdles race.

5:36 p.m. -- Heading out to take some photos of the hurdles prelim, and Ashley's first couple of jumps in the long jump, so if there's a lapse in updates here, that's why. Be back soon.

6:08 p.m. -- Ashley did, in fact, scratch her first long jump attempt in order to make her hurdles race, which was a success. Ashley let USC's Candice Davis and Georgia Tech's Fatmanah Fofofanah race each other to the finish line, gliding easily over the final hurdle and sprinting to the finish in third, good for an automatic finals spot (13.27). After a brief cool-down, she was escorted over the long jump area by a marshal, where she had about five minutes to shake out and get loose for her second official attempt -- the first she'd actually take. And happily, it, too, was a success, measuring at 20-2 1/2. It's a bit shy of her personal best, but certainly a good attempt for someone five minutes removed from a 13-second hurdles heat. The readerboard showed her fourth on her pit, which -- if the two pits are equally-seeded, which they are -- you would assume equates to roughly eighth overall. The top-12 will advance to finals, and the pits rarely do finish exactly even, with six from one and six from another making the top-12, so it would be nice to see her add a few inches on her final attempt, just to be safe.

6:23 p.m. -- A lot of big jumps in round two after Ashley's last jump, and she comes to the line having been pushed all the way down to 10th on her pit. Obviously, unless the jumpers on the other pit have just completely fallen apart, that mark is probably not going to get her into the top-12. Her third attempt doesn't appear to be longer than her previous one, but again the readerboard malfunctions, so we never do get an official listing of the mark. But, as mentioned, it looks like Ashley won't be going through to the long jump finals. Still, six weeks ago she hadn't long jumped in three years, now here she is at the NCAA Championships. An impressive accomplishment, to be sure. The good news is, being finished with the long jump, she can focus entirely on the hurdles. Gun fires for the semifinal in about 45 minutes.

7:00 p.m. -- Final results from the long jump are in. Ashley finished 16th, at 20-2 1/4. Hurdles semi in 15 minutes.

7:40 p.m. -- Long delay in updates -- hurdles semi, men's pole vault and men's high jump all going on simultaneously. Due to her relatively slow preliminary time, Ashley had to start all the way out in lane 8 in the semifinal -- not ideal. As usual, she took care of business, finishing third in 13.07, and earning an automatic spot in Friday's final. Both semifinals were pretty fast -- it took 13.10 to make the final, a time only seven hurdlers had bettered all year entering the meet. In fact, all nine finals qualifiers ran times between 13.04 and 13.10 -- meaning that the final is anybody's race.

6:00 p.m. -- Men's 400m Dash, Prelim (Alex Harcourt)
Preview (2:46 p.m.): A year ago this time, Bruce Jackson was about to become the first UW sprinter since 2001 to compete at an NCAA Championships; Alex Harcourt today will make it two years in a row, further signaling UW's resurgence in the sprints. Even better, Harcourt rolls into the meet with a best of 45.87 seconds that places him 12th in the NCAA field, giving him a good chance to advance to Friday's semi (top two in each of five qualifying heats, plus the next six fastest). Harcourt, who has had a terrific junior season after an injury-ravaged '06, taking second at the Pac-10 meet and third at Regionals, will have an advantage competing in the last of five heats, as he will know going in the time to beat to ensure a semi-final spot. Also working in his favor is his lane assignment -- most sprinters prefer to start in the middle of the track, where the curves aren't too tight or too wide, and they can chase down the runners who start in the outside lanes, ahead of them (as opposed to starting in lane 8, on the outside, and being unable to see the runners behind you). Alex was given lane three in his heat -- perfect positioning for a fast prelim.

6:19 p.m. -- Great run by Harcourt. The junior used his position perfectly, letting the inside runners dash out in front off the first turn before catching them on the homestretch and sprinting past them to take second place by a good six meters. Despite easing up a bit over the last 10 meters, Alex still finished in 46.65 -- less than a second off his top pace, and a great time for a successful prelim ... not so fast you burn yourself out, but fast enough to get the job done.

6:30 p.m. -- Men's Pole Vault, Qual. (Scott Roth)
Preview (2:52 p.m.): Freshman Scott Roth makes his second trip to the NCAA Championships this year, hoping to improve upon his 13th-place finish indoors. The national prep leader a year ago, Scott has been every bit as good as advertised, clearing 18-1 3/4 indoors, and ranking fifth in the nation outdoors with a best of 17-10 1/2. Clearly, the man to beat in the pole vault will be Oregon's Tommy Skipper, the reigning NCAA champion, who is himself riding high after equaling former Husky Brad Walker's Pac-10 record of 19-0 1/2 in a win over Roth at last month's NCAA West Regional. But that's Friday's task -- today, the goal is simply to be one of the last 16 vaulters alive in the competition -- as soon as there are 16 or fewer remaining, the competition will be stopped and each of the remaining vaulters will advance to Friday's final.

