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Day 2 -- Washington Quotes
Release: 05/31/2008
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May 31, 2008



Bob Ernst, Head Coach

"It was a very good day. Our crews did what they were capable of doing. I knew after looking at the races yesterday that we could qualify for the final in the varsity and we should qualify for the final in the jayvees. The kids rowed well and all three boats are in the final. Now anything can happen. This is a team championship and we've got all of our boats in the final.

"I'm just really proud of these kids because they stuck with me all year and they haven't given up on each other. These kids just keep getting faster every time they race and that's what it means to be a Husky rower.

"It's a new chapter tomorrow."

On the varsity eight:
"They're fit and made a good sprint at the end."

On the second varsity eight:
"They're going to be very competitive in the final. They are a good crew, a really good jayvee crew."

Isabelle Woodward, Varsity Eight Coxswain
"We got a really good start off the gun, which is what we were going for. We just held it through the middle, really held it. In those last 250 meters we just really picked it up and went for those crews and managed to pull it out. We were in the middle of the pack, just behind Brown, Virginia and Michigan State, and we managed to go right through. We were probably down by two or three seats before the sprint.

"I was hoping for a good sprint. I knew we could do it, but it was a surprise for me when it came out. We just lit the water up and really went for it. After the finish, I didn't know what place we were in. I knew we had walked back up Virginia, but I didn't realize that we had taken it on Michigan State as well. The announcer starts listing the finishers off, but I didn't hear it. My stroke, Kara (Farquharson), had to tell me that we got second. I thought she was kidding, but we did get second.

"Coming into it, I knew what these girls are capable of and I know they have the tools to do it. It was just a matter of going out there and putting everything we have into it.

"I'm a little bit newer to rowing than a lot of the girls, but for me it's always about Husky pride. I am so thrilled to be a part of getting us back into the grand finals and making that a tradition. I've got two more years after this and I plan to make that happen every year."

Kayleigh Mack, Varsity Eight No. 2 Seat
"I'm really pumped. We were down coming into the last 500 and our boat just picked it up and went. It's just so awesome. I don't think any of us have ever really pulled that hard in our lives before, so that last 250 was just so unbelievable. I literally felt like I was going to die at the end of the race. The adrenaline was just so intense.

"Walking through Virginia, I didn't expect to do that. I was hoping we would catch Michigan State and all of a sudden we're past Michigan State and Virginia.

"We wanted to get our second half of the race to go a lot quicker because that's when we lost Brown yesterday. Our third 500 could still get worked on, but the sprint was really great. The difference between yesterday and today is unbelievable.

"Our boat has worked really hard this whole year. Everyone on this whole team has worked hard. We were really disappointed with how we performed at Pac-10s. This past week we sucked it up. Today was going to be a tough race, obviously. But, we've always known we had it in us. Finally to see the results is really exciting.

"We've been changing lineups all season. We haven't had more than two or three weeks with the same lineup, so it was kind of expected to happen. We all adapted well. With how much time we've had in this lineup, four days, it's gone really well.

"I want the gold, so we're going for the gold. If we get anything less, we're going to be pissed off.

"People don't expect this from us. Last year finishing 15th and going to the Pac-10s and not doing well there, no one is expecting us to do well. We're small girls, but we've got a lot of heart and a lot of strength."

Alysha Koorji, Second Varsity Eight Coxswain
"We were very determined. We had some work to do after yesterday and we did it. It was kind of tense at the beginning. We definitely picked up the first part of the race better and didn't spin our wheels as much. Next we have to hone the last 750.

"We really needed to be strong with the catches because of the wind. We didn't want the wind to take away our blades. We had to do that together and we had to do it really hard all the whole race.

"It's awesome to be a Husky. To be in this position today is just a dream come true. We're out to prove that we actually deserve a spot here and we're not just some wildcard crew."

Erika Sweet, Second Varsity Eight stroke
"We were really relaxed this time around. We were a little excited yesterday, but we just knew what we needed to do today. We really came together in the first 500 and built off of that. We decided that we really needed to trust each other and just keep it long this time and keep moving through like we did yesterday. We executed it pretty well.

"We did a really good job at moving through people yesterday and we knew we could carry that on through today. We did it and it was fun.

"Actually after the first 500 I was pretty confident that we would win the race if we kept up the pace. It wasn't going to be easy, but we just came together. We really needed this rep. We went out really hard yesterday, but today we were in it to win it. I think we did pretty well.

"We wish the best for the rest of the boats, but we really focus internally on our boat. After our race is done then we are all for the other boats. We were really excited to hear the varsity did really well and the four won yesterday. But, first and foremost, we focus internally then we support our teammates after that."

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