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Post Game Coaches Quotes
Release: 01/27/2007
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Jan. 27, 2007

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General Comments: "I think we made progress this weekend and I think we played 3 out of 4 really good halves. Tonight in the first half, I don't think we did a good enough job. We turned the ball over too much, we just had too many lapses. But I thought in the second half we came out and did a much better job. I think we are making progress. Now we are really excited to go on the road and see what lies ahead."

On Getting Ready for the Road: "Part of it is, as I have said, the process of learning how to win on the road. But, as you are learning, what is that process? You try to always make practice more difficult that the games. You try to create situations that aren't fair, that are uncomfortable. You try to put players in the situation where their circuits are about to blow because on the road that's what happens. The crowd is obviously against you. The home team is playing at a high level, usually, at home. You feel that maybe you aren't getting the right calls. You are in unfamiliar terrritory, and maybe you may not make your first couple of shots, so you are starting to get stressed a little bit. Sometimes that's where the ill-advised plays or some other things can happen. And you just try to, in practice, continue to put guys in situations so that it will come to a point where nothing phases them, you just play. You play a standard way whether you are playing at home, on the road, in front of one person, or 20,000 people, you play one way. You try to create that in practice. You try and talk about those things."

On Jon Brockman: "You see how hard Jon played tonight, and Jon always plays hard, but tonight I feel Jon has taken it upon himself to not necessarily grab guys by the collar and demand, but 'I am going to show you what it means to come out here and compete.' 'I'm just going to show you, and you follow my lead,' and I think that is what Jon was doing out there tonight."

On Concern For Brockman's Welfare: "Jon has been knocking things down for a long time - his parents can attest to that. Around the house things come up broken, he will tell you that. When you dive enough and run into things enough, those bruises just become hard and you don't feel it anymore. He brags from time to time about the different cherries - as they call it - on his hip area, his legs, from diving for loose balls. No, I'm not concerned. He just goes out and plays and, if he were to get hurt, it wouldn't be any different than someone else. It's like asking me 'am I afraid to drive on the freeway.' No, but people do get hurt unfortunately. That's just how he is, but I'm not afraid of him getting hurt."

On Bench Play: "I was impressed with our guys coming off the bench and competing. Phil Nelson was a starter, but he had seven rebounds. I thought he made some mistakes with the basketball, some freshman mistakes, but I thought he did a pretty good job out there. I was impressed with a lot of guys tonight."


On John Brockman: "We had no answer for John Brockman, we don't have a guy tough enough to deal with him. Down the stretch he keeps Washington in the game, that is the story. In the first half his energy and his play really helped Washington, he is relentless. He is a fantastic player for this team because he is non-stop energy inside."

On Sasa Cuic's performance: "Sasa is a very offensive minded guy, his offense doesn't go well when he is not rebounding. We had very few offensive rebounds. Brockman did a great job using his body and boxing out."

On the offense in the first half: "We did some good things in the first half, but we gave them the lead. We executed and shot 52% in the first half. We shot poorly from the line and the turnovers that we had often lead to easy points."

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