7:46 p.m. -- Sorry for the delay in updating the pole vault ... there's a lot going on right now, with the hurdles and high jump in action, too, and the steeple about to start. The good news is, Scott is through to Friday night's final, which will be part of CSTV's live television broadcast. After passing the opening height of 16-4 3/4, Scott missed his first two attempts at 16-10 3/4, building the drama before a third-attempt clearance. Only 15 vaulters cleared the height, with Oregon's Tommy Skipper passing up to the third height, which he cleared on his first attempt to end the qualifying round. All the vaulters will start from scratch in the final, so those misses won't carry over.

7:15 p.m. -- Men's High Jump, Qual. (Norris Frederick)
Preview (3:00 p.m.): This will be Norris' third trip to the outdoor meet in the high jump, and he'll be looking to qualify for the finals for the first time. The format is the same as the pole vault -- jumping will continue until 16 or fewer remain, at which point all remaining jumpers will be automatically advanced to Friday's final. Norris is always close, and it almost always takes a mark of around 7-1 1/2, 7-2 -- right at Norris' PR -- to advance. He's high jumping as well as he ever has right now, and will hopefully carry some positive momentum from a successful qualifying performance in long jump held earlier in the day.

7:43 p.m. -- Well, the high jump was a quick affair for Norris -- three jumps and he's out. He's always been primarily a long jumper anyway, with the high jump only a secondary affair for him. As with the long jump, there wasn't a ton of energy in the stadium, so it was hard for a guy who relies so much on crowd involvement to get himself motivated. Either way, a solid performance in the long jump earlier in the day ensures that Norris will be back Thursday to go after his fifth-career All-America honor.

8:00 p.m. -- Men's 3,000m Steeplechase, Semi (Carl Moe)
Preview (3:09 p.m.): Junior Carl Moe makes his NCAA steeplechase debut tonight, attempting to advance to Friday's final either by earning a top-five finish, or by clocking one of the next four-fastest times (both heats combined). Moe -- who began his career focusing on the 1,500 meters before transitioning into the steeple this year -- will certainly be hoping for less a dramatic trip around the track than that at last month's regional, where the junior stumbled off the final hurdle and somersaulted through the water pit, regaining his feet in time to sprint to the finish an earn an NCAA berth. Moe has dramatically slashed his personal bests in the steeple every time he has run the event this year, from 9:14 before the year to 9:00 at the UW-WSU Dual, 8:57 at Pac-10s, and 8:48 -- even with the fall -- at Regionals. Being so new to the event, Moe hasn't really established a ceiling yet to his ability, so another PR could be in the offing, particularly with such a talented field.

8:20 p.m. -- Another PR indeed. A great race for Carl, who moved up to third about two laps in and held that spot until around the 2,400-meter mark, at which point he found himself shuffled back to sixth -- one spot beyond the automatic-qualifying threshold for finals. Undeterred, Moe stepped out to lane three on the backstretch and sprinted into the final turn, taking the final water jump even with the third- and fourth-place runners before outsprinting them to the final hurdle. One runner managed to pass Moe on the homestretch, but the Husky junior -- seeded 20th overall -- held onto his fourth position for an automatic spot in Friday's live-televised final. To do so, Moe had to run yet another steeple PR -- this time shaving seven additional seconds off of the best he set at last month's Regional for an 8:41.45 finish -- eighth fastest overall, and just three seconds off the top prelim time of 8:38.77. Moe's time is the 10th-fastest in the nation this year, and the fifth-fastest in UW history. The last Husky to run faster than Moe? Huskies head coach Greg Metcalf, who clocked 8:41.17 in 1992.

9:30 p.m. -- Women's 5,000m Run, Semi (Anita Campbell)
Preview (3:14 p.m.): Sophomore Anita Campbell is becoming a veteran of NCAA Championship meets, having already competed in two NCAA Track Championships and two NCAA Cross Country meets. This year's meet, however, puts her in a different position than that she has faced at her previous three, as she enters the meet with the nation's sixth-fastest 5,000-meter mark, a time of 16:00.03 that has been bettered by just three others in UW history. Anita is seeded third in her heat and needs a top-six finish to advance to Friday's final -- a placing that will probably require a time right around the 16:00-16:10 range.

9:48 p.m. -- Turns out the heat was a little more tactical than I thought -- 16:26 was the time needed for a top-six finish. Unfortunately, Anita was seventh in 16:28.77, and will now have to wait until the conclusion of the second preliminary heat to see if she gets one of the four provisional spots in the final. Husky fans will be hoping that the 7th-10th place finishers in the second heat don't all run faster than Campbell; if they do, then they will get the four provisional spots and Anita will be left out. It was a bit of a tricky race, with Anita stuck in the middle of a large pack and having to constantly jostle inside and outside to try and find space for a few paces before being shuffled into traffic again. Hopefully the time will hold up.

